where to get cheap motorbike battery

With the many motorbike battery sellers moving online, you no longer have to go to a local shop just to buy a new battery for your bike. With many websites selling vehicle batteries, you might be struggling to decide where to buy a motorbike battery.

Orius Batteries is a reliable vehicle battery provider with a huge inventory of authentic, branded motorbike batteries. Some of the more popular brands that we stock include Varta, Torq, Odyssey, and Bosch.

Our online shop has batteries suitable for motorcycles with or without start-stop technology. We also have Absorbent Glass Mat, or AGM, batteries – the hottest new battery technology in the automotive industry.

We also have maintenance-free batteries that are spill-proof and leak-proof, allowing you to store them at all angles. They can withstand high levels of vibrations, making them ideal batteries for motorsport vehicles or bikes you might want to take off-road.

Aside from battery types, we also offer batteries with a high Cold Cranking Amps or CCA rating. A battery’s CCA rating is crucial for a longer lifespan and better performance in colder weather conditions.

Our store also includes a wide range of battery sizes, which makes it easier for you to find the right one that fits your motorbike’s battery compartment. Ensure you buy a battery that properly fits inside the compartment, or it will be easily damaged by vibrations.

To ensure the right fit, we recommend that you measure either your motorcycle’s compartment or your current battery. You could also refer to your motorcycle owner’s manual or check online for the specific battery dimensions. If still in doubt, give us a call for assistance!

If you’re in search of the best place to buy a cheap motorbike battery, then you’ve come to the right place! We take pride in providing our customers with budget-friendly hard-wearing batteries that can power even the most demanding bikes and their electric accessories. Our batteries also offer three times more endurance than conventional batteries.

When buying batteries from us, you can use the Battery Finder on our website for an easy, hassle-free purchase. With this search tool, you can easily find the right motorbike battery by simply selecting the brand, model, and engine of your motorbike.

Orders placed before 3 PM on weekdays will be processed on the same day and delivered to your doorstep on the next working day. We provide free shipping for mainland UK residents. Most of our products can also be delivered to the Scottish Highlands for free.

Aside from motorbike batteries, we are also an authorized dealer of chargers and accessories that can be used to prolong your battery’s life.

All of our products also come with a lifetime warranty, so you need not worry about manufacturing defects and other issues. Although faulty products are uncommon, we handle such cases with urgency. We also take care of the shipping and other associated costs to send a replacement out to you.

If you are currently wondering where to buy a motorbike battery near me, consider Orius! We can get your order to your doorstep in as little as 24 hours. Call us now on 01772 348317 or send us an email at info@oriusbatteries.com. We will go out of our way to help you find the right battery!

what to consider on buying motorbike battery


How do I know what motorbike battery to buy?

Aside from deciding where to buy motorbike batteries, you should also consider the battery group size. Check the dimensions of your motorbike’s battery tray or measure your current battery; you should purchase a battery replacement with the same dimensions or it might not properly fit, which can cause issues.

How much does a motorbike battery cost?

Generally, a motorbike battery costs around £75 to £115. However, the price may vary depending on its specifications, such as CCA rating, power rating, and more. If you want to lengthen the lifespan of your new battery, you can invest in a trickle charger, which may cost £40.

How many years should a newly bought motorbike battery last?

A new motorbike battery can last up to 48 months. You can check the manufacture date of the battery to work out its expected expiry date. Regular battery checks and maintenance are also important to prolong its lifespan.

How often should you buy a motorbike battery?

It depends on how much care you take of your motorbike battery. If you start to see signs of battery deterioration, you should have it replaced immediately. If it still functions properly, even after 48 months, you should still replace it to avoid unexpected battery issues while out on the road.

How do I know if I bought a bad motorbike battery?

If your newly-purchased bike battery doesn’t work, there is a possibility that it’s merely flat. If so, the preferred method is simply recharging it with a battery charger. As an alternative, you can jumpstart your motorcycle with either another bike or a car.

The Importance Of A Trickle Charger For Motorbike Batteries

A trickle charger slowly charges your scooter battery over a long time. It allows you to leave your motorcycle unused for an extended period, during wintertime, for instance. Trickle chargers keep the battery topped up above its discharge rate. An unused battery will eventually become completely discharged. This shortens your battery’s lifespan, and it will no longer charge as efficiently as before when you’re ready to start using your vehicle again.

When buying a trickle charger, you should only buy those that are specifically designed for motorbike batteries as those meant for car batteries deliver a greater amount of current than a motorbike can bear.

Proper Motorbike Battery Maintenance

One of the most common reasons why a motorcycle breaks down on the road is because of battery issues. Your motorbike battery should be checked at least once a month.

If your battery requires it, you should top-up your battery’s electrolyte fluid and clean its exhaust pipes and plates. Carefully remove all dirt and grime that has built up over time. It is also necessary to charge your motorcycle battery regularly if you do not use the vehicle frequently.

Difference Between Lead-Acid And Sealed Batteries

Conventional lead-acid motorcycle batteries usually have a row of raised plastic caps on top. 6-Volt batteries have three while 12-Volt have six caps.

These batteries contain electrolytes in a liquid acid. The fluid level inside should be regularly checked and topped up with distilled water as needed to function well.

Sealed, or maintenance-free, batteries have caps that are sunk into the surface. These caps are completely sealed, so you can’t check the liquid level inside nor top it up with distilled water.

Whether you are looking for a conventional or maintenance-free motorbike battery online, you can find it at Orius Batteries! Give us a call if you need assistance with your purchase!