how to check nissan juke car battery price

The latest model of the Nissan Juke features several fantastic upgrades, including an updated infotainment system, DAB radio, Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and even Google Assistant. With these impressive yet power-hungry improvements, your Nissan battery needs to be robust and reliable to maximise your Juke’s potential! But how can you get the best Nissan Juke car battery price and ensure value for money?

When looking for a Nissan Juke car battery replacement, finding a seller of high-quality products at a reasonable cost is a necessity if you don’t want to overspend. But fortunately, with a bit of effort and know-how, identifying a great battery supplier is a cinch.

Here are our recommendations of what to look for when picking a car battery provider:


To boost the odds that you’re getting a reliable product, make sure you look for a well-known brand. Batteries manufactured by trusted brands like Bosch and Varta are guaranteed to be high-quality products.

The batteries of these manufacturers are built using top-notch materials, making them powerful and more importantly, safe to use! They’ve built an excellent brand reputation over time by providing quality items to countless satisfied customers, so you can be sure that a supplier who stocks these brands is a reliable option.

Try not to be tempted by the lower-prices of generic or unbranded batteries as they are far more likely to offer sub-par products without a warranty, that simply won’t last as long.


When choosing a seller, always ask them about their Nissan Juke battery warranty period. Vehicle batteries are certainly not cheap. So, for your peace of mind, a reputable provider with trust in their products should offer to replace faulty items under warranty completely free of charge.

A reasonable warranty period to look for is at least three years – which covers the minimum expected lifespan of a car battery. If your seller offers a warranty period of only two years or less, we recommend trying to negotiate an extended warranty or moving on to other suppliers.

3.Fast And Free Shipping

Car battery sellers should be able to deliver your order right to your doorstep with little to no additional cost. Having a supplier who offers fast and free shipping might be more than just convenient, as if you need a replacement battery it’s likely that you’ll be unable to drive anywhere to pick one up!

Free shipping promos are quite popular, but not all stores offer it. Check the cost breakdown on the checkout page to see if you are charged shipping or courier fees.

Vehicle batteries are highly complex components, and your car’s functionality relies on their continued performance. Stay wise and always ask questions before you finalise your purchase.

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How long does a Nissan Juke battery last?

A Nissan Juke battery lasts about six years on average. However, certain factors, such as extreme temperature, humidity, and power-intensive accessories, can reduce a battery’s lifespan significantly. If your battery is regularly exposed to adverse conditions, you can expect it to last for only three or four years.

How much does it cost to get a new battery for a car?

Each car needs to be fitted with a battery that adequately meets its power requirements. The going rate for automobile batteries is highly dependent on the battery specification.

The cost for conventional automotive batteries amounts to around £40 to £90. On the other hand, premium batteries for advanced vehicles could cost from £70 to £150.

How do you jump-start a dead battery?

To safely jump-start a car, you need a set of jumper cables. First, attach the positive cable to the positive terminal of the flat battery and the healthy battery. Next, secure the negative cable to the working battery’s negative terminal and the other end to a grounding point on the vehicle with the dead battery, such as its engine block. You are now ready to turn on the donor vehicle’s engine and jump-start the dead battery.

How do I change the battery in my Nissan Juke?

  • Lift the bonnet
  • Find the battery unit on the passenger side
  • Detach the negative terminal, followed by the positive terminal
  • Remove the bracket that holds down the battery
  • Lift the battery to dislodge it
  • Place the new battery into the empty battery tray
  • Reinstall the hold-down bracket

Can a dead car battery be recharged?

Your vehicle’s alternator can continuously charge a healthy battery. However, it is not capable of fully recharging a dead battery. Luckily, there are charging devices you can buy that are specifically designed to restore a flat battery to a full charge.

How To Check Your Car Battery’s Charge

A hydrometer measures the density of the electrolyte, which varies depending on the state of charge. The ideal electrolyte density is between 1.270 and 1.290, which indicates a fully charged battery.

You can use the hydrometer’s 1.290 mark as reference for other readings, too. For example, a half-charged battery would measure in at about 1.200.

When using a hydrometer you should measure each of the cells individually. They should all have roughly the same density with a difference of not more than .04. If you observe a more significant variation, this indicates a defective cell that needs to be replaced.

Battery Maintenance Tips

Although car batteries will always have to be replaced eventually, you can save on vehicle batteries costs by taking measures to prolong its lifespan through these simple maintenance procedures:

  • Regularly check for corrosion around the terminals.
  • Tightly secure battery connections.
  • Use a battery tender for cold weather or extended idle periods.
  • Turn off cabin and headlights when parked.

How To Restart A Nissan Juke

If you find that your Nissan Juke battery is dead, you can try to restart it by pushing the car. This method requires two people: one person to push the vehicle and one to stay behind the wheel.

1.Turn off all accessories (radio, AC, lights, etc.).

2.Switch on your car without activating the starter.

3.Disengage the handbrake and switch into second gear without letting go of the clutch.

4.Keep pushing the clutch until the car is moving at a steady pace.

5.Slowly lift the clutch, and the car should start.

6.Keep the car running to recharge the battery.

If this doesn’t work, it may mean that you need to replace your battery. Visit Orius Batteries to find low Nissan Juke car battery prices today!