how to choose a ford car battery

A Ford battery is one of the essential parts of any Ford vehicle. It’s responsible for supplying power to the car’s starter motor to get the engine running. But despite being such an integral component of a vehicle, a Ford car battery will only last for a certain period before it degenerates, underperforms, or fails completely. So when exactly should you think about buying a replacement?

There are a variety of things that will affect how long a Ford battery will last. Let’s take a look at the five main factors that can determine its lifespan: time, heat, vibration, corrosion, and electrical problems.

1. Time

Car batteries inevitably age over time, so it’s entirely normal for your battery to wear out and need replacing sooner or later, even if other factors don’t come into play. No matter how careful you are with your car and battery maintenance, its battery will gradually deteriorate anyway until it’s unable to supply the necessary power to start your car.

However, it’s still worth considering the other factors, as they can hugely affect the rate at which your battery ages. Taking these into account will help maximise your battery’s lifespan, so you won’t have to replace it earlier than you should, and you can save more money over the long term.

2. Heat

When the car battery is used to supply electricity to start the car, there’s a chemical reaction that is facilitated by heat. Although this thermal process is necessary, it also degrades your battery over time. That can be exacerbated by the ambient temperatures in your area, which is why batteries tends to live longer in cooler areas than they do in warmer locations.

Many manufacturers try to counteract the detrimental effects of heat by installing battery heat shields or placing the battery tray in a part of the car that’s as far away from the engine as possible, such as under the boot floor or the back seat. Regardless, keeping your car away from extremes of heat (like sheltering it from the sun in a garage or parking in a shady spot) will extend your battery’s life a little longer.

3. Vibration

Engine vibrations can be quite powerful at times and can potentially damage the internal components of a Ford battery, or any other battery for that matter. Luckily, there are things you can do to mitigate this.

Some car owners minimise vibrations by using a special hold-down device that locks the battery in place, preventing it from moving excessively. There are also various vibration-resistant Ford batteries available on the market, although you should expect to pay a bit more for these.

4. Corrosion

When moisture attacks your engine or vehicle battery, electrical shorts can occur. Corrosion can form on battery terminals and electrical connectors as a result.

The presence of corrosion typically results in more electrical shorts and added resistance, which can rapidly drain a Ford battery’s energy. To avoid this, try and keep your engine and battery free of moisture as much as possible and clean off any corrosion when you spot it.

5. Electrical Problems

Open draws or loose wiring in your Ford can cause an unnecessary power discharge from your battery, ultimately shortening its life. Not only that, but faulty wiring can also cause a fire in worst cases. Make sure you have your wiring checked regularly, not just for your battery’s sake, but also for your own safety.

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How long does a Ford car battery last?

Depending on how well you care for and maintain it, a Ford car battery’s life can range from four to seven years. By keeping it fully charged and driving your car daily, you’ll get the best value out of your Ford battery.

How much does a Ford Explorer battery cost?

Ford car batteries vary in pricing depending on a number of factors, such as power, size, and quality. That means the price ranges for Ford car batteries can differ a fair amount. There are some batteries that cost as low as £35, while others will be priced as high as £190.

How do you put a battery in a Ford Fiesta?

Replacing an automotive battery in a Ford Fiesta can be done in a few easy steps:

1. Remove the negative terminal using the appropriate size wrench. Do the same thing for the positive terminal.

2. Using a socket wrench and the correct size socket, remove the hold-down bolts that are fixed into the battery tray.

3. Take out the old battery and insert the new one.

4. Put the clamps and cables back in reverse order.

How do you reset the battery on a Ford Fiesta?

To reset the vehicle battery on a Ford Fiesta, turn on the car’s engine for about 10 seconds, press the fog lamp switch five times, then press the hazard switch three times. Once the battery light flashes, turn off the engine.

Replacing Batteries On Stop-Start Vehicles

Fitting a replacement battery in your stop-start car should be fairly straightforward. When doing this, you should use protective gear such as gloves and eye protection to ensure your safety. Also, never smoke or wear any metal objects that might come into contact with the battery.

Disconnect the battery before you begin. Also, make sure that the mains is turned off before disconnecting charging leads and that cables are handled appropriately so they don’t cause any sparking.

Lastly, after the new battery has been fitted, reset the battery management system (BMS). This prevents any system faults from occurring, so it’s vital not to skip this step.

Thousands Of Recalled Ford Kuga Hybrid Cars Have Faulty Battery Packs

Faulty car batteries can damage a car’s engine, as well as pose some risk to the car user. This was the primary reason why Ford Motors recalled thousands of its Kuga PHEVs (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles) in late 2020.

After doing so, the multinational carmaker revealed that the fault was caused by “cell contamination in the drive battery system”. That meant Ford had to replace all battery packs for all models that had been sold since April of this year.

How To Choose The Right Battery For Your Ford Car

There are several factors to take into account when shopping for the right car battery. The main things to check for are the group size, the cold cranking amps, and the reserve capacity. What’s more, check the battery date code on your original Ford battery.

Getting a new Ford car battery needn’t be complicated. Here at Orius Batteries, we aim to make the experience as easy and convenient as possible through our online store and the regular tips and guides we publish on the website.

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