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BMW cars are truly innovative vehicles. From sleek exteriors and classy interiors to cutting-edge car technologies and parts, they have remained a fan favourite throughout the years. When combined with BMW's excellent engineering, a high-quality BMW battery can really maximise a car's power. With the right BMW car battery fitted, you can take full advantage of the driving experience that this luxury car brand is known for.

It’s important to find the right battery to get the most out of your car and to avoid future car troubles. To help you out, here are our recommended top three things to consider when buying replacement car batteries:

1. Battery Type

Buying the right type of battery is key. First off, let’s get you updated on the kind of batteries that you can usually find:

  • Lead-Acid batteries

    These are the most common type of battery and are suitable for most cars with average power requirements. It contains liquid electrolyte, so it’s often referred to as a “flooded” or wet battery.

  • Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB)

    The improved version of the standard wet batteries, EFBs recover faster due to improved cycling durability and charge acceptance. These batteries are highly recommended for cars with start-stop technology.

  • Absorbent Glass Mat Batteries (AGM)

    AGMs are top-of-the-range batteries that are specifically designed for the highly demanding electric systems of modern cars. AGMs are maintenance-free since they do not require topping up; they also do not release any potentially harmful gasses.

2. Your BMW’s Specifications

The next thing you need to learn is which BMW battery best fits your car’s capabilities and power requirements.

Newer BMW models, such as those in 5, 6, and 7 Series, have high-tech parts that need a considerable amount of power to properly function. For these, the AGM battery comes highly recommended because of its higher power output.

AGMs may command the highest BMW car batteries price in the UK, but their fantastic performance makes them worth getting regardless.

For those looking for more affordable alternatives, the EFB may not match the AGM’s performance, but it is still suitable for start-stop vehicles. If your BMW only has modest power requirements, a conventional lead-acid battery may also suffice.

3. Your Current Car Battery

The most fool-proof way of ensuring that you have the right battery is to make sure your new battery is similar to the one that you have now. Finding a like-for-like replacement can be a quick and easy way to find a new battery while doing minimal research.

However, getting an upgrade is something to consider seriously. For example, if you have an EFB, you can upgrade to an AGM battery with the help of a local mechanic who can program the new battery into your car. Take note, however, that you cannot downgrade to an EFB if your vehicle originally came with an AGM.

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Does my BMW need a special battery?

BMW’s recent models have a lot of added technology compared to prior versions, including Intelligent Battery Sensors which monitor the condition of your battery, such as voltage, current, and temperature. If you own one of these models, then you may need to buy an AGM battery.

Can I replace my BMW battery myself?

If the replacement battery has the exact specifications of your previous auto battery, you can perform the installation process by yourself. You may need to use a scan tool to ensure the correct installation and registration of the battery.

How long do BMW car batteries last?

Your BMW car batteries’ expected working life would depend on several factors, including the frequency of car use, driving mileage, weather conditions, and more. On average, a battery lasts from two to five years.

How do I know if my BMW battery is going bad?

Several warning signs might indicate that your BMW battery is failing. It is crucial to spot them at their onset so you can have your car battery checked before a major breakdown happens. Here’s what to look out for:

  • Engine fails to start even if it is able to crank.
  • Lights do not turn on.
  • Unreliable engine starting, one moment it starts, the next time it won’t.
  • Cranking problems in cold weather.
  • Jump-starters don’t work well.

What happens if you don’t program a BMW battery?

If you don’t go through the registration process for your new battery, your car will fail to recognise its new battery. It will continue to calibrate as if it still has the old battery, potentially causing overcharging and impacting the new battery’s expected lifespan.

How To Keep Your Battery From Going Flat

To keep your vehicle battery from going flat, switch on your engine at least once a week and allow it to run for about 15 minutes. Doing this charges your battery and ensures that it won’t get completely drained.

Take care, though, as if your battery cell is already weak, it might worsen the problem further. Seek expert help to avoid straining your battery. In this case, it might be better just to get a replacement.

How To Change Your Car Battery

You can determine where your automobile battery is located through the owner’s manual. If not under the bonnet, it could also be under one of the rear seats or in the boot.

Detach the negative terminal, indicated by a black minus sign, first. Tuck it away safely and proceed to disconnect the positive terminal, which has a red plus sign.

Locate any clamps and screws holding the battery down and unfasten with care before you lift it off. You are now ready to fit in your replacement battery.

How To Maintain Your Car Battery

The best way to keep a battery in good shape while left dormant is to connect it to a mains-powered battery maintainer. If this is not possible, the next best thing you can do is to allow the engine to run for at least 15 minutes, once a week.

With regular maintenance, you’re less likely to encounter battery issues even if the car remains unused for an extended period.

Learn more about battery maintenance, BMW car battery cost, and other information with the help of our battery experts at Orius Batteries. Contact us today!