how to maintain vauxhall car battery

No matter how careful you are with your driving and maintenance, your Vauxhall battery will eventually age and deteriorate. That’s something that you can’t prevent, and you will typically need to replace the battery at least once or twice over the course of your Vauxhall’s lifespan. Batteries wear out from normal use, and once they get old enough, you’re going to have troubles starting your car if you keep on using them. In this article, we’ll look at what you should consider when buying a new Vauxhall car battery for your vehicle.

Battery size

Automobile batteries come in many different shapes and sizes. Before shopping for a battery, you should find out the exact size that will fit perfectly in your car’s battery tray. You can determine this by referring to your car's manual or by consulting a mechanic.

Buying the right size battery is, of course, vital, because a bigger battery might not even fit in your car. Meanwhile, a smaller battery will vibrate excessively in the battery tray as you drive, and may cause or suffer damage.


If you want to save on the replacement Vauxhall car battery price, consider buying other brands from battery shops. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts are typically reliable and have their merits, but if you limit yourself to buying OEM batteries, you may miss out on great offers from other reputable battery manufacturers.

Keep in mind that non-OEM batteries are safe to use, as long as the size, voltage, and power output is in accordance with the requirements of your car.


Vauxhall car battery warranty is another important factor to keep in mind when buying batteries. Even if you are buying from a high-end brand, there is always the risk of ending up with a faulty battery.

Factory defects are rare but nonetheless unavoidable, even in high-quality batteries, which is a good reason to make sure you’re buying a battery with decent warranty coverage.

Luckily, many reputable battery shops automatically offer a lengthy warranty period as long as you’re buying a brand new battery. Some of the best sellers, like Orius, even offer a lifetime warranty on their products!

Always be proactive in checking the condition of your battery

You shouldn't wait until your Vauxhall battery is completely unsalvageable before you start looking to buy a new one. Scrambling to buy a replacement battery once your car starts to have problems will leave you with little time to carry out proper research before buying.

Paying attention to the maintenance and condition of your battery will help massively in spotting issues early on. This way, you will have enough time to decide on the best battery brand, type, and specifications for your Vauxhall car.

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What are the signs that your car needs a new battery?

The most notable sign is an engine that’s sluggish to start up. As time passes, the parts that make up a vehicle battery will wear down, making it less efficient at starting your engine.

Other things to look out for are electrical issues, damaged connectors/cables, a deformed battery case, and/or a foul smell under the bonnet.

How often should I drive my car to keep the battery charged?

According to battery experts, you should drive your car at least a few times every month, though it’s preferable to up the frequency to about once a week, or once every few days.

Actually driving your car is better for the battery than just turning your engine on and leaving the car to idle.

What is a typical car battery?

Current SLI batteries tend to be the lead-acid type. This automotive battery uses six cells to power a 12-volt system, which is common in most light vehicles. Meanwhile, the 24-volt variant has 12 cells, and is more suitable for heavier duty vehicles.

Can I damage my car by using the wrong battery?

Most electronics suffer damage if you use the wrong battery in them, and the same is true for cars. Even though you aren’t required to use an OEM brand, the size and power output of your chosen Vauxhall car batteries should be suitable for your vehicle.

How many volts does a car battery need to start?

Recharged car battery packs have 12.6 volts as a minimum. Once you start the engine, the voltage measurement should read between 13.7 and 14.7 volts. A multimeter is typically required to determine the exact voltage of a battery.

Choosing The Right Car Battery Charger

When you buy a new car battery, it’s recommended that you pair it with a good charger as well. The newest car charger models are equipped with a range of smart features, such as automatically maintaining the charge level of batteries. If you don't use your car that much, you will benefit from a smart battery charger.

Additionally, smart chargers can automatically change the level of current used in charging the battery, which helps in prolonging battery life. You can even leave it attached to your car for long periods to trickle charge your battery without running the risk of damaging it.

How To Test A Car Battery

Aside from multimeters, the easiest way to test the voltage of a car battery is by using a car battery tester. You can purchase car battery testers in car accessory stores or battery shops.

Car battery testers are quite easy to use. There are basic models that will simply tell you if a battery is charged or not. More advanced battery testers will tell you the precise voltage of the battery.

A fully charged Vauxhall Corsa car battery, for example, should show a voltage reading of 12.7v when tested. If the voltage reading on the battery tester is under 12.4 volts, the battery needs charging.

How Car Batteries Work

As mentioned, SLI batteries will either have six or 12 cells. Each of those cells contains two grids, and a starter battery works by triggering a chemical reaction on each of them.

The chemical reaction creates electrons, which generate electricity. This generated electricity is discharged from the terminals of the battery, providing power to your car's engine, headlights, and radio.

Because car batteries are essential to the basic functions of your car, you should buy the best product you can afford. Get the perfect battery from Orius Batteries’ online store today!