Do you own a Toyota Auris car or want to learn more about the Toyota battery in general? We are here to help. Below, we'll outline everything you need to know about Toyota Auris car batteries, including their voltage. Without further ado, let's start:

how much is a toyota auris car battery

Toyota Auris battery voltage

The preferred voltage for batteries for the Toyota Auris is 12 volts. Always make sure when buying a replacement battery for any car that it meets the voltage requirement laid down in your owner's manual, or you are bound to experience problems. You should be especially careful about checking the voltage if you are buying an aftermarket battery, because these may have specifications that differ from the ideal ones required by your car.

Reserve capacity

The reserve capacity of a car battery determines its ability to provide a 25 amp current to power a car without being charged, with time measured in minutes, before it becomes fully discharged.

25 amps is the most common figure you'll see in terms of cars, as this is the amount of electricity needed by most vehicles to run normally.

As the name implies, the reserve capacity provides reserve power to your car's engine to keep it running for a few minutes. You might be wondering what the point of this is, since on a car, the battery is usually being constantly recharged by the alternator when the engine is running.

The answer is that the reserve capacity of your battery becomes important if your alternator fails. In this event, the reserve will keep your car running on full power so you can safely pull over, or drive to a garage.

Alternator failure can happen at any time, even if a car is maintained properly, so choosing a battery with sufficient reserve power should be an important factor to consider. A genuine Toyota Auris battery cost might be higher if you're looking for a higher reserve capacity, but it could be worth it to you to know you have that back-up in place.

Charging indicator

Most batteries have a charging indicator, which gives visual information about the charged state of the battery. The charging indicator will allow you to determine whether the battery is fully charged or depleted, what the electrolyte levels are, and other important information.

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How long does a Toyota Auris hybrid battery last?

According to Toyota, a Toyota Auris hybrid battery lasts about eight years. However, in practice, this type of battery has a lifespan ranging between five and ten years, depending on various factors. These include the vehicle's age, usage, and maintenance. If you want to maximise the lifespan of the automobile battery of a Toyota Auris, have it serviced frequently.

How do you jump-start a Toyota Auris?

  1. Connect the red and black jump leads to the positive and negative battery terminals respectively of the car with charge.
  2. Connect the other red and black jump lead cables to the positive battery terminal of the vehicle without charge and a solid, stationary, unpainted, and sufficiently distant metallic point, respectively.
  3. Start the engine of the charging car.

Where is the battery in a Toyota Auris hybrid?

A Toyota Auris car battery for hybrid cars can be found under the rear seat, in a metal casing. This metal case is completely isolated from the high voltages of your car. There will be a carpet in the cabin area concealing the case.

What happens when your Toyota hybrid battery dies?

You may still be able to drive your car, but you will notice a loss of power if the hybrid battery is becoming weaker or dying. Some hybrid systems with a Toyota Auris 12v battery might not function when the hybrid battery fails. To avoid roadside breakdowns, have the battery replaced as soon as possible.

Average Lifespan Of A Toyota Car Battery

If you have a conventional petrol-powered car, expect to be able to use your battery for three to five years. However, some batteries for hybrid models can last for up to eight years.

There are always ways to help you make the most of whichever Toyota Auris vehicle battery you have in your car. If the battery is around three years old, make sure you have it serviced regularly, at least every six months or so.

Another way to extend your battery life is to limit the use of your car's charging devices and avoid using your headlights and other electrics when you don't need them.

Still, after a certain point, your battery will not be able to function as well as it used to no matter how well you maintain it. In cases like these, a replacement is your only option.

Signs It's Time For A New Car Battery

  1. Your battery is dying if you're having a hard time firing up the engine.
  2. Another sign of failure is when your car's headlights and other electrical parts are weaker than usual.
  3. You may smell something like rotten eggs coming from the bonnet.
  4. Your battery connectors are corroded.
  5. The battery case is swollen or cracked.
  6. Your battery is around four to five years old.

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