how to find the best new car battery price

Not being able to start a car can bring anxiety, worry, or even panic for many car owners. If your car refuses to start, one of the most common reasons is often a dead battery, which can mean you need to buy a new car battery as soon as possible. But no matter how quickly you need a replacement to get back on the road, it’s always best to look for a good new car battery price for your purchase, especially if you want to get good value for money.

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And to make things even easier for you, we’ve prepared a list of helpful tips to bear in mind when choosing the right battery replacement for your car.

Know what you are looking for

There’s a huge variety of batteries on the market, and with so many options available to you, it’s easy to get confused about which is best. However, if you know what you are looking for, it’s far easier to narrow down your options. The essential details to remember are battery type, size, make, and specs.

At Orius Batteries, our website features a handy Battery Finder that will recommend suitable battery options for all buyers. All you need to do is input your vehicle’s make, model, and engine type, and our website will automatically show you the best products to match your requirements.

Choose trusted brands

When it comes to car batteries, you only want the best products on the market to guarantee top-level performance from your vehicle. World-renowned brands like Bosch and Varta already have a good reputation for providing high-quality batteries, so choosing them is a sure way to ensure reliability and performance.

Cheap, unbranded products may come at a much lower brand new car battery price, but opting for these may cost you more money in the long run. They’re much more likely to deteriorate prematurely, and therefore need replacing sooner, offsetting any savings you may have made in the first place.

Take your time shopping (compare options before deciding on anything)

One of the most effective ways to get your money’s worth is to research all your options before making your new car battery purchase. Don’t just buy the first suitable option you see – check out a few sellers and reviews of products to make sure you’re buying the most cost-effective one.

For all your car battery needs, Orius Batteries is the top choice in the UK. We also offer a wide range of leisure batteries, motorbike batteries, batteries for commercial vehicles, and even various chargers and accessories.

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what to know about new car battery price


What size should my new car battery be?

Your car owner’s manual will indicate the group size its battery belongs to. Find this information in the manual’s battery section. If you don’t have the manual, there are reference guides from various sources online that can help you find the most applicable group size for your car’s batteries.

What is the average price of a new car battery?

The latest automobile battery cost is primarily determined by battery type. More advanced batteries have innovative tech, more durable parts or higher specifications, which can push up the overall cost.

The lowest new car battery price the UK has to offer is typically anywhere from £38 to £92, which is for regular lead-acid batteries. Premium varieties like AGMs, on the other hand, are usually priced between £69 and £153.

What is the usual lifespan of car battery?

A car battery will typically last between four and six years. This can be impacted by several factors, though, such as weather conditions in your area, your driving style, and the type of vehicle you have. However, there are ways to lengthen your car battery’s life expectancy.

Does car battery drain if not used?

Batteries typically experience small internal chemical leaks or self-discharge over time. Modern cars also use up a small amount of power from their batteries even when the engine isn’t on, to power electrical systems for the clock, immobiliser and so on. While these are only small drains on the battery, it can mean that it will end up fully discharged if the car isn’t used for long periods of time.

How often should you change your car battery?

Typically, car batteries need to be replaced after three years. They can start to become unreliable as early as three years into their lifespan. This can result in performance and safety issues. It’s inevitable batteries will need replacing every so often, so make sure you look for the best new car battery prices out there.

The Importance Of Checking Your Car Battery

A regular car battery check is a necessary part of maintenance. Don’t wait for issues to start showing up when you least expect them. Checking on batteries regularly will help you deal with potential problems before they become more serious.

Every time you get your vehicle serviced, it’s worth asking the mechanic to check the battery as well. Another option is to invest in a multimeter device, which you can use at home to find out the amount of charge left in your battery at any time.

The Cost Of A Car Battery Installation

Aside from the brand new automotive battery cost itself, you will also pay a little extra if you want a mechanic to fit your car battery in for you. Installation usually costs between £7 and £75 depending on where the battery is located in the car and how long the installation takes.

Why You Should Turn Your Car Lights Off When Not In Use

The typical reason behind dead car batteries is the car’s lights being left on when the car is not running. Whether it’s the headlights or something as small as the dome light, these still use up the power from your battery. Leaving them on overnight means it’s likely you’ll find your battery drained the following day.

Always make sure that all lights in your car are turned off before leaving it parked. This goes for both interior and exterior lights alike.

But despite keeping on top of issues like this, it’s inevitable you’ll need a battery replacement at some stage.

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