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When shopping for your next Mercedes battery, you may notice the price varies, not just for the same product across different stores, but in terms of the type and size of battery too. It’s worth outlining a few of the factors that can affect a battery’s price. This will help you make a more informed decision when you’re next shopping for car batteries and will also ensure that you get the best value for money out of the Mercedes battery price that you end up paying.


One of the main factors to consider is the battery’s estimated lifespan. Logically, one that is designed to last longer will cost more. On average, batteries have a maximum lifespan of around five years, as long as they’re maintained and looked after properly. With some cheaper, lower-quality varieties, on the other hand, you should expect them to be fully functional and reliable for only around two years.


Another important factor that will impact on the typical Mercedes car battery price is the battery’s size. The larger the battery, the more you can expect to pay. Most of Mercedes’ car models come with AGM H8 batteries, which belong to group size 49. These are medium-sized batteries and hence are also usually at the median price point.


The type of battery also affects the prices charged for a Mercedes battery. Units that are equipped with more advanced technology and features will almost certainly come with a higher price tag.

The majority of vehicles made by Mercedes are currently using absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries, which are among the most expensive of the battery types. However, they are proven to have greater efficiency and longevity, so the cost you pay tends to balance out in the end.


The battery brand also influences how much you pay. Reputable names on the market generally sell products that cost more than generic, unbranded products. In return, though, you can generally expect a more reliable product overall, so it can be more cost-effective over time to spend a little more upfront.


When buying your new Mercedes battery, you should also consider where you intend to make your purchase. There’s no price set by battery manufacturers, so retail outlets can put whatever price tag they like on their products. It therefore pays to shop around for the best deal. It’s also worth checking out online prices. Often, Internet-based businesses can afford to set cheaper prices, as they don’t have high street or retail park rents to pay on physical stores.

CCA Rating

Your car battery’s Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) specs also have an effect on its price. CCA refers to how well your battery can start your engine, even in lower temperatures. Every vehicle comes with an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) requirement, and the battery’s CCA rating should meet or be higher than this value.

If your Mercedes vehicle has a high CCA requirement, then your battery replacement should match or exceed that, and you’ll probably end up paying a higher price for it.

Warranty Period

Warranties can also add to the price of your car battery. If your battery fails due to manufacturing defects, a warranty ensures you can have it replaced at no extra cost. If a seller offers a shorter warranty period, then the unit price might be cheaper. But a longer warranty can save you money over the longer term, and so may cost more, but could also be well worth investing in.

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How long do Mercedes batteries last?

When it comes to Mercedes-Benz vehicles, you definitely get your money’s worth. The Mercedes battery value that you get is top-notch as well. The typical Mercedes battery can provide reliable performance for up to five years, provided you maintain it according to the instructions.

Does a Mercedes need a special battery?

Genuine, quality Mercedes-Benz batteries are specially made for Mercedes-Benz cars. They are durable and resilient, giving drivers peace of mind on an everyday basis. They also have the current needed to keep the advanced systems in the car working excellently. This includes the electrical components, engine, and more. Other alternatives are available, though, if you are on a budget.

Why do Mercedes have two batteries?

There are Mercedes models that require two car batteries in order to support the high electrical demand for such cars. These include the main starting battery inside the boot and a second, smaller one that sits under the bonnet.

Can you charge a Mercedes battery?

Yes, you can. But take note that Mercedes batteries must only be charged at a slower rate. That’s why it’s a good idea to purchase a battery charger or a Mercedes battery charge maintainer to do that. By properly caring for your battery, you can protect your Mercedes’ sophisticated workings.

Why does my Mercedes battery keep dying?

Most often, a dead battery is caused by electronic equipment or consumer units continually draining it of charge, even when the car’s parked up. Other causes include a failing control unit and electrical system, or a dead controller area network bus. If your battery continually dies, even when replaced with a new unit, have the car checked and repaired by a garage.

Cost Of Replacing A Car Battery

If you are wondering what factors affect Mercedes hybrid battery price, here are some things to take note of:

  • Brand. This greatly affects the Mercedes battery cost as more reputable brands cost more than the typical products.
  • Design. There are different types of batteries, such as wet-cell batteries, valve-regulated lead-acid, and more. These vary in prices, and the more advanced types cost more.

How To Replace A Mercedes-Benz Battery

Here’s what you need to do to change your Mercedes battery:

  • Park the vehicle. Make sure that the car is parked in a secure spot with the emergency brakes fully engaged before you begin.
  • Find the battery. You will find the battery on the right side of the boot in most Mercedes-Benz models, though some will have their batteries under the bonnet.
  • Remove the battery. For Mercedes cars with batteries under the bonnet, you need a 10mm socket wrench to disconnect the terminals. You may also need a 12mm socket wrench to remove the bracket that keeps the battery secured.
  • Install a new battery. Once the old battery is finally out, it’s now time to replace it with the new one.

Why Start-Stop Cars Need Special Batteries

Start-stop technology was developed for newer vehicles to help reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. While such technology is certainly impressive, it comes at a cost – typical lead-acid batteries are simply not strong enough to handle the intensive power requirements.

Because of this, special enhanced flooded batteries (EFBs) or absorbent glass mat batteries (AGMs) are needed to power such vehicles. Although they tend to be more expensive than standard lead-acid batteries, you can find the best Mercedes battery prices for them in our online store! Browse Orius Batteries’ wide range of offers now to get the best bang for your buck.