It's a given that your car needs the right kind of battery to perform at an optimal level. But this doesn't mean you need to break the bank just to get your car running as it should. Even the cheapest car battery online will still offer the performance you need, provided that when you're looking for a car battery online, you pick one that's both high quality and able to adequately provide for your vehicle's energy needs.

how much are the cheapest car batteries online

How Much Do Car Batteries Cost?

The prices of high-end car batteries are usually anything from £100 to £350, depending on the type and the brand. There are also other potential costs you may need to factor in, like installation if you want an expert to do this for you.

Of course, your battery's cost could depend on the type of car you own as well. Remember that your battery doesn't just power up your engine it powers up all the other electrical accessories in your vehicle as well. That means in essence that the more technologically advanced your car is, the more expensive the battery will be.

It's also well worth thinking about the long-term costs, not just the current market price. Sure, you might have found a cheap car battery online. The question is, how long will it last? How's its quality? How long will it be before you need to buy a replacement one? Some cheap batteries can be a false economy because they don't last as long as you might hope.

Where Can You Buy Cheap Batteries?

If you're looking for a place to buy cheap batteries, you can find sellers anywhere. There are many retailers on the internet, and there are physical stores you can visit too. However, your main concern should be finding a reliable seller that markets its batteries at a reasonable price, while also making sure that all products are high-quality and legitimate.

It's easy to get blinded by a low car battery price, so make sure you do your due diligence by checking you're getting a high-quality product from a reputable seller before you part with any money. Look for a company that's been in the industry for a long time and is prepared to offer expert advice on choosing the most suitable batteries for your needs and your vehicle. Check there's a straightforward means of communication like a phone number or an email address so you can ask questions or raise issues if necessary.

How Can You Maximise Your Battery's Value?

Once you've bought your car battery, make sure you maximise its value by taking good care of it too. Buying a high-quality battery and then failing to maintain it is a waste of money and can turn out to be an expensive practice in the long run.

What steps can you take to lengthen your battery life?

Check for signs of corrosion on your battery and clean that off as soon as you see it. Don't allow it to accumulate, as this can shorten a battery's lifespan.

Also avoid using too many extra accessories (like in-car chargers and sat navs) too intensively. Always consult an expert if you want to find out how much you can safely add to your battery's load. The last thing you want is to overload your car's electrical system, potentially sacrificing the performance of the tools that you need to drive safely.

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What is the difference between cheap and expensive car batteries?

High-quality automotive batteries use rubber between the plates, while many cheaper batteries utilise PVC separators, which don’t last as long. Compared to higher quality batteries, a cheaper battery may also include other lower-quality components, such as substandard cables and wires. Check reviews from experts online to find out a particular battery’s lifespan.

How do I choose a battery?

There are various factors you should consider when looking at the most inexpensive automobile batteries online. Some of these include:

  • The size of the battery.
  • Battery type.
  • Battery price.
  • The capacity of the battery.
  • Low-maintenance or maintenance-free batteries.
  • Battery specs like CCA, AH, RC, and more.

Should I buy a cheap car battery?

When looking for the cheapest car batteries online, beyond the price, consider the quality of the battery. You can find many high-quality batteries that are still reasonably priced.

Most batteries come with warranties, so choose one with the longest coverage. Here at Orius, we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our products.

What is a good charge for a car battery?

Attach your multimeter’s probes to the battery’s terminals while the car is off and the battery is resting. A fully charged (90-100% state of charge) 12-volt battery should show a reading between 12.2 and 12.6 volts. Any lower than this means you have a weak battery.

How do you check if a car battery is bad?

There are various signs when your car battery is on its way out, such as:

  • Car won't start.
  • Engine cranks slowly when starting.
  • Lights are dimmer than usual.

If you spot any of these, look for the most reasonable price for vehicle batteries online as soon as possible, as you’re probably going to need a replacement soon.

Things To Know About Car Battery Cost

Batteries play an important role in the functioning of vehicles. If you're not aware of what to look for, you could end up paying a significant amount of money for one. Although the exact price you pay varies depending on the type of battery you pick, the standard price is usually between £36 and £158. This isn't that expensive when you think that your car battery is one of the most important aspects of the entire vehicle.

Simple Guide For Changing Your Car Battery

Before you attempt to replace a car battery, make sure that you have the right tools and your replacement battery ready. Then, locate the car's current battery and carefully remove the plastic cover on top if there is one. Next, carefully remove the nuts holding the battery bracket.

Now that you can see the battery terminals, disconnect the negative lead first followed by the positive one. Make sure the red and black leads don't touch each other. Lift out the old battery, clean the tray and insert the new one. Reconnect the leads, starting with the positive terminal this time before the negative.

Tips On How To Buy A Car Battery

Buying a car battery is a straightforward process, but there are certain things you need to consider before investing in one, such as:

  • Battery fit.
  • Maintenance-free options.
  • Battery reviews.
  • Battery manufacture date.

After you've taken the above into consideration, decide whether you'll buy it at a retail store or an online shop. Compare prices across various sellers and ask if any special offers and warranties are applicable. Do all of these, and you're more certain to get the best price for automotive batteries online.

Cheap doesn't always mean poor quality. Here at Orius Batteries, only sell high-quality battery products and car accessory parts, all at reasonable prices. We also promise convenience and fast delivery. Check out our product catalogue and buy a cheap car battery online from our store!