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Caravanning is an excellent way to spend time with your loved ones and make great memories. But if your leisure battery suddenly dies during the trip, a fun adventure can quickly become a stressful experience. To avoid spoiling your holiday, you need to get the best leisure battery with a high level of Ampere Hours, often abbreviated as AH.

Leisure batteries serve as a power source, not just for the motorhome itself, but also its electrical appliances and accessories, such as the TV, lighting system, heater, and so on. Because of this, using a battery with a higher power capacity is key to make your motorhome as comfortable as possible for the people inside.

The higher the AH rating of your leisure battery, the better. The lowest AH rating available on the market is 70 AH, though some batteries offer as high as 300 AH.

However, keep in mind that a high AH rating is not the only thing that you should consider. To find the best AH rating for your vehicle, you should also consider the battery’s size.

The higher the AH rating, the heavier and larger the battery will be, so you may be limited by size. There is no point in buying the highest amp leisure battery if it can’t even fit inside your vehicle. Because of this, we recommend measuring your vehicle’s battery tray first to see if it can accommodate the batteries with a higher AH rating.

When searching for the top leisure battery for your motorhome, you should also take into account your driving habits and the type of vehicle that you own. Generally, caravans without a motor mover can function just fine with a 70 AH battery. However, batteries with a 100 to 150 AH rating are recommended for caravans that do have a motor mover.

Typical motorhomes will require a minimum of 70 AH for their leisure batteries, but if you do some occasional off-grid camping, you may want to use a 100 AH battery or better. If you spend most of your time camping off-grid, it is highly recommended that you go for the highest AH rating that your battery tray can accommodate.

Different Types Of Leisure Batteries

how to choose the best leisure battery

Aside from the Ampere Hour rating, and the physical size of your battery, it is important to determine the best type of leisure battery for your vehicle as well.

AGM batteries

Absorbent Glass Mat batteries, or AGMs, have fine glass fibres that hold electrolytes. Most caravan and motorhome owners choose AGMs as they are considered to be the most advanced batteries in the automotive industry and have a longer lifespan than standard lead-acid batteries. However, you should expect to pay more for one.

Aside from their longevity, AGM batteries can cope better with high levels of vibration. Caravanning can lead to very rough rides, particularly when driving on rocky roads and other challenging terrain. If you use an AGM battery, you won’t need to worry about it being damaged by some rough terrain on your trip.

AGMs are also fully sealed, which means that they do not leak. This makes storage much more convenient, allowing them to fit into smaller spaces or at different angles. Because they save so much space, you can sometimes find the space to install a second battery in your vehicle.

Maintenance-free batteries

Maintenance-free batteries are lead-acid, but unlike the conventional batteries, they don’t have removable caps that can be opened to top up the water-level. These batteries are sealed, and just like AGM, you can store them in all sorts of positions without worrying about leaks. Because they don’t require top-ups, they are also much easier to care for than ‘open’ lead-acid batteries.

There are other kinds of leisure batteries out there, but the two mentioned above are our top picks for a smooth journey on the road.

Buying the best leisure battery for your motorhome can be quite confusing, especially with all the variables involved in the selection. To keep things simple, you can turn to the Leisure Battery Verification Scheme provided by the National Caravan Council, the UK trade body for motorhome and caravan industries.

Based on their guide, leisure batteries have three categories:

Category A – These batteries are ideal for caravan and motorhome owners that do not use electrical hook-ups. If your vehicle relies solely on battery power for on-board electrical appliances and accessories, you should opt for batteries in this category.

Category B – These batteries are generally used by caravan and motorhome owners who rely on campsites with hook-up facilities, but with devices that demand a lot of energy from the power supply such as motor movers. For this reason, batteries in this category have a much higher capacity than those in Category C.

Category C – This is the category with the lowest capacity and is best suited to caravan and motorhome owners with less-demanding requirements. If you usually go to campsites where you can plug into a 240V supply and only use your vehicle for a short amount of time, then this category will be best suited to your needs.

Finding The Best Leisure Battery Seller

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