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If you're thinking of buying a Varta battery and want to find out whether it's a good make to buy, we have you covered. Varta is a company from Germany that manufactures lead-acid type batteries. Founded back in 1887, Varta was one of the earliest producers of lead-acid batteries, and is still going strong today. One of Varta's most notable accomplishments was supplying the batteries for the submarines used by the Luftwaffe during World War II. Varta is still a big-name brand on the market, although these days, it's owned and operated by Johnson Controls Inc, a company based in the USA. Nonetheless, Varta car batteries are widely sought-after by car owners worldwide.

There are three distinct types of lead-acid Varta batteries, with each range covering different sizes, voltages, power sources, and specifications. These three types are known as Varta Black Dynamic, Varta Blue Dynamic, and Varta Silver Dynamic. We'll discuss each of these varieties below in greater detail, starting with the Varta Black Dynamic.

Varta Black Dynamic

The Varta Black Dynamic is the standard line of batteries from Varta, featuring lower specifications than its OEM counterpart. Batteries in this range come with a three-year Varta car batteries warranty.

Varta Blue Dynamic

Varta Blue Dynamic batteries are the company's mid-range products. Batteries in this range have specifications that are designed to match the OEM specification. Varta Blue Dynamic batteries come with a longer four-year warranty.

Varta Silver Dynamic

Batteries in this range are at the high-end of Varta's standard battery range, with specifications exceeding their OEM counterparts. Batteries bought from the Varta Silver Dynamic range have a lengthy five-year warranty.

Choose the best Varta battery for your vehicle

Read reviews

Just like with any other product, you can look at reviews from past customers to inform your purchasing decision. Preferably, aim to read reviews posted or written by people who have the same vehicle as yours. This will allow you to pinpoint issues that are specific to your vehicle model.

You should also be wary of paid reviews. Although they can be a good source of information, a sponsored Varta car batteries review will inevitably aim to skew your opinion in favour of the product. If you want to really learn about any potential issues and problems that a Varta battery may have, then reading genuine user reviews is the way to go.

Purchase from an established store

Always buy your car batteries from a reputable store to avoid potential aftersales problems. If you are buying from the UK, why not try Orius Batteries? We offer a vast range of affordable but high-quality products, so you'll have plenty of choice when it comes to a battery replacement for your car.

Aside from Varta batteries, we also offer other accessories like chargers. Buy car batteries and other products from us and you'll benefit from a few perks, especially if you are living in the UK. For instance, we offer free shipping and next day delivery, provided your order's placed before 3pm, for all UK customers. We also give you a lifetime warranty on any product bought from us. With orders and enquiries, you can call us on 01772 348317. Alternatively, you can write to us via email at info@oriusbatteries.com.

how to maintain varta car batteries


Are Varta car batteries any good?

Most people who've used them highly recommend Varta batteries, whether for motorbikes, leisure vehicles or cars. These batteries have a long lifespan, are low-cost to maintain, suffer from less corrosion and feature reliable precision technology. Varta is one of the leading manufacturers of car batteries, and has been in the industry for many years.

Where are Varta car batteries made?

Although the current company owners are in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, Varta manufactures its batteries in Ellwangen, Germany, where they originated. The company was established in 1887, making it one of the world's oldest and largest producers of lead-acid batteries. It is also known for supplying batteries for submarines during the Second World War.

Are Varta car batteries sealed?

Yes, a Varta car battery is sealed, so this lead-acid battery is spill-proof. This construction prevents the electrolyte acids from evaporating, spilling and gassing. If there's no electrolyte spilling, the battery is safer to handle and use. Also, sealed lead-acid batteries have a longer lifespan and maintenance is much easier.

How old is your Varta car battery?

To determine the age of any Varta automobile batteries, find the nine-digit code on the top-right side of the cover and look for the 4th to the 6th digits. This code has a corresponding month and year of manufacture that you can see on this table (e.g. C4H956221 = 965 = September 2019).

Can you charge a Varta car battery?

Yes, you can. If you're charging the battery when it's still in the car, turn off all of your vehicle's electrical systems before connecting the charger. Then, attach the charger by fastening the red cable to the battery's positive terminal and the black one to its negative terminal. Switch on the charger to begin charging.

Things to Consider When Using Your Car After Idle Periods

  1. Take your car for an extended drive so the alternator will fully charge the battery.
  2. While driving, limit your usage of your vehicle's electrical systems so the battery charges more effectively.
  3. When you aren't using your car, always put it into sleep mode to save power.
  4. Clean your battery regularly, because dirt and damp can cause rapid discharge.
  5. On modern cars, if not using your car for long periods, don't disconnect the battery. It's better instead to keep it charged otherwise it might lose data when the power supply is interrupted.

Back To Better With Varta

Varta has launched a campaign to help garages and workshops adversely affected by the pandemic to get back on track. This campaign includes support services, recommendations and tips on reviving their battery businesses.

With the pandemic resulting in lockdowns, people left their cars unused, something that can weaken even the best Varta automotive batteries. Garages and mechanics are much in demand now, helping users bring their cars back to life. Varta is helping small businesses seize this opportunity by providing them with information, videos, technical tutorials and support for helping customers.

Battery Maintenance Advice from Varta

  • Inspect the primary and secondary batteries and check their voltage every month. If the voltage is 12.4 or lower, charge them immediately. The charger's capacity must be at least 10% of the battery's capacity.
  • If you need to replace your dynamic vehicle batteries, buy in pairs within the same production batch.
  • If you're testing the batteries, turn off all electrics and check each battery case for damage.
  • Testing batteries also involves checking the vehicle's electrical systems afterwards.
  • Ensure batteries are properly ventilated.

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