how to choose Toyota Hilux two batteries

Like other 4WD vehicles, you can install a dual battery set-up in your Toyota Hilux pickup. Where fitted, a dual Toyota battery both supplies the power needed to start the pickup and also provides power to other electronics, safety lights, stereo systems, and other additional components that might be installed in the vehicle – even up to a fridge! Once you’ve installed a Toyota Hilux two batteries set-up, the main battery will provide power to start your car’s engine, while the other battery powers the accessories you install in your car.

In this post, we’ll look at ways to extend the life of your car batteries through proper maintenance.

  • Check the steel frame used to house both batteries
  • Vibrations while on the road can cause unnecessary strain on a Toyota battery, so you should make sure that each of your Toyota Hilux two batteries trays are secured in their places.

    On your maintenance checklist, add checking the steel frame that holds the batteries in place from time to time. If you’re customising another vehicle to accommodate a dual battery set-up, there might be insufficient space for another battery alongside the main one.

    If this is the case, there are DIY options to install the dual batteries in other places, like behind a seat. Fortunately, the Toyota Hilux can easily accommodate dual batteries under its bonnet, so finding space for the second battery should not be an issue.

  • Make sure that both battery compartments are safe from the elements
  • Similar to cars that use a single battery, making sure that the battery compartment is safe from the elements is essential to maintenance. When maintaining your Toyota Hilux two batteries system, check that both battery compartments are getting the ventilation they need. Additionally, clean the contacts regularly to remove any dirt or dust build-up.

  • Maintain the charge of the batteries
  • Did you know that both batteries in a dual battery set-up can be charged by the alternator? Driving or simply leaving your car’s engine idling are the easiest ways to charge a cars’ batteries.

    As an alternative, you can use a solar charger; however, you will need a solar battery regulator because the voltage from a solar charger can run higher than what’s needed by the battery.

    You can even combine both methods by using a DC charger with a solar power input, which protects the battery from overvoltage.

    Once one of your batteries has reached the end of its useful life, you should replace it as soon as possible. One bad battery in a dual battery set-up can affect the performance of electronics in your vehicle, or worse, the car might not even start at all. When buying new batteries for your dual battery set-up, only buy from trusted stores to avoid aftersales and warranty issues.

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where to look for Toyota Hilux two batteries


Why does a Toyota Hilux have two batteries?

Some models have Toyota Hilux dual batteries. The goal of the second battery is to supply enough power to run your vehicle’s electrical equipment. Make sure that the second battery is connected to the main battery to ensure that it's charged and ready for use whenever you need it.

Do dual batteries have to be the same?

No, you need two different kinds of batteries – starters and deep-cycle variants. The primary unit must be a typical starter battery to give small bursts of current, powerful enough to start the engine. The other battery must be a deep-cycle battery capable of delivering power continuously at a low current, to power up accessories for an extended period.

Will dual batteries hurt my alternator?

No, using a Toyota Hilux two batteries kit won’t affect your alternator. Alternators have distinct features that protect them against excessive current consumption, and this makes them capable of handling two batteries. The alternator recognises the two batteries as a single battery. The connected batteries will have equal voltage because the one with lower volts will draw energy from the other.

What is the best battery for a dual battery system?

A standard lead-acid Toyota Hilux two battery is perfect for a dual battery system. It is a great all-rounder. This battery suits different vehicle utilisation, and it can also act as both a starting battery and a deep cycle battery. It is suitable for mounting in the engine bay if you don’t have space elsewhere to install an auxiliary battery.

What you need for a dual battery set-up?

Aside from necessary wirings and so on, you'll also need a dual battery isolator for your Toyota Hilux twin batteries. This isolator helps charge the two batteries to make sure they're powered up and working. Another thing you'll need is a dual battery monitor in the vehicle’s cabin. This monitor will help you check the voltage levels of the batteries so you’re aware of their state and have control over them accordingly.

Toyota Hybrid Car Maintenance

If you’re not planning on using your vehicle for a while, these tips will help keep it in top condition and ready to drive again on your return:

  • Make sure your tyres are inflated to the prescribed level. Check them regularly.
  • Keep your car clean; this includes everything from the exteriors right down to the battery terminals. Make sure it's dry, and open its windows slightly before placing it in a well-ventilated garage.
  • It's better to leave brakes released to prevent them from sticking.
  • Use a suitable charger to keep the battery fully charged while idle.
  • Place the smart key into battery-saving mode or store it in a safe place to prevent the vehicle from waking up unnecessarily.
  • Apply for a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) to claim a road tax refund.

Dual Battery System Explained

If you’re using your SUV for long trips away, then Toyota Hilux double batteries can be a boon. The second battery will help power up essential electrical equipment such as safety lights and radios when the vehicle is not moving, as well as running optional extras like phone chargers and anything up to a small fridge! Make sure you wire the secondary battery so that it can be isolated and won’t drain the other battery that starts the vehicle. This ensures you're charging the second battery while the vehicle is running, so it can be used for your electronics as and when you need it.

Toyota Hilux Pick-Up Review

The Toyota Hilux is a £37,345, leather-lined pick-up truck that features satellite navigation, cruise control, air-conditioning, and the ability to haul up to 3.5 tons. One of this truck's main advantages is its outstanding durability: it’s been tested in extreme conditions, even at the North Pole to make sure it could withstand the temperatures there.

Of course, a vehicle that is expected to stand up to tough conditions should be equipped durable batteries that can withstand whatever is thrown at it. If you want your vehicle to start without fail in the winter or support you when making long or difficult road trips, give Orius Batteries a call. We’d be happy to recommend the right battery for your needs!