how to maintain ford car batteries

Whether you have a Fiesta, Focus, or any other model Ford, you will always need reliable and robust Ford car batteries to use your vehicle to its full potential. But no matter how well you maintain your car batteries, sadly, they do not last forever! You will eventually have to replace them, preferably before they become fully discharged. When that occurs, it’s up to you to choose a Ford battery that is up to par.

If this is the first time you will purchase a replacement car battery, don’t fret! Orius Batteries have put together this short guide to show you the ropes.

There are many Ford car batteries for sale, but not all of them are compatible with every car. The first step is to figure out the battery specifications for your Ford.

Listed below are the main specs you will need to determine. Remember, if you do not have access to your car’s original battery, you can also check the owner’s manual or do some quick research online.

  • Battery Group Size

    Vehicles vary in terms of their battery size and terminal placements. It is important to take note of this because a wrong-sized unit will not fit in your car’s battery tray.

    You will be able to identify the correct battery group size for your car by referencing your old battery. Check either the top or sides of the unit for a two-digit number that is sometimes followed by a letter. You will want to get a new battery with this same group size.

  • Minimum Cold Crank Amperage

    If you drive in regions with long winter seasons, you should pay extra attention to the minimum cold crank amperage, or CCA. It takes a minimum amperage to start up the engine, which varies depending on the vehicle type and ambient conditions. Cars used in colder weather conditions would require higher minimum CCA.

    You can identify the minimum CCA by checking the battery of your car for a number followed by the letters “CCA”. Take note that the number indicates the minimum required amperage. You can opt to get a higher CCA if you wish, and this will be better for your car performance.

  • Reserve Capacity

    Also known as RC, reserve capacity denotes how long a fully charged battery can power your vehicle without the alternator. The higher the rating, the better!

Bonus: Quick Wise-Buyer Tips

  • Tip one: Get fresh stock! The date manufactured should not be more than six months ago.
  • Tip two: Find long warranty periods! The warranty should cover your battery for at least three years.
  • Tip three: Buy online for better deals; it’s much easier to find and compare discounts on the Internet.

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How long do Ford car batteries last?

The average lifespan of a Ford car battery can be expected to last anywhere from four to seven years. The chances of your battery lasting for a longer time are significantly increased if you drive daily and keep your car battery fully charged; however, if you notice any symptoms of imminent battery failure, then consider looking for a quality replacement from a reputable brand right away.

Are Ford batteries covered under warranty?

Yes, all of the Ford vehicle batteries sold by Orius come with a lifetime warranty.

How long can a car battery last without driving?

Ford automotive batteries, like most car batteries, can hold their charge for two months or more, even without running. However, the time a car’s battery can last without a working alternator depends on the potency of the battery, as well as the power draw of your car.

Are all car batteries the same?

No, not all car batteries are the same. As a car owner, it is important to understand that car batteries differ in multiple ways that make them suited to specific driver needs, vehicle models, and specification, which can differ even by production year.

Because of this, you need to consider your Ford car model when shopping for batteries. For example, if you drive a Fiesta, make sure to seek out compatible Ford Fiesta car batteries.

Can a completely dead battery be recharged?

Ford motorcraft batteries are considered discharged once their voltage drops below 12 volts. While a vehicle's alternator can keep a healthy battery charged, it cannot completely recharge a dead car battery.

That said, it’s not even necessary to replace a dead battery most of the time. Unless the damage is irreparable, dead batteries can often be revived by jump starters, booster packs, or standard battery chargers.

Stopping Your Car Battery From Going Flat

If you’re not using your car as often as you should, its battery will eventually go flat. Therefore, it's recommended that owners start the engine of their car at least once a week and allow it to run for at least 15 minutes to keep the battery charged.

Also, if you keep your car in a garage, make sure to move it out into the open before starting the engine, and don't leave your car unattended while the engine's running.

Testing A Car Battery

The best and easiest way to check your car battery is to use a car battery tester. Attach the red lead to the positive charging terminal and the black lead to the negative terminal as indicated in your car’s owner’s manual.

If the battery tester has a voltage read-out, you should expect a reading of more than 12.4v with the engine switched off. Around 12.7v is a good indicator of a fully charged battery. Anything below 12.4 volts and the battery will need to be charged.

Jump-Starting Your Car

There are two common ways to start a car that has a flat battery. The first method requires jump leads and a second car or battery booster pack; while the other requires you to get the car moving to “bump” start the engine. Whichever method you use, you should have your car battery checked for issues as soon as possible after jump-starting the car.

Battery complications are often neglected but can cause major issues in the long run. Orius Batteries aims to make your journeys safer, more convenient and as hassle-free as possible with our helpful tips and a wide range of high-quality products.

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