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A good Audi battery will last a good three to five years, during which time you’ll be able to rely on it to power all of your car’s essential functions and provide you with the best performance possible. When it’s time to replace it, though, many car owners tend to place too much emphasis on the new Audi battery price. Although getting the best deal possible is important, it’s only one of the factors you should take into account.

It’s all very well opting for the cheapest Audi A4 battery price possible for your purchase, but if you do that, you could well end up with a substandard product that will only need replacing sooner than it should. If you want to make a more informed choice and get better value for money, here are the top four factors to check when you’re buying a replacement battery for your Audi.

1. Freshness

It goes without saying that you’ll get the best deal if you buy a brand-new battery. However, this doesn’t just mean buying a new battery rather than a reconditioned one.

Almost as soon as they come off the production line, batteries begin to lose their energy by degrees. That means a battery that’s been sitting on a shop shelf for a long time won’t offer the same level of performance as one fresh from the factory. You should aim to get a battery that’s around six months old or less for the best results.

With this in mind, if you see a cheap Audi battery for sale, make sure it’s from a store that has a high turnover of stock and check the date of manufacture on the side or top of the unit in question. That way, you can buy the most recent battery possible, and it should last longer.

2. Warranty

This is one of the main factors in the pricing of a new Audi battery. While most batteries come with some sort of warranty, it’s the length of the coverage that’s the main differentiating factor.

Most warranties range from 90 days to five years. Always go for the longest warranty period you can get when shopping for a battery. Some top sellers like Orius offer a lifetime warranty on their products.

3. Flooded or AGM

The flooded battery type is the traditional design that uses lead and diluted sulfuric acid to produce power. These batteries are widely available and are usually cheaper too. They won’t provide your Audi with exceptional performance, but they tend to get the job done.

AGM stands for Absorbent Glass Mat. This battery type uses fibreglass mats to keep the lead and sulfuric acid from moving around when producing power. It is lighter and has more capacity to produce greater energy to power the car. It also tends to cost more than standard car batteries, but will last longer.

4. Casing

Some Audi and other car batteries are constructed differently from others. One way in which they differ is the type of casing that’s used.

Older battery types are unsealed units, allowing owners to clean corrosion and top up the electrolyte when needed. It’s worth noting that because these cases aren’t sealed, the batteries may occasionally leak.

Newer and more advanced Audi battery models, on the other hand, have a completely sealed casing. These batteries don’t need any maintenance, and because they’re sealed, the battery liquid inside won’t ever spill, which can prevent damage to your car.

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How long do Audi batteries last?

An Audi battery's lifespan depends mostly on how well you take care of it. Generally, a regular lead-acid battery will serve you for about three to five years. With proper maintenance, you can lengthen its lifespan, though for best performance, it's recommended you replace it once every three years.

Do Audi batteries need coding?

Yes. An Audi car will always require coding when replacing the battery. Not doing this means the vehicle will fail to recognise there’s a new battery and think that it is still equipped with the old one. The vehicle’s system will then continue to charge the new battery at a higher rate than is needed, potentially causing overcharging problems.

How do you charge an Audi battery?

To charge up your Audi battery, simply connect your charger to the car’s jump-start terminal. Attach the charger’s red cables to the positive terminals and the black connectors to the negative ones. Don't leave it unattended for long periods while charging in case the battery overheats.

Does Audi use AGM batteries?

Modern Audi batteries are typically made with AGM technology, which is commonly used to power start/stop vehicles. This technology has the electrolytes inside the battery in a fibre-glass mat.

However, other Audi models use a valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery instead. You can expect these products to come at lower Audi battery prices.

What are the signs that your Audi needs a new battery?

Even if you have a weak Audi battery, it can still power your car. Having said that, be on the lookout for the common warning signs. The usual indicators are dim headlights or an engine that’s slow to start.

Powering A Modern Audi’s Computer Systems

New Audi cars require more power from batteries because of their advanced computer systems. These systems are continuously operating even when the car’s not being driven, slowly draining the battery.

If you have this type of Audi, and you’re only using a conventional battery, it will drain much faster, meaning you’ll need a replacement sooner than you might otherwise.

To avoid this, we recommend buying a heavy-duty battery that’s fit for the task, like an AGM. The cost of Audi battery units like this may be higher than the lead-acid alternatives, but they will save you more money on replacement over the longer term.

Audi Buyer’s Guide

There are lots of Audi models for you to choose from and each boasts fantastic specifications and special features that car owners are sure to love.

You can select different trim levels on a new Audi, and opt for various add-ons and extra features to really customise your chosen Audi model and make it your own. If you're having a hard time picking out a trim level or extras, Audi will offer recommendations.

Newer models also include long-lasting batteries, so you aren’t likely to need a replacement in the three to five years after your purchase. So you don’t need to budget fees for Audi battery replacements for a few years, at least!

Car Battery Replacement Cost

A new lead-acid battery will cost between £60 and £150 in the UK. However, owners of cars with start/stop technology can expect to spend £110 to £190 for a replacement battery. Start/stop technology batteries are typically 20-25% more expensive than conventional ones because they provide more battery power.

If you want a garage to replace the battery in your car, the total cost will tend to be between £115 and £320. That includes the cost of the new battery and labour charges for installation.

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