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Like all car batteries, your Vauxhall battery will need to be replaced after a number of years. If you don’t pay attention to the warning signs that your battery is on its way out, you face the inconvenience of a breakdown, which can be a load of hassle for you and your passengers. However, don’t just buy the first battery you see without doing a bit of research first. Understanding the different factors that affect a Vauxhall battery’s price will help you make a more informed purchase, and maybe even lead to more savings over the longer term.

Car battery prices can vary wildly, with some costing as little as £60, and others reaching prices of £150 or even more. These dramatic variances in prices are affected by numerous factors.

One of the key factors is the battery’s brand. There’s a wide selection of car battery brand names, and that affects the price significantly.

Naturally, the brands with the best reputation on the market tend to be more expensive. These brands usually have a solid reputation for offering high-quality products.

Although you pay more initially, you will usually end up with a battery that lasts longer and performs better than cheaper, low-quality options. That means you don’t only save money on having to replace the battery prematurely, but you also get better value for money out of your purchase while it’s in service.

Another important detail influencing the price is the Cold Cranking Amps or CCA rating. This measures the battery’s ability to start at lower temperatures. Every car comes with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) requirement, which should be met or exceeded by any replacement battery.

A higher CCA rating may equate to a higher overall price, but it’s well worth it if you live somewhere that suffers from cooler temperatures, heavy frosts, and snow. By the same token, if you live in a milder location, you won’t have to worry so much about buying a high CCA battery.

The cost of a Vauxhall battery is also influenced by the group size the battery belongs to. Naturally, smaller sizes are less costly than their bigger counterparts. However, you probably won’t have much say in choosing a battery size to better suit your budget, as here, you just need to pick one that’s a perfect fit for your car.

Having an extended warranty also affects the Vauxhall battery prices that you see on the market. Some people view this as a useless add-on that just costs extra money, so they’re inclined to opt for cheaper products without a guarantee.

However, that means if you do accidentally buy a product that has a manufacturing defect, you could end up paying extra for an unexpected replacement. If you want to play it safe, always opt for products that come with a warranty – the longer, the better.

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how to check vauxhall battery prices


What is the best Vauxhall diesel engine?

When it comes to the most in-demand model on the used-vehicle market, the 1.7 CDTi 100 Club is the top choice. While it hasn’t set any records for its performance, it is known for its strong 1.7-litre engine that’s comparable to the bulky Astra Estate. The only difference is that it’s better in terms of fuel-efficiency.

What battery do I need for a Vauxhall Astra?

For vehicles like a diesel-powered Vauxhall Astra, the battery you need depends on its engine size. For instance, for a 1.9 CDTI 16V Hatchback, you’ll need a 100 battery. For an Astra 1.3 CDTI Hatchback, it’s a 096 battery, and the same for the 1.3 CDTI Estate and 1.3 CDTI Saloon. All of these come in various automobile battery rates, so you may end up spending more or less depending on your specific engine type’s needs.

How do you get the battery out of a Vauxhall Astra?

The proper way to disconnect a Vauxhall Astra car battery varies depending on your specific model. Always refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for the steps and carefully follow the instructions written.

Where is the battery in my car?

Typically, you can find a Vauxhall car battery in the engine bay, which is located in the front of the vehicle under the bonnet. It will either be fitted to the right or the left side of the engine. Some other makes of car have their battery fitted right in the boot, so the weight is balanced more evenly.

History Of The Vauxhall Corsa

Since 1993, the Vauxhall Corsa and all of its subsequent models have been a familiar sight on the UK’s roads. The car’s path to mass appeal began with the Corsa B hatchback, which came with a multitude of design tweaks, improved safety features, and a wide range of engine choices.

The real popularity boom for this car began in the 2000s, with Vauxhall rolling out the Corsa C. With its affordability and ease of use, the Corsa C became a huge hit with drivers, quickly becoming one of the most popular cars around.

With its loyal fan base secured, the Vauxhall Corsa line continues to be hugely successful today.

Average Automotive Battery Fees In The UK

In the UK, the typical Vauxhall battery costs are from £60 to £150 for conventional, lead-acid types and £110 to £190 for a more advanced battery designed to accommodate start/stop technology. The latter makes use of better materials and technology, so you can expect to pay a lot more.

On top of the battery cost, there are other expenses you may need to factor in when changing your battery. If you opt for a fitting service from a garage, for instance, the extra charges will be around £15 on average.

Tips To Maintain Your Vauxhall Battery At Home

Because Vauxhall battery prices, like all car battery prices, aren’t cheap, it’s important to properly maintain your new battery to get the best value for money from it. Below are some tips:

  • Run your engine every week and avoid letting the car sit unused for long periods of time.
  • If you aren’t going to use your vehicle for a while, it’s best to disconnect the battery from the car entirely and keep it in storage. You can also use a battery maintainer to help preserve its charge.

For more battery maintenance tips, browse our site or get in touch with one of our staff. If you’re looking for the best prices for Vauxhall car batteries, check out the Orius Batteries store today!