Are you looking to buy the best car battery to replace the old one in your vehicle? Orius Batteries has you covered with this quick guide, which details the essential things to look for when it comes to car battery shopping. From battery size to warranty, here’s what you need to know to ensure you’re getting the best car battery in the UK for your vehicle.

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1. Size of the battery

The battery size should be the first thing to consider when shopping for a battery. A well-fitting battery will stay safe and secure in its battery compartment, while a loose battery will be in danger of damage – or even damaging the car parts around it – resulting from vibrations while driving. And, of course, a battery that’s too large won’t fit in the tray at all.

For easier reference, vehicle batteries are categorised within various size groups. These size groups indicate the height, width, and length of a car battery.

The proper battery group size for your vehicle is indicated in your car’s manual. If you don’t have your manual, you can compare the dimensions of your previous battery or look this information up online using the make and model of your car.

2. Position of the battery terminals

The fit of a battery is not the only thing you should watch out for when looking for the best-quality car batteries in the UK. You must also ensure that the battery’s terminals, the positive one especially, are aligned perfectly with that of your car.

If the terminals aren’t positioned properly, or if the positive terminal touches the metallic parts of the vehicle, you run the risk of getting a short circuit. Luckily, most are fairly standard, but there are a few outliers in older or foreign-made cars, for instance.

3. Warranty

If you want a guarantee that you’ll get the best car battery, you shouldn’t discount the importance of warranties. In the rare event you receive a battery that later suffers from a factory defect or other problem, you can take it back and get a replacement, completely free of charge, provided the warranty period is still active.

We recommend that you get a battery that comes with a long warranty period – preferably at least three years, as this is when units normally start becoming faulty. It’s worth noting that at Orius, we offer a lifetime warranty on all our batteries.

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what is the best car battery in the uk


What is the best car battery in the UK?

It’s impossible to state which is the finest automotive battery in the UK because there are several criteria used to determine this. It all depends on the specific needs of your vehicle. More often than not, the one that’s specified in your car manual is the best battery to get.

What car battery should I buy?

In terms of battery type, most older cars won’t have any issues working with a conventional lead-acid battery. But if you own a start/stop vehicle or just want the greatest automobile battery in the UK because it lasts longer than a conventional unit, then EFB or AGM batteries are the way to go. They will be more expensive, though.

How long should a new car battery last?

A new battery lasts about three to five years under ideal conditions. Having said that, many different factors can affect a battery’s lifespan, such as the climate, your car’s electronic demands, and your own driving habits. You can extend the typical life of a car battery by making sure you maintain it regularly.

How often should I charge my car battery?

Most car batteries don’t require manual recharging for the first few years. However, this isn’t always the case because not all car owners drive frequently, have regular battery check-ups or maintain their batteries regularly. If you find that you need to charge your car battery more often than you used to, you either have a degraded battery that needs replacing or, if it’s relatively new, a faulty battery.

Does driving a car charge the battery?

Yes, it does. The vehicle’s alternator recharges the battery as you drive. If you’re driving at high speeds with little traffic, you can expect your car battery to charge completely in as little as 30 minutes. However, if you’re stopping and starting in high-traffic areas, this process will take longer.

Things To Consider When Buying A Car Battery

Apart from just looking for the best price on car batteries in the UK, there are many other factors you should consider. Listed below are just some of them:

  • Battery freshness
  • Reserve capacity (RC)
  • Your vehicle’s requirements
  • Maintenance needs
  • Ampere hour (Ah)

The Best Car Battery Type To Get

Car batteries come in several types and have a variety of specifications. Not all batteries are equal. To understand why and to pick the top vehicle battery in the UK for your own unique needs, consider the available options:

  • Lead Acid – the most common type; typically provides around 20,000 starts.
  • Calcium – offers 18% more starting power than most conventional car batteries.
  • Silver Calcium – Supplies around 33% more power than traditional (lead-acid) batteries; provides about 50,000 starts.
  • Advanced Flooded battery (AFB) – specifically designed for start/stop vehicles.
  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) – The most heavy-duty option of them all; requires specialist software reconfiguration.

How To Check A Car Battery With A Multimeter

Even before your car battery goes flat, there are plenty of benefits to carrying out regular battery tests. You can easily do this with a multimeter by following these steps:

  • Locate the battery in the engine bay. It often has a plastic cover that you can unclip or lift off.
  • After you have exposed the battery, make sure that no metal touches the terminals.
  • Using your multimeter, measure the DC voltage by setting the dial to 20.
  • Touch the red probe to the positive terminal, then the black probe to the negative terminal.
  • Ideally, the resting voltage should be no lower than 12.6 V. A battery that goes down to 12.2 V is on 50% charge, and below 12 V means that it has been discharged.

A discharged battery will often need to be recharged or, in the worst cases, replaced with a new car battery.

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