where to look for car batteries on sale

Are you going to buy new car batteries soon, or have you spotted a car battery on sale and want to get it for less money? We’ve got you covered with our list of things to check when buying an on-sale car battery.

We get it; battery sales are really attractive, especially if you can save a few quid. However, before you look for car batteries on sale this week, be sure that you know what to look out for.

1. Check the manufacturing date

Stores often offer discounts and promotions on batteries that haven’t sold after a few years on the shelves. But this is because car batteries left on the shelf degrade, and being left without a charge is disastrous for a battery.

Many stores rectify this by regularly charging the batteries they stock on schedule; however, repeated charges and discharges can take their toll even on brand-new batteries. When buying a brand-new battery that has been discounted because it has been on the shelf for quite some time, it is obviously not going to last as long. The discount you get from buying the battery is often negated since you’ll have to buy a replacement battery sooner.

Checking the manufacturing date on a car battery will allow you to determine how long it has been sat on the shelf. As a general rule, avoid batteries more than 6 – 9 months past their manufacturing date to ensure that you are still getting a high-quality battery.

2. Check the specification and type of the battery

You might get a battery for a low price, but if its specifications don’t match your car's needs, you aren’t going to use it anyway. You should also make sure that the battery type is compatible with your car. There are many types of batteries, including SLI batteries, Li-ion Batteries, and Lead-Acid Batteries. Each of these types has its own voltage ratings, Cold Cranking Amps rating, and cranking amps.

Taking care to ensure that the discounted battery matches your car's specification will guarantee that there will be no problems later.

3. Warranty

Sometimes, discount batteries are offered with a limited warranty to account for the price reduction. If you can, try to buy a battery with a full.

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what to consider when choosing car batteries on sale


How can you tell if your car battery is going bad?

If your engine cranks slowly, your vehicle is having a difficult time starting on cold mornings, or the interior lights and sound fail to work when the engine is on, a failing battery may be at fault. But remember, there’s also a possibility of a loose or corroded connection or electrical draw, which should be ruled out before getting replacements.

How long can a car battery last without driving?

The majority of car batteries that are in good condition will last around two weeks if left without driving. However, if you have no plans to use your vehicle for a while, you should still power it up once a week to recharge the battery.

What is the car battery charging voltage?

12V car batteries on sale can be charged over a range of voltages but requires at least 12.9 volts to charge. However, at this voltage, the vehicle battery will charge very slow, so it’s best to charge it at higher voltages.

What is the liquid inside a car battery?

Inside a cheap automotive batteries, you will find a mixture of water and sulfuric acid. The concentration of the acid varies based on the state of charge of the battery; the more discharged it is, the less sulphuric acid there will be inside.

How much water should be in a car battery?

You should find an indication in the battery when you pour water on the cell. The fluid level must be filled up to that level, and no further. There is usually a cup with a hole in it inside the fill port. Just fill it up until it is at the level indicated.

Types Of Car Batteries

There are several different types of car batteries to be aware of:

  • Lead-acid batteries. These vehicle batteries for auction are also referred to as wet batteries and are the most common type of car battery.
  • AGM batteries. These batteries are lightweight and are commonly used for motorbikes.
  • EFB batteries. The word EFB stands for Enhanced Flooded Battery, these are usually used on cars with start-stop systems.
  • GEL batteries. These contain gelatinous acid and are well suited to the heavy power demands of high-performance systems.
  • Lithium-ion batteries. These are usually discounted automobile batteries and are used in hybrid and electric vehicles because of their high energy density.

Keeping Your Battery In Good Condition

Below are some maintenance tips to follow that will keep your battery in top condition:

  • Regular cleaning. Make sure that your battery is free from corrosion and there is no sign of dirt and debris on the terminals.
  • Turn the electrics off. Always check that all electronics are turned off when the car is at rest.
  • Drive often. Make sure to take your car on a long drive once a week to avoid letting the car battery sit idle for too long.

How Often To Replace Your Car Battery

The sad truth is that car batteries only last three to five years, depending on climate conditions, maintenance, and driving activities. Once a battery is a few years old, it will likely start to show some minor if not major issues. While some problems can be fixed, age-based issues almost always require a battery replacement as soon as possible. If your battery is showing its age start searching for “car batteries on sale near me” now.

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