When it comes to car battery prices, there’s a lot of variation, so it’s important to find out how much the typical cost of a unit for your make and model of car is. There are plenty of battery sellers out there, and some may offer an unbelievably cheap car battery price for your vehicle. But if you’re not careful, you might end up spending even more over the long run if you end up with an old or low-quality battery.

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Looking for Cheap Car Batteries

Car batteries in the UK normally retail at between £100 and £350. Just take a quick look online and you’ll find a number of sellers offering car batteries at really low prices.

You can do a car battery price comparison with dealers and distributors in your area as well but remember, this often means higher prices. After all, physical stores do have a lot of overhead costs. It’s even been known for local dealers to give quotes that come in at £1,000 or more! Steer clear of prices like these and check what’s available online instead.

Of course, you shouldn’t take low prices at face value. That might mean you end up settling for a battery that’s not fit for purpose. There are a number of factors that affect the typical car battery price and you want to make a good investment.

Factors that Affect Car Battery Prices

The type of battery is one of the biggest factors that impact car battery prices in the UK. If you use a traditional lead-acid battery, for example, you can often find these at extremely low prices. They don’t have much to offer in terms of energy-to-volume and energy-to-weight ratio, though. So if you need something more powerful, because your car is loaded with tech or you have start/stop technology for instance, you really need a more powerful battery and that will inevitably cost more.

Enhanced flooded batteries (EFB) and absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries normally give you more power. These are suitable for modern cars that carry a lot of technical equipment and therefore need more power. At the top end of the car scale, if you’ve added even more electrical extras, you could need a second source of power as well. This, of course, is another cost altogether.

If you want someone else to fit your new battery, then installation costs will also add an extra charge on top of the given price.

No two sellers or dealers are alike, no matter how similar their product offerings seem to be. Quality is one of the things that you should check on when buying car batteries. This can be a problem if you’re making your purchase online because you can’t examine the product before you hand over your money. That’s why it’s important to purchase only from trusted battery stores.

Get great deals from a trusted car battery store

At the end of the day, it will always boil down to quality. Even if you choose the right battery type, if the battery quality is no good, then you’re going to need a replacement sooner than you should. That makes your initial purchase even more expensive over the longer term.

Buying from a trusted store like Orius Batteries gives you the guarantee that your investment is worth it. We offer a lifetime warranty on all the products we sell, and also have battery experts that can guide you through the buying process, making sure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

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How do you know when a car battery needs replacing?

These are signs that you should start looking at auto battery prices to get a replacement:

  • Your existing battery is 3-5 years old or more.
  • It’s hard to fire up the engine.
  • Electrical components like headlights and the horn are weak.
  • The battery case is swollen or wires are corroded.

How do you keep a car battery fully charged?

There are a few ways to keep your car battery fully charged. You should drive your vehicle for 30 minutes or more once a week at motorway speeds to ensure it’s getting the charge it needs. Also, avoid using electric components like lights and the infotainment system excessively, especially if your engine isn’t running.

What should I look for when buying a car battery?

Establish what specifications your old car battery has. Compare vehicle battery prices across multiple sellers to find one that suits your budget. Remember, cheap doesn’t always correspond to quality. Try to ensure the battery you buy is less than six months old from the date it was manufactured.

How do you test a car battery?

You test it by using a multimeter. Connect this device to your battery's positive and negative terminals, and if it measures 12.5v or below, the battery might be failing. Test it again, but this time when your vehicle is running. If it measures 5v or less, you need to replace it immediately, so start looking at car battery prices now.

Does a car battery improve performance?

Yes, it does. A car battery is one of the many parts of a vehicle that affect the vehicle’s performance. A more powerful one reduces the heat exhaustion caused by the car’s engine, ensuring it won’t overheat and that it goes on delivering high performance. That’s why it’s important to invest in the best quality you can afford.

How Often A Car Battery Should Be Replaced

Most car batteries have an average lifespan of around three to five years, provided their owners look after them properly. However, many begin to deteriorate around their third year of service. It’s worth starting to think about replacing your battery every three years or so to avoid breakdowns, at home or when out and about.

Car batteries are no different from batteries in phones or laptops in some respects: their efficiency lessens the more they’re charged.

How Much It Costs To Replace A Car Battery

How much a replacement battery costs will vary because different cars have different specifications. Personal choice is also a factor. Here are a few aspects that impact on automobile battery costs:

  • Battery Type: You’ll need an SLI (Starting, Lighting, Ignition) battery, but within that, you have a choice of lead-acid, AGM or EFB, for instance. Lead-acid are cheapest, but not necessarily powerful enough for modern/ high-performance cars.
  • Brand: Well-known brands cost more.
  • Seller: Online retailers are often cheaper than dealerships, for instance.

How to Change a Car Battery

  1. Before starting, ensure the engine is off.
  2. Open the bonnet and cover the front bumper to protect your vehicle.
  3. Disconnect the cables from the terminals. If your car has negative ground, remove the line from the negative terminals first, then the positive.
  4. Remove any bolts or screws that hold your battery in place.
  5. Remove the battery, and fit the new one by reversing the process.

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