It’s not just your usual cars and motorcycles that need batteries. Even recreational and leisure vehicles need them, too. In fact, this makes it even more important to consider the quality of the batteries you buy, especially if you don’t want the fun to end too soon. That’s why it’s essential to understand what a Varta leisure battery can do for you before you can truly appreciate its value. A Varta battery can help you enjoy your trip with a low risk of any mishap.

what are the features of a varta leisure battery

Leisure trips in any kind of water or land vehicle mean powering up a few extras that you don’t have in a typical car or motorbike. Refrigerators, television sets, other small appliances – all of which require power for an entire trip. The longer and more frequent your trips are, the better quality of battery you will need.

Varta leisure batteries are specially built to power up these types of vehicles.

Power Up Your Motorboat, Yacht or Electric Boat

When you’re out in the open water, one of the biggest problems you might encounter would be losing the use of navigational instruments. Not only will this make navigation extra-challenging, but it can also put you in danger.

When it comes to your boat, you need more than the usual cyclic stability of conventional batteries. For yachts, electrical systems are usually heavily loaded. Aboard electric boats, you will need batteries that are highly resistant to heavy vibration and shock.

Varta leisure batteries can effectively provide power to motorboats, yachts, and electric boats so you can be 100% confident in your safety when on the water.

Power Up Your Mobile Home or Caravan

Nothing beats leisurely trips across the countryside in your mobile home or with a caravan in tow. Again, you’d want everything to be working optimally, so that nothing interrupts your adventure.

Any Varta leisure battery review will tell you that Varta is a reliable brand that can get the job done, especially since mobile homes and caravans typically have low to moderate energy demand.

If you only use your mobile home or caravan seasonally, a Varta battery’s minimal self-discharge feature will be a bonus. You won’t have to worry about losing power even if you only go out on trips a couple of times a year. Varta batteries are also highly resistant to vibration and shock; perfect if you’re hauling your caravan to more remote areas down bumpy roads.

Power Up Your Golf Cart

Did you know that golf cart batteries usually have long battery life, high reserve capacity, and extraordinary recharge capacity? Of course, this is only true if you’re using high-quality batteries.

A Varta battery can give you all that, making maintenance an easy task for you.

Quality Varta Batteries for the Best Prices

Suppose you want your leisure vehicle to work at peak performance. In that case, it’s essential to consider the best batteries that fit your budget. Orius Batteries has every type of battery you need – be it a Varta leisure battery 110ah or otherwise – plus a plethora of great deals that keep high-end batteries within your budget.

Give us a call at 01772 348317 or send an email to We’re happy to help you with any battery concern you might have.

where to buy a varta leisure battery


Where are Varta batteries made?

Although based in Wisconsin, USA, Varta still produces its batteries in Ellwangen, Germany, where the company originated in 1887. This makes Varta one of the world’s oldest and largest manufacturers of lead-acid batteries in the entire auto industry. When you purchase a Varta battery from Orius, you can be assured of the highest standards of quality.

How long does a Varta car battery last?

The majority of Varta batteries have a lifespan of four years or more, which is a decent amount of time, especially compared to regular ones which last three years or less. However, various circumstances can shorten it, such as frigid weather that can interrupt the battery’s chemical reaction, reducing its performance.

How do leisure batteries work?

A recreational vehicle battery provides currents for a longer period, but at lower levels than regular batteries. You can charge and discharge them numerous times. They work by dissolving lead plates in either sulphuric or hydrochloric acid, releasing ions – which causes charge flows. However, using the battery reverses this process, causing the ions to be reunited with the plates.

Why does my leisure battery keep going flat?

Suppose your leisure or motorhome battery keeps going flat. In that case, you may have a defective battery. Failure can be caused by freezing conditions or age. You may need to buy a replacement if you are outside of your warranty period.

How often should you charge a leisure battery?

Most experts will advise charging unused or stored lead-acid leisure batteries once every three months or so. Leisure batteries should be kept at least 50% charged at all times because having them always undercharged will eventually cause damage.

Things To Know About A Caravan Battery

Your caravan will usually have two batteries, a vehicle battery and a leisure battery. The former powers your engine while the latter powers your vehicle’s 12V electrical equipment.

When buying a new battery, consider where you usually stay. It’s better to save money and get mid-priced batteries when you visit in sites with 230V mains hookups. However, if you commonly visit sites with less provision, you should consider a higher-quality leisure battery such as a Varta leisure battery 90ah. Regardless, you should take good care of whatever you buy.

Everything You Need To Know About Leisure Batteries

Most leisure batteries are lead-acid batteries. However, there are types of batteries that you can use as alternatives, which are:

  • Gel Battery - Caravans use this for protection because it avoids leaks of corrosive acids.
  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Battery - You can use this as both starter and leisure functions, which last longer than lead-acid batteries but more expensive.
  • Maintenance-Free Battery - Unlike lead-acid ones, you can top-up this completely sealed battery, making it free from maintenance.

Difference Between A Leisure Battery And A Car Battery

There are many differences between a leisure battery and a car battery; the former has plates three times thicker than the latter and has lead-oxide coated differently. Although they have similar plate separators, those arranged inside a leisure battery have a sheet of fibreglass packing, keeping the lead oxide intact when the battery has no charge. Another difference is the specifications given on their label. Car batteries use cold-cranking amps (CCA) while leisure batteries use ampere-hour (Ah) capacity.

If you need top-of-the-line Varta leisure battery for your trip, get it from Orius Batteries!