Car Batteries

How To Choose The Right Car Batteries?

Are you wondering how to find powerful, long-lasting, yet affordable car batteries?
Hunting for the best battery can be daunting, especially when your old one has already failed.


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You have to consider many factors.
Do you remember all the research that you did when you were planning to buy your car? No matter how great your vehicle is, it won’t be able to function without power. Therefore, the same diligence is needed when choosing the perfect replacement battery. There’s a lot of hassle involved in the shopping process, like searching for a trusted store and brand, canvassing for prices, and organizing shipping.
If you would like to avoid all of this, we at Orius Batteries are here to help! With our services, shopping for top-notch car batteries will be more convenient and purse-friendly!

To help relieve the pressure off your shoulder, we have made researching and ordering car batteries a breeze through our straightforward and user-friendly website interface.

You will not find any complicated details here. Regardless of whether you are buying to be prepared or you’re shopping desperately due to a car emergency, browsing the products on our website is easy.

You’re sure to have a hassle-free experience because each product page comes with the exact specifications you need to know. With this clear, easily understandable information, you can compare products with each other and buy exactly what you need.

For example, in our car batteries section, you will see six basic categories off the bat that you can use to help you choose the right product: price, brand, hold down, range, terminal, and type. These are filters that you can use to search for the perfect car battery as efficiently as possible.

Here are some more details about these categories:

1. Type

First off, it is essential to emphasise that batteries are model-specific. That is, you cannot just randomly choose a battery for your car. Replacing your battery with the wrong type could cause fatal malfunctions, not just to the battery but to your vehicle.

The type and brand of battery play a considerable role in the performance of your vehicle. Every brand has its strengths and weaknesses. A simple tip when choosing the right battery is to consider the frequency at which you drive and the type of terrain or climate you use your vehicle in. These factors affect the efficiency of the battery used in your car.

We not only sell standard car batteries for sale but also the more advanced types that cater to modern vehicles’ needs. You have a high chance of finding the battery to complement your car here! Below are some of the current options available:

● Wet-cell, also known as a “flooded battery”, is a conventional type of battery that has the technology commonly known as SLI (or Starting, Lighting, and Ignition). It is sturdy, versatile, and usually fits cars without start/stop technology.

● EFB or Enhanced Flooded Battery is, true to its name, an improved version of the wet-cell battery. It has many possible charging cycles that give it better performance and extended life. Vehicles with simple automatic start/stop systems usually use this.

● AGM or Absorbent Glass Mat is considered a dry-cell battery. It charges faster and is more heavy-duty, so it is suitable for modern vehicles with high-power needs like those with braking energy recovery.

2. Terminals

Terminals are the electrical connections of a battery necessary for currents to flow and power the vehicle. They have varied designs, sizes, and shapes that are often overlooked. Because of this, we make sure you can effortlessly see your options for terminals on our website.

3. Battery hold down

The actual battery itself has a crucial partner: the battery hold down, which affects its lifespan and the lifespan of other parts of the car. The batteries car fit is ensured by the right battery hold down, ensuring it will not displace and damage. If you’re searching for any part indispensable to your car battery needs, trust us at Orius to have it!

4. Range

It is critical to understand your car's energy requirements and choose a battery that can cater to them. Voltage range and life cycles are what you need to look for. From the average to more energy-demanding vehicles, we have the batteries you require.

5. Brand

When visiting our website, you will have access to a huge variety of brands for car, commercial, leisure batteries, and more.

To ensure we can provide the best products, we have teamed up with car batteries direct UK suppliers that are known as industry experts when it comes to producing innovative auto parts. Currently, we stock nearly all of the car battery offerings of Bosch, Varta, and Torq.

To make things even better, our range is still growing! We are excited to work with other trusted suppliers such as Yuasa, Banner, and many more.

6. Price

Price is always a factor when shopping. We are proud to say that we have the most competitive pricing on the market. Who says premium quality needs to be expensive?

Whether you have a tight budget or you are willing to splurge a little, you can adjust the price filter on our website and see what options are available at different price points. We can assure you that you will get more than your money’s worth. We often have car batteries on sale too.

Once you have used these categories to find the perfect battery, we can make sure that your purchase gets to you fast.

After adding your items to the cart and filling out the necessary information, your battery will be on its way. If you’ve placed an order before 3 PM, you can expect your package to arrive the very next day! It’s that simple!

With all of the fantastic benefits that we provide, we at Orius are confident that we’ve found the sweet spot for convenience, quality, and affordability!

If you want to say goodbye to your car battery shopping woes, browse our online shop now! If you have any enquiries, contact us at 01772395588.


How much does it cost to replace a car battery?

The cost of car batteries UK-wide depends on several factors, such as battery type. An average car battery ranges from £40 to £95, while premium ones can cost £70 to £160. Some service providers have batteries priced anywhere from £75 to £95.

How often do you need a new car battery?

Typically, the right time for a replacement is after three years. Going beyond this, say four or five years, could cause the battery to become unreliable and dangerous. To avoid old batteries for vehicles, you can watch out for the early warning signs that your car battery is nearing the end of its lifespan.

How do you know if your car battery needs replacing?

Here are six tell-tale signs that your car battery is old and dying: 1. The “check engine” light is on.

2. The engine is slow to start due to worn out components of the battery.

3. The lights are dim, and there are electrical issues.

4. A bad odour is emitted by the engine.

5. Connectors are corroded.

6. The battery case is already distorted.

How do you tell if it’s your battery or alternator?

To check if your alternator is working, simple tests include checking your interior lights or starting your car and then unplugging the positive connection of the battery. If the car stops, you most likely have a problem with the alternator and not the battery.

Can you fit a car battery yourself?

Hiring a specialist to fit a new battery is often essential because it is difficult to do without experience, especially for modern cars that tend to have complex electrical systems. As the fitting can be expensive, with some garages charging by the hour, try looking for discount batteries for cars to make savings overall.

What happens to your car when the battery dies?

When your car is running, the alternator charges the battery. So if you do not use your car for a long time, or if the alternator is malfunctioning, the battery will lose charge and die.

What causes a car battery to die quickly?

Some of the usual reasons for a quick battery death include loose connections or corroded battery terminals, continuous electrical drains, charging issues, insufficient power provided by the alternator, and intense weather conditions.

Are all car batteries the same?

No. While batteries for vehicles work in a similar manner, they differ in various ways. They are built for specific years, makes, and models of vehicles.

What should I look for when buying a car battery?

Here are a few things to look out for when purchasing an auto battery. - Battery size
- Battery freshness
- Reserve Capacity
- Maintenance
- Type and Position Terminals
- Ampere Hour (Ah)
- Battery Life


How to be prepared for a car battery failure
Modern times have brought us car batteries with longer lifespans, but unfortunately, they still get old and faulty eventually. It’s inevitable, but it does not have to be an emergency that causes you distress and inconvenience! The key here is to keenly monitor your battery’s performance and spot the signs of poor battery condition. Consulting with an auto electrician and having the battery tested could lead to an early diagnosis of a failing battery. A car battery is a necessary purchase, and you have to be smart and practical about it if you want to get the best product. To give you the best deals, we at Orius can help with our discount car batteries and other offers! Browse our selection now!

Factors that affect battery prices
Here are two main factors that affect the price offered by car batteries direct distributors:

● Type of Battery – Whether it’s how they function or how high their performance is, the battery type is a huge factor in determining its price.

● Brand - The more renowned and classic the brand is, the higher the price will be. This is because you are also buying the assurance that the products are high-quality.

If you want an auto battery seller that offers varied types and brands of battery, browse our selection now. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the low prices too!

How to prolong the life of your car battery
These good maintenance practices will help you maximise your battery’s lifespan:

● Do not let it get too cold

Cold temperature negatively affects the battery’s capability to produce power and accept charge.

Parking in an indoor type of facility like a garage will help protect your car, not just from the cold but also from harsh elements like wind and rain.

● Do drive frequently and for long periods

A vehicle battery gets charged by driving. So if your car is left unused for a long time, the charge in the battery might not be enough to start the engine the next time you use it. Similarly, short drives of around 20 miles do not let the battery charge to its full capacity. Taking longer trips, even just once in a while, is the way to go for battery health.

Car battery charging tips
● Charge the battery in a well-ventilated place to help circulate clean air when the battery emits poisonous hydrogen gas.

● Remove the plugs while charging, as recommended by most battery manufacturers.

● Use slow chargers since fast chargers can cause faster deterioration to your battery.

● Follow instructions meticulously, especially when using a high-voltage booster to jump-start your car.

● Have the whole electrical system checked if a power failure occurs. Charge issues, rather than faulty batteries, are a more common cause of power problems.

● Batteries for cars should not be charged in an environment that tends to be cold.

These tips should help you extend the lifespan of your car batteries. But even if it dies out, you can enjoy hassle-free shopping and delivery of top-notch leisure, motorbike, van, commercial, and car batteries through our website.