Buying a VW Polo car battery is an investment. Your car's performance depends on the kind of battery you buy, so it's important to understand the different qualities you should look for in a VW battery.

Don't just concentrate on the VW Polo car battery prices alone. A higher price doesn't necessarily guarantee a better buy. Likewise, a cheap battery can be a false economy if you don't do a little due diligence before parting with your cash.

Qualities to look for in a VW battery

Quality-wise, it's usually the age of the battery that you should check first. Anything older than six months is no good, because batteries begin to degrade as soon as they leave the production line. Being stuck in storage for lengthy periods while waiting for a buyer means the battery is less effective than one that's fresh from the manufacturer. Batteries usually feature a code on the label consisting of a letter and number sequence to show what month and year it was manufactured.

When you look for a new car battery for your Volkswagen, always check the type of battery your car needs. Buying the wrong kind of battery, no matter how highly recommended it is, will compromise the way your car performs. SLI, lead-acid, and AGM all of these batteries have their own pros and cons. The best way to find out what specifications the manufacturer recommends is to check your car owner's manual.

You should also make sure any replacement battery matches the power demands on your car. For example, some cars use start-stop technology. If your car has this feature, you'll need a specific type of battery that may be a little more expensive than regular lead-acid ones, but it's a price that's worth paying because it will last longer. That makes it the more economical choice in the long run.

The size of the battery matters too. Although most batteries come in a standard size, always compare your current battery's dimensions with the new one you're buying.

It's a good idea to check the length of the warranty, too. Other quality checks include ascertaining whether the dealer or distributor you're buying from has a clear line of communication where you can ask questions if you have any. Make sure they also have battery experts who can guarantee the quality of the batteries they're selling and who can ensure that you're buying the right type for your car model.

Prolonging your car battery's life

Your car battery's quality, not to mention its lifespan, also depends on how you take care of it. A VW battery will usually last for up to six years, but that's partly down to how you look after it. In colder areas, for instance, unless the battery's protected from adverse temperatures by parking the car in a garage, its life may be shortened.

Actions as simple as making sure that all the lights and other electrical accessories are turned off when you leave your car can prolong your battery's life. Even if your vehicle automatically turns off all the lights when you close the doors, it never hurts to take a second look.

As much as possible, don't overdo the electronics. You might be tempted to add gadgets you think could be useful while you’re on the road. But remember that your car battery can only do so much. Putting too much of a burden on the battery will definitely shorten its lifespan.

Lastly, make sure that you're buying a car battery from a reputable seller. This is the best way to ensure that not only are you getting a high-quality product; but you'll also have all the advice you need to prolong your battery's life.

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How long does a VW Polo battery last?

A standard Volkswagen Polo battery can last up to six years. This can vary, however, depending on the climate where you live. Extreme heat speeds up the chemical reactions within a battery and causes an increase in self-discharging and plate corrosion. As a result, sulfation occurs, which can cause irreparable damage to the battery.

How do you change a battery in a VW Polo?

First, you need to carefully lift the power distribution block away from the positive terminal area. With a 13-mm spanner, remove the battery’s hold-down bracket. Then, disengage the battery from the terminals, negative first then positive. Install the new battery and replace all the terminals and brackets in reverse order.

Where is the battery in a VW Polo?

The VW battery is typically under the bonnet to the left-hand side as you look at your vehicle. If you’re not sure how to replace a dead Volkswagen battery, take it to a Volkswagen dealership or a garage. This is because incorrectly attaching the battery or using the incorrect vehicle batteries can result in short circuits, fire, and serious injuries.

How do you charge a VW Polo battery?

Charging a VW Polo battery is pretty straightforward: connect the red (positive) charger cable to the positive terminal and the black (negative) cable to the negative terminal on the battery. Charging begins approximately two seconds after you connect the cables. Check the charger’s LEDs to see the battery’s charge level. When all the lights are illuminated, the battery is charged.

How do you remove a VW battery?

First, locate the negative terminal on the VW Polo automobile battery. Then, using a wrench or pliers, hold the bolt head of the negative terminal in place. Use a spanner to loosen the nut. Do the same process for the positive cable, then remove the battery bracket. Then, the battery can be carefully lifted out.

Tips To Prolong A Volkswagen Battery's Lifespan

To get the most out of your VW Polo auto battery, here's what to do (and to avoid):

  • Always turn off the headlights and interior lights when you exit the vehicle. While most lights in modern cars automatically turn off when you exit, there's no harm in double-checking and turning off all switches.
  • Don't get into the habit of charging your gadgets in the car.
  • When possible, park your vehicle in a spot that's not directly exposed to the elements.
  • Perform regular maintenance checks on your Volkswagen.

Replacing A Volkswagen Battery

Anyone can replace a Volkswagen model battery if they know what they're doing. Start by checking the vehicle owner's manual for the battery's location and the VW Polo car battery size. Look for the positive (red cap) and negative (black cap) posts. Loosen the bolt on the negative (-) terminal. As you do so, make sure you don't touch the positive post. After loosening the (-) terminal bolt, remove the cable. Do the same thing on the (+) cable. Remove the clamp or bracket holding the battery in place. Gently lift out the old battery. Clean the terminal if you notice any dirt or signs of corrosion, then replace the new battery.

Battery Removal Tips

When removing a VW Polo vehicle battery, keep the following in mind to ensure your safety:

  • Always make sure the car is fully switched off and is parked safely before you begin.
  • Wear protective clothing and work in a well-ventilated area.
  • Use a wrench or pliers to hold the bolt head of the negative terminal still to avoid damaging the cable.
  • Use a different set of pliers or wrench to remove the nut.
  • As you do this, make sure that both battery cables do not come into contact with each other.

VW Polo car batteries are made to last, provided you look after them. To find the best type of battery for your car's requirements and for other battery tips from Orius Batteries, check out our website. We also sell high-quality parts and accessories like chargers at the most affordable prices online.