Are you buying a new car battery and need a refresher course on what to look for? The battery experts here at Orius have you covered. Listed below are some of our top tips to help you buy new car batteries. By following these tips, you can choose the right new car battery with the peace of mind of knowing that you’ve opted for the one that will work best for you and your car.

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1. Sealed or non-sealed battery?

The choice between the two can be important when buying a new car battery. Sealed batteries don’t need any maintenance; however, they come with the downside of not being the best for use in locations where the weather’s typically hot in summer. This is because a sealed battery cannot be topped up with water.

Non-sealed batteries do need topping up with water from time to time due to evaporation. So while they may need more ongoing maintenance than sealed units, this is useful if you live somewhere where summers are hot or if your car’s exposed to direct sunshine on a routine basis. Think about which is most suitable for you before you buy.

2. Cold-cranking amp (CCA)

If you live somewhere that suffers cold winters, on the other hand, one factor to consider is the cold cranking amp (CCA) specification. A battery with a good cold cranking amp will start your car’s engine even at temperatures of -17oC. Consider investing in a battery with a high CCA rating, especially if you are living in the colder parts of the UK, or if you’ll be doing most of your driving there.

3. Make sure the battery dimensions are correct.

Before you start searching online to ‘buy new car battery near me’ with the appropriate features, you should first take a look at your car’s manual. This will contain information about the correct battery size for your car. If your car’s manual isn’t available, you can always look at the previous battery that was installed in your vehicle; although if you bought the car second-hand, this isn’t always a guarantee. To be certain, ask a mechanic or other expert; or even use the battery finder on a website like ours here at Orius. All you need for this is the make and model of your car.

4. Only buy batteries that have been on the shelf for less than 6 months

If you want to buy a new car battery from a physical store, make sure you check its manufacturing date and compare it to the date you’re buying it on. Stay away from batteries that have been sitting on the shelf for longer than six months, because chances are, they’ve already suffered from some natural degradation. Do the same for online store purchases, although it might be harder to check the dates since you can’t physically see the battery itself. Choosing a reliable battery stockist that has a high turnover of stock is your best option if buying online.

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How long do brand new car batteries last?

A conventional car battery normally lasts between three and five years. Barring factory defects, the better you look after it, the longer its lifespan. Factors that can adversely affect a battery’s lifespan include the climate, the electronic demands placed on it, lack of maintenance, and your driving habits.

When should you buy a new battery?

Even if there are no signs that your battery is failing, aim to replace it at least every four to five years. If your battery is showing any signs of wear and tear, it’s always better to buy a new car battery replacement sooner rather than later. Otherwise, it could stop working when you most need it.

What are the signs that you need a new car battery?

There are several signs, which can happen one at a time or all at once, that will indicate that it’s time to buy a new car battery online. One of these is when you notice that your engine cranks but won’t start. Other signs include an engine that won’t crank at all, having to jump-start your car on more than one occasion, or a car battery case that’s cracked, swollen, or leaking.

Can I replace a car battery myself?

If you buy a new automotive battery from an online or physical store, you can certainly replace it yourself, unless you have a very modern car that needs its onboard computer updating.

You’ll need to use a few tools such as a socket set, spanner, or wrench. There are plenty of helpful videos online you can consult, but always pay close attention to the safety advice.

Does running my car charge the battery?

In principle, running your car will charge your battery because it’s the alternator that provides electrical charge to your battery. As long as your car engine is on and your alternator is working properly, your battery will charge.

A Guide To Buying The Best Car Battery

Your car battery’s importance cannot be overemphasised, because most modern vehicles won’t start without it. When your car battery starts to show signs of failure, the best option is to buy a new vehicle battery replacement right away.

It’s worth noting when shopping for batteries that there’s no single ideal option out there that applies to every car. You need to consider the following factors:

  1. The age of the vehicle
  2. How long you plan to keep your car
  3. The climate in your region
  4. The battery type you’re replacing
  5. Whether your car has a start-stop system

How To Replace A Car Battery

Once you buy a new automobile battery, you can either get a garage to fit it or do it by yourself. If you choose the DIY route, it’s very important that you follow the instructions meticulously to avoid running the risk of hurting yourself or damaging the components of your car.

  • Switch off all the electrical appliances in your vehicle.
  • Disconnect and remove the old battery.
  • Follow the battery installation guide down to the letter, without skipping any of the steps.

Signs That It’s Time For A New Car Battery

A car battery’s life can be affected by various factors. However, when it reaches the point of no return, your only option is to buy a replacement. Knowing when to buy a new battery will prevent unexpected breakdowns. Watch out for the following signs:

  • An engine that won’t start right away
  • Dim lights and electrical issues
  • A foul smell like rotten eggs

Choosing a new car battery can be challenging, especially for first-time drivers or car owners. However, the right battery is a crucial investment that will keep your car performing just as it should. At Orius Batteries, we sell only the best battery products, car accessories, and vehicle parts, both in terms of quality and price. Check out our online catalogue now!