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With the UK government encouraging people to stay at home and only go out for essentials during the pandemic, Audi owners don’t have as many opportunities to use their car. And since long periods of rest can harm your Audi battery, extra care must be taken to keep it in optimum condition. In this article, Orius Batteries experts offer some great maintenance tips for your Audi car battery during the lockdown:

1. Start your vehicle once a week for 15 minutes

If your Audi vehicle does not see regular use, make sure to start the engine at least once a week and let it run for 10 to 15 minutes to avoid battery discharge and keep the battery topped up.

Go inside the car when you do this so that you can keep an eye on the engine temperature. Once the temperature reaches the middle, it means that the engine has warmed up enough.

While the car is running, turn the air conditioner on as well. By doing this, you’re also helping maintain the seals in the air conditioning system and reduce the chance of mould growth. Though considering the great weather we are having this summer, turning on the air conditioner might be a necessity anyway!

2. Run your car during the middle of the day

Starting your Audi in the middle of the day instead of first thing in the morning can also help extend battery life. When you start a car in colder temperatures, you are drawing more energy from the battery, making it harder for the car to start.

During the afternoon, the higher temperatures will ease the load on your battery, which in turn extends its overall lifespan.

3. Do not turn the car off and on in quick succession

The starter motor uses up battery power each time you turn on your car, and this will not get replenished unless the battery has had enough time to charge sufficiently. If you make a habit of this, your battery will drain at a much faster rate.

4. Switch off lights before turning off the engine

When you park your Audi, make sure to switch off the lights and other electrical systems before turning off the engine. Failure to do so can cause your battery to drain in a matter of hours, so this is pretty much mandatory, especially if you won’t be restarting your engine again in about a week or more.

5. If parked on private property, invest in a battery maintainer

A battery maintainer can help store batteries for a long period. It can also keep batteries charged without the risk of overcharging or damaging them.

Just make sure to secure any cables and wires so that they will not become trip hazards.

6. Take a short drive if possible

Your Audi is designed to be out on the road, so we highly recommend you take an opportunity to drive it whenever possible, even for just short trips. Going out on short drives will give your Audi battery the chance to recharge, preventing battery drain.

Following the tips listed above will help to keep your battery alive during the lockdown. However, if your battery has reached the end of its life, no amount of maintenance will fix it, and your only option will be to find a replacement.

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How long do Audi car batteries last?

Audi car owners should consider a battery replacement every six years, ideally. However, extreme temperatures, humidity, heavy accessory loads and other factors can shorten your car battery’s life drastically, sometimes down to as few as three or four years.

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Who makes batteries for Audi?

LG Chem is one of the most well-known major suppliers of vehicle batteries. They cater to luxury car brands such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and their respective parent companies Volkswagen Group and Daimler.

What kind of battery goes in a car?

Almost all of the car batteries available on the market today are some variation of lead-acid batteries. However, other battery types offer higher capacity, longer lifespan, or were designed for specific functions. Some examples are Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries for start-stop cars or lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles.

How do you know if your car needs a new battery?

Here are seven tell-tale signs that your automotive battery needs to be replaced:

  • The engine is slow to start. As time passes, the components inside your battery will wear out and become less effective at delivering power to the engine on startup.
  • Your car has dim lights and other electrical issues.
  • The check engine light is on.
  • The connectors have built-up corrosion.
  • Your battery case is misshapen.
  • Your battery is at least five years old.

Tips To Avoid Flat Car Battery

1. Check other battery-related systems

It’s wise to get the alternator, starting system, and charging systems checked by a professional. Malfunctions in any of these components can lead to your battery being overcharged, undercharged, or completely drained.

2. Have your car serviced regularly

Under-inflating tyres, overworking an engine and poorly maintaining your vehicle can put extra strain on an automotive battery, so have your car serviced when possible.

3. Don’t try to start the engine with an undercharged battery

Your battery won’t suddenly become charged if you keep trying to start the car. In fact, doing this can lead to a flat or damaged battery.

Reasons Behind Flat Car Batteries

  • Battery strain – Car batteries experience more strain the more electrical systems you use. If your car is high-tech and accessory-heavy, expect your battery to drain much faster.
  • Battery condition – The presence of corrosion on terminals, clamps, or tray indicate a poor auto battery condition, which may reduce its lifespan considerably.
  • Battery age – The older a battery is, the less efficient it becomes. Eventually, an aged battery will no longer function as efficiently as it should.

Important Things To Know About Car Battery Drain

  • A healthy battery will be able to sit unused for about two weeks without the need to recharge. However, older cars and batteries might drain faster.
  • Start your car and go for a short drive (about 15 minutes) every two weeks to ensure that your car’s battery is fully charged and doesn’t lose power.
  • If it isn’t possible to go for short drives, consider connecting your car battery to a mains-powered battery.

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