what type leisure battery is perfect for a camp van

Motorhomes and campervans definitely make life on the road much sweeter. With a heavy-duty leisure battery powering your appliances, water pump, and any other equipment on board, they are pretty much your house on wheels. But when they stop working, your once comfortable journey suddenly becomes unbearable, and you’ll be forced to find leisure batteries for sale.

In addition to your regular battery, a leisure battery is the lifeline of your cosy mobile home; therefore, you should always have a spare leisure battery ready, just in case the worst happens.

Some caravan owners feel that an additional leisure battery is necessary, for peace of mind. If you want to fit a second leisure battery, make sure that there is enough space for it. You should also consider getting clamps and straps to tightly secure the battery and consider whether your motorhome has enough payload capacity to bear the weight.

If this second leisure battery is charged up before your journey on the road, it will maintain a good state of charge that lasts for about a few weeks. It can remain disconnected and act as a reserve when your current leisure battery loses its charge.

No matter how many leisure batteries you buy, maintaining their charge is crucial. Charging your battery is a vital skill, or you will find yourself with faulty leisure batteries in no time.

Ways To Charge A Leisure Battery

Leisure batteries are meant to be discharged and recharged multiple times throughout their lifespan. In fact, keeping it well-charged is a way to extend its battery life. There are different ways that you can charge your leisure batteries.

  1. Mains charging through a hook-up system

    This system involves using a 240v power source that is usually available in most campsites. This keeps your battery charged while powering your other electronics at the same time.

    Most motorhomes are equipped with a multi-stage leisure battery charger that keeps the battery from being overcharged during the hook-up. The charging undergoes three stages:

    The first is the “bulk charge” where the battery is quickly supplied with the maximum current and voltage it can accept until it is 80% full.

    Then, the “absorption” stage begins where a high, consistent voltage is still supplied but with a gradual reduction of the current until the battery is almost fully charged.

    Finally, the last stage is the “float charge”, which keeps the battery at an optimum charging level by supplying less voltage and lower current.

  2. Charging through renewable sources

    With modern technology, harnessing solar and wind energy for leisure battery charging is becoming more popular. The most popular are solar panels as they are handier than wind generators. Cheap energy is always welcome, but due to the fickle nature of the weather, it is generally advised to have an alternative charging system aside from one of these options.

Pro Tip: Find A Trusted Leisure Battery Supplier To Help You

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How long does a leisure battery last?

A leisure battery can last up to five years, especially if you keep it properly charged at all times. You should avoid letting your leisure battery discharge below 50% if you want to prolong its life. Nevertheless, expect that the battery’s performance will gradually decrease over the years.

What's the difference between a leisure battery and a car battery?

Car batteries and leisure batteries are built differently, due to their different purposes. A motorhome battery provides a low stream of stable power to your appliances over a longer time. Car batteries, on the other hand, are meant to release a bigger burst of power for starting your engine.

How long will a 110ah leisure battery last?

The length of time before you need to recharge the leisure battery depends on the amount of power you draw from it. For a constant 10 volts usage of a 12v car, a 110 amp-hours battery can supply power for 11 hours.

What is the best caravan battery to buy?

Most motorhomes and caravans include 12-Volt Deep Cycle Batteries. Recently, more manufacturers are fitting their vans with a specific type: Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM Batteries). AGM Batteries are currently the latest and the best type of battery to buy.

Why does my leisure battery keep going flat?

Battery drain is a common issue not only in auto batteries, but also for leisure batteries. Similarly, battery drain may be due to your leisure battery’s old age, cold temperature, or a faulty system. Any parts or connectors that are malfunctioning can also cause your caravan battery to be discharged.

The Best Leisure Battery

One of the best leisure batteries for sale is the AGM type. AGM batteries have highly compressed glass fibres that hold the electrolytes inside, which does make them more expensive than the usual lead-acid batteries.

What makes them worth the price is their ability to go through many recharging cycles, giving them a much longer lifespan than the standard battery. They are also more versatile and can act as both a car starter battery and leisure battery. We have all these at Orius Batteries, so if you are looking to purchase one of these batteries online, visit our website now for great deals!

Everything You Need To Know About Leisure Batteries

A leisure battery serves as a steady power supply for your 12V appliances within a long period of time, transforming your vehicle into cosy accommodation.

Moreover, a leisure battery also maintains the car’s electrical system by correcting any power supply abnormalities. An auto battery is built differently as it is meant to supply a burst of power to start an engine.

The most common type of leisure battery is lead-acid, but there are other alternatives that are getting more and more popular because of their special features, such as AGM batteries and maintenance-free batteries.

A Guide To Charging Your Leisure Battery

The first method you can try to charge your leisure battery is by using a 240V battery charger. It is particularly important to keep lead-acid batteries well-charged to avoid sulphation.

The second method of charging is via your car’s electrical system. You can use a split-charge wiring harness, connecting the leisure battery and the auto battery. It first charges the auto battery and, once that’s full, it will start charging the leisure battery. This ensures that you won’t get stranded with a flat auto battery.

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