Many car owners, unfortunately, don’t put that much thought into choosing the best-priced BMW battery. After all, these batteries can last for up to five years or more, so it’s easy for car enthusiasts to forget about them and how important they are to the smooth functioning of their vehicles. However, your BMW’s lifespan is typically a lot longer than your battery, so at some stage, you will need to buy a new unit. And that means getting up to speed with the BMW car battery price basics.

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Compared to those for other car brands, BMW batteries tend to be a bit more expensive. They can cost anywhere from £145 to £220, whereas a regular car’s battery costs as little as £60 to £150. As well as that, if you need to get a professional to install your new battery, the overall BMW car battery cost increases even more.

You might be able to find cheaper battery options from different sources, like shops that offer discounted car accessories. However, you should be very cautious when checking out what they have to offer before you part with any money. There’s a lot of truth in the cliché that if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

Several things can impact the cost of a BMW battery, or indeed any other type of battery. A vehicle battery’s specifications are a major factor in terms of price, especially its Cold-Cranking Amps, which rate its ability to kickstart a car’s engine effectively in cold temperatures. A product’s ampere-hour capacity is also important – this measures how long the battery can power your BMW’s electrical systems before it needs to be recharged.

Where you end up getting the battery replacement can also make a difference to price. You have the option of asking a dealer or a mechanic to handle your battery replacement – here, service costs will vary from place to place. To get the best deal, you should take time to shop around and get quotes to compare before making any decision to buy.

Another option is to go the DIY route; in other words, fit the battery yourself. With BMWs, that’s not recommended unless you have experience in the task and the right equipment at home. While replacing any other car’s batteries is generally as simple as removing the old one and putting a new one in, doing so on a modern BMW is a bit more complex.

You need, for instance, to update the car’s registry with the new battery’s details when it’s installed. This process refreshes the vehicle’s records internally with the information related to its new battery and applies to all BMW vehicles made from 2002 onwards. It’s a job that can only be done using professional tools.

A BMW software regulates the battery in the car. It lets the vehicle modify its energy requirement to suit the charging capacity of the battery, which lessens as it gets older. This allows the battery to run at the minimum effective level.

When the new battery is registered, the Engine Control Module (ECM) is notified of its presence. The ECM then adjusts the battery’s charging requirement and measures its output. If the car doesn’t know a new battery has been installed, it can overcharge and damage the battery, thinking it is still the old one.

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How long do BMW car batteries last?

Like most car batteries on the market, a BMW-manufactured one has a lifespan of about two to five years. This, however, depends on several factors, such as your driving behaviours, how well you maintain it and the power requirements of your vehicle.

Can you replace your BMW battery yourself?

On less advanced or older BMWs, replacing the battery can be straightforward, especially if your replacement has the same specs as the original. Do it properly, and you can save a fair amount. If you’re a novice car owner, however, there’s no shame in asking for professional assistance. Just remember that it might have a higher BMW vehicle battery cost.

Does BMW need a special battery?

Modern BMW cars use what the company calls Intelligent Battery Sensors or IBS. This technology plays an important role in your car’s energy management. This also requires drivers to register new BMW batteries at any BMW dealership and authorised BMW shops.

How do you know if your BMW battery is bad?

A failing battery can demonstrate several signs that it’s time to start thinking about a new one. Here are some of them:

  • An engine that cranks but doesn’t start.
  • Dim/failing lights.
  • A vehicle that only starts intermittently.

If you spot any of these, it’s time to look up the BMW auto battery rates on the market.

Why do BMW batteries need to be registered?

BMW batteries on newer models must be registered so that the engine control module can enable proper battery charging. Failing to register your BMW battery can result in faulty readings, ultimately leading to premature battery failure.

Don’t skip this step. Otherwise you could end up paying additional BMW car battery prices for a new unit sooner than you’d expect.

Things To Consider When Getting BMW Battery Replacement

As with most parts of your BMW, there will come a time when a battery replacement is your only option to make sure your vehicle continues running as safely and consistently as possible.

For a BMW vehicle, however, choosing the right fit for your model is not the only thing you should bear in mind. You should also consider the value of the BMW automotive battery replacement and ensure that you get a high-quality product at a good price.

About Car Battery Sulfation

Sulfation is one of the primary causes of premature battery failure. When this occurs, the lead sulphate on the electrodes crystallises, which in turn prevents the chemical reaction needed to start your engine. What’s more, these crystals can also damage your battery’s separators or cause short circuits.

To prevent this from happening, we recommend testing your battery on a regular basis and keep it close to full charge as much as possible.

Why You Need BMW Battery Registration

The charging system on BMW cars is managed by an algorithm that adapts the rate of charge to the type and age of the equipped battery. When a replacement is fitted, registration is crucial as it reconfigures the algorithm for the charging needs of your new battery.

If you get the exact same model as your previous battery, it’s not as important to have it registered. However, if you switch to a different battery type (i.e., from wet cell to AGM), then registration becomes essential.

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