how to choose the best place to buy a car battery

Are you due to buy car parts in the UK soon, and want to know where’s certain to supply you with the best car battery? We’ve got you covered. In this article, we outline the advantages and disadvantages of the best place to buy car batteries, whether that’s from online stores or traditional bricks and mortar shops. Let’s start with physical stores first.

1. Physical stores

A physical store is the preferred place to buy a new car battery for many people, and there’s a good reason for that. Buying a car battery from a physical store means you won’t have to wait for your car battery to be shipped by the seller and then delivered, which can take anything up to a few days.

If your car battery has died completely and can no longer be charged, the sooner you get a replacement one, the better. That’s especially true if you use your car regularly for work, taking the kids to school or other key errands. It’s easy to pop into a physical shop, choose the right battery, take it home with you, and install it the same day. That’s a convenience most online stores don’t offer.

There are plenty of places to buy the best car battery in physical stores. There’s your car dealership, a car parts and services stores, your garage or even some general retail stores. But you will tend to find prices are more expensive here than online.

2. Online stores

An online shop is a great place to buy a car battery, and here, you have the advantage of being able to take your time over your purchase, rather than being bothered by pushy salespeople. You can compare detailed battery specifications, read reviews from past customers and even get more insight into the best battery for your unique requirements.

Good online car battery stores will have a battery finder tool, offering you a user-friendly way to narrow down your search with filters like your car manufacturer, the brand, and the model. You’ll then get a list of batteries that are compatible or recommended for your own specific car model.

Online stores make it easier to save money by helping you sourcing the best deals on car batteries. You can easily visit different websites and online stores, look for the specific battery you want, and compare prices from site to site from the comfort of your home. If you’re on a tight budget, easily finding a cheap battery for your vehicle is a luxury that isn’t provided in the same way by physical stores.

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where is the best place to buy a car battery


Which car battery brand is the best in the UK?

There are plenty of great car battery brands on offer in the UK, but amongst the best products on the market today are:

  • BOSCH SILVER S4, 12V, 74 AH 680A
  • BOSCH SILVER S4 12V, 60 AH
  • VARTA Blue Dynamic 12V 74Ah
  • VARTA Silver Dynamic AGM, and
  • Yuasa YBX7096

Which brand of car battery lasts the longest?

There are several battery products that tend to come out on top of the recommended battery list in terms of performance and lifespan. These include Varta, Bosch, and Odyssey, among many other excellent brand. To extend the useful life of any car battery even longer, you should also be looking for the best place to buy a car battery charger.

What is the best car battery according to Consumer Reports?

According to Consumer Reports’ ratings, Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries come out on top: they’re fast becoming the standard for modern cars. While it’s recommended you get a car battery of the same size and type as your old one, if you can, choose the AGM battery type over traditional lead-acid one.

Do car battery brands matter?

Yes, it does if you’re driven by quality and you want a decent product warranty on your purchase. If you’re worried about the price, then shop around for good deals and select the cheapest product from a named manufacturer. Just make sure the battery is compatible with your car’s requirements to avoid wasting money.

How much should a battery replacement cost?

A car battery replacement can cost anywhere between £33 and £186 depending on the type, power, size, and brand you’re buying. This can rise even higher if you have to pay a mechanic to fit it, so be sure to shop around to get the best prices for your car’s battery replacement.

The Guide To Buying The Best Car Battery

Finding the best battery to buy for your car can be challenging, but if you keep certain principles in mind, this doesn’t have to be the case. To help you purchase the right product at the finest shop to buy a car battery, listed below are some of the things you need to consider:

  1. The age of your car.
  2. How long you intend to keep and use your vehicle for.
  3. The climate you live in.
  4. Conversion of the battery type.
  5. Whether you have a start-stop system.

Car Battery Buying Guide

Buying a new car battery is an important investment that goes beyond simply the prices of products and looking for a great site to purchase an automotive battery from. There are several other factors you need to consider when choosing the best battery replacement for your vehicle. Your decision should be influenced by several factors related to the battery needs of your vehicle. Here are some of them:

  • The past performance of the battery in question;
  • The required battery size and fit;
  • Whether you have start/stop technology; and
  • The battery type you’re looking for.

Best Car Batteries For The Money

Investing in a quality battery takes more than just picking out the top store to acquire a vehicle battery. Do your research and find out your vehicle’s specifications, decide what you want from your battery, determine your budget, and so on. The best battery for your car is generally one that offers solid performance and has an extensive lifespan, so you get good value for money from your investment. Your mechanic or garage can give you recommendations, but it’s also worth checking reviews on the internet to get an idea of how particular products perform in certain types of car, for instance.

Getting your car battery replacement is a lot less trouble once you’ve found the best place to buy a car battery. Then you can concentrate on finding the right product for your vehicle. Don’t forget, good suppliers like Orius Batteries are always ready to lend a helping hand, giving recommendations on the best battery for your vehicle, either over the phone or by using the handy battery finder on our website. We’ll even give you free next-day delivery to help you find the best battery replacement for your car at a price you can afford.