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Varta is a brand that’s well known for its high-quality motorcycle batteries. Having said that, even a high-quality Varta motorcycle battery will have a shorter lifespan and offer poor performance if it’s not maintained properly. There are a number of factors that can cause a Varta battery to deteriorate prematurely, such as extremes of temperatures and harsh engine vibrations.

However, the biggest factor that can adversely affect a battery’s lifespan is how it is taken care of. Here, we offer some expert tips on how to properly care for your Varta motorbike battery so you can get the best performance out of it for years to come.

1. Be Familiar With “Charging Memory”

Lead-acid batteries can be susceptible to “charging memory” or a “memory effect”, which refers to the decrease in the maximum capacity of rechargeable batteries. Usually, this is caused by recharging a battery after a partial discharge.

The best way to prevent this is to invest in a smart battery charger that automatically tracks the charge state of your motorcycle battery. This keeps the battery in a fully charged state and prevents the partial discharge issue that can cause memory effect and its premature ageing.

Batteries with charging memory problems are often termed defective, as they can’t be recharged to their full capacity. There is no way to fix this either, so make sure you remember this tip for the sake of your motorbike battery’s health.

Unfortunately, if your battery develops charging memory issues, there’s not much you can do except look at Varta motorcycle battery reviews and look for a suitable replacement.

2. Watch Out For Self-Discharging Batteries

Motorcycle batteries tend to self-discharge even while not in use, especially during hot weather. If this issue is not addressed, the battery will eventually run out of power.

To prevent this, try and store your battery in a cool location. Dirt, dust, and other obstructions to the battery can also cause it to self-discharge at a faster rate, so cleaning your Varta battery once in a while should also be a part of your regular maintenance routine.

3. Maintain The Battery's Terminals

As time goes on, acid and copper sulphate will eventually build up on the terminals of a Varta battery. This build-up will affect the contact points on the battery, which can cause serious problems in the long run.

These include charging issues and preventing your battery from supplying enough current to start your bike. Terminals with a lot of excess acid and copper sulphate build-up can also suffer from overheating, potentially damaging the battery and even your bike itself.

Luckily, as long as you clean the terminals of your motorbike battery from time to time, this won’t be a problem. We suggest removing the terminal connectors and cleaning the terminals carefully with a firm wire brush and a mixture of baking soda and water.

After cleaning, rinse the terminals with water before reconnecting them. You can also prevent future corrosion by putting a small amount of Vaseline on each of the terminals.

If you have a modern motorbike with a computer on board, you should check your manual first before removing the terminal connections. Some newer bike models out there can suffer from memory loss issues if you remove the terminals incorrectly, so if this is the case, it may be best to leave the cleaning to a professional.

By following these tips, you should get a lot of mileage out of your current Varta battery. But when the time comes for a replacement, look no further than Orius’ online store. Our website features a handy Varta motorcycle battery finder that lists fitting product options for your bike in an instant!

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Are Varta batteries any good?

With decades’ worth of industry experience and credibility, there are plenty of reasons why many people prefer to opt for Varta motorcycle batteries, car batteries, and leisure batteries for their vehicles. That includes the brand’s reliability, as well as the durability of its products.

Where are Varta batteries made?

As a well-known German brand, Varta is proud to say that all its batteries are made in Germany. Varta generally is a company that’s well-known for its quality manufacturing and expertise, and has been a worldwide player in the field for over a century.

How long does a Varta battery last?

In terms of general use and with proper maintenance, Varta batteries can last up to four years or more. This is a fairly impressive boast, as many models like powersports motorbike batteries have a far shorter average lifespan than this.

Having said that, it’s also worth noting that some factors can shorten the lifespan of Varta motorcycle batteries in the UK, such as extreme weather conditions (i.e., exposure to heat in summer or freezing weather in winter). Cold weather, for instance, is known to slow down the chemical reaction inside a battery and hinder its performance.

How do you charge a Varta battery?

To charge your Varta battery, you will need an appropriate vehicle battery charger. To connect the charger to the battery, first attach the red cable to the battery’s positive terminal. After that, connect the black cable to the negative terminal on the battery.

Once your charger is securely connected to the battery, connect it to the mains power source. After that, all you need to do is wait for it to get back up to full power.

Charging An AGM Scooter Battery

The fastest way to charge AGM scooter batteries is by using a smart charger. These smart chargers will recognise your battery’s type and current level of charge. Then, it will modify its charging system to match it.

For instance, if you have an old battery that’s as good as dead, a smart charger can determine the most effective charging pattern to bring it back, such as using pulses of current. This way, the charger can generate peak power levels for the battery while avoiding overcharging it, which can itself damage the unit.

Motorcycle Battery Maintenance Tips

A low-cost vehicle battery is not designed to last forever; but then, it’s true to say that every battery reaches its limits eventually.

But don’t wait for your battery to die on you. Below are some tips for good motorcycle battery maintenance that will help yours to last longer:

  • Check your battery’s condition once a month.
  • Make sure there are no loose connections in the battery system.
  • Always check for leaks.
  • Top up wet-cell batteries with distilled water.
  • Always keep your battery charged to prevent issues.

Reasons Why Your Motorcycle Battery Gets Drained While Riding

Dealing with battery issues can be frustrating, but it’s even more frustrating if you lose power while you’re out for a ride.

There are several reasons why a motorcycle battery would drain while riding. Among these reasons include:

  • A bad battery terminal connection;
  • Corroded battery terminals;
  • A bad rectifier/regulator;
  • A bad stator;
  • Too many electrical add-ons;
  • A battery that has reached the end of its lifespan; and
  • Loose battery cables.

It’s no exaggeration to say that battery complications can cause headaches for riders. However, at Orius Batteries, we aim to make things a little easier with our helpful tips and a wide range of products.

For the best motorcycle batteries, chargers, and accessories at reasonable prices, visit our online store now.