Nowadays, buying goods online is becoming increasingly common, not least because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated restrictions. If you are wondering where to buy car batteries online, we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll help you find the best place to buy a car battery without leaving the comfort of your own home. Have your batteries delivered right to your doorstep with these online shopping options:

Social media sites

When people ask where to buy car battery online, one of the first forums that come to mind are social media sites. Buying on social media websites can often be a cheaper option than a high street store, but you need to be especially careful as there are fewer consumer protections in place here. To be safe, always defer paying for your items before they are shipped out.

where to buy a car battery at an affordable price

There are Facebook buy and sell groups that you can join, and search features in place that will help you find what you’re looking for. These groups can be handy for finding people with items you’re looking for, such as car batteries, chargers and so on.

Before you decide to source your battery here, also keep in mind that a product that is bought via a social media site is likely to have a limited warranty, or none at all, especially if it’s pre-owned.

Having said that, you can also sometimes buy from a page or social media account belonging to an official battery brand. That’s safer than buying from private sellers through listings. An official business page confirmed by Facebook means you can assume that the car battery products they offer are legitimate, and will be covered by a full warranty.

Online stores

Using a well-known, reputable online store is one of the safest ways of buying a car battery on the Internet. Provided you’ve done a few checks on the store in question, there’s a lot less risk when buying online from the legitimate website of a trusted business than from a private individual.

When buying a replacement car battery from an online seller rather than a physical store, it’s even more important to make sure it’s compatible with your car before you order. That avoids the hassle of having to return it if not. Luckily, the more reputable online stores will provide you with the comprehensive information you need, or even a handy battery finder tool. To use the latter, simply enter your car’s make and model and the database will throw up a list of possible matches for you to choose from.

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where to buy a car battery that has warranty


Does it matter which car battery you buy?

Yes. It’s best to buy the same type of battery that is listed in the owner’s manual of your car. If you can’t afford the suggested brand and want to go for a cheaper one, you just have to make sure that the battery you’re fitting has similar specs to the battery mentioned your owner's manual.

How do I know what battery to buy for my car?

One of the main considerations is the group size of your battery. To find out what this is, you can look at your owner’s manual or the label of your old battery. If you can’t find the information in either of these sources, you can search online for the proper battery size for your vehicle make and model.

How do I choose a car battery?

You should look at the Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) and Reserve Capacity (RC) ratings when shopping for a new car battery. CCA measures a battery’s starting power, and it’s important that it matches your car’s requirements. Meanwhile, RC refers to how long a battery can sustain a constant load before it becomes discharged.

When should I buy a new car battery?

On average, you can expect to have to replace your car battery every three to five years. When you shop for one, however, make sure you’re getting a relatively recently manufactured one.

If your replacement battery has been sitting on the shelves for six months or more, it is likely to become faulty sooner than you might expect.

What is the best car battery in the UK?

Here’s a list of the top car battery models in the UK that you should consider when searching “where to buy car battery near me”:

  • VARTA Blue Dynamic 12V 74Ah car battery
  • BOSCH SILVER S4, 12V, 74 AH 680A
  • BOSCH SILVER S4 12V, 60 AH battery
  • VARTA Silver Dynamic AGM battery

When To Change Your Car Battery

Here are some indicators that you should be thinking about obtaining an automotive battery:

  • Corrosion. Regularly check the condition of your battery by keeping your eye on aspects like corrosion and stains. These could mean that the battery is leaking and that you need to procure an auto battery as soon as possible.
  • Odd smell. Is your vehicle battery giving off an odd smell? If it smells like sulphur, then it’s possible your battery is leaking.
  • Check the lifespan. You can check the charge of your battery with a multimeter. This will let you know its current condition and warn if it’s not reaching its full charge.

Signs That It Is Time For A New Car Battery

Below are some signs indicating you should be thinking about purchasing a vehicle battery

  • Slow starting engine. As time goes by, your battery will wear out and become less efficient. Your car may no longer start first time in the mornings, for instance.
  • Dim lights. If your radio lights and other electronics aren’t functioning as you’d expect, then the battery may be having a hard time powering them up.
  • Misshapen battery case. Extreme weather conditions and physical damage will take a toll on your battery. Always check if the battery case is bulging, as this may mean an urgent battery replacement.
  • Engine light is on. If the battery is running out of energy, the engine light may turn on. When this happens, you should get your battery tested by a professional.

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