Is your Peugeot boxer battery showing signs of deterioration? You should get ready to buy and install a replacement battery. Shopping for a new battery for your vehicle can be hard, especially if you are not that familiar with battery types and specifications. In this blog, we will guide you on how to buy a Peugeot battery, including making sure that you are getting an original battery with the correct specifications for your needs.

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Purchase from reputable stores only

To make sure that you are getting a genuine product and not an imitation, you should search for popular car battery sellers only. To do this, you can purchase your car batteries exclusively from authorized dealers and shops. You can also order your batteries online from a trusted website if you want to save time browsing for the lowest price at different physical locations.

Verify your battery online

Depending on the battery brand that you purchase, you might get an option to check the serial number to verify your battery’s authenticity. To check the battery’s authenticity, find the serial number on the battery casing and type it into the manufacturer’s checking tool online. This tool will then give you the specifications of the battery that should have that serial number, which you can then check against the battery in front of you.

Bear in mind that not all battery manufacturers provide a service to check battery serial numbers, so if your battery is made by a brand that does have it, be sure to take advantage and check it using this method. Some brands also use a number of other authenticity measures and checks, such as holographic logos.

Things to do before buying a battery

Getting a genuine battery is not enough when looking for a Peugeot boxer battery replacement. You should also make sure that the specifications of the battery you purchase are compatible with your Peugeot Boxer vehicle. Below are some of the things you can do to ensure the battery’s compatibility.

Check your car’s manual

Before starting your task to find the best Peugeot battery, you should first check your manual to find out the specifications required by your vehicle. This way, you can make sure that the battery you choose will be compatible with your Peugeot Boxer’s battery requirements. There are various specifications that you should pay attention to, and we will discuss the most important ones below.

1. Battery size

The size of the battery is an important factor since it can affect the lifespan of your battery. A battery that is too small for its compartment will shake while you are driving, which increases the chance of damage, thus lowering the lifespan of the battery. Meanwhile, a larger battery might not fit at all. Therefore, you should make a note of the battery size for your vehicle before making a purchase. You can check your car’s manual to verify the supported battery size.

Before considering Peugeot Boxer battery charging, you can check its size to help you know its charging requirements. This is especially important if you don’t have your car’s manual anymore.

2. Amp Hour rating

An amp hour rating corresponds to the power output that the battery can provide per hour. The higher the amp-hour rating, the bigger the battery load capacity. We recommend you get a battery that is equal to or higher than the rating required in your car’s manual. Buying a battery with an amp hour rating that is lower than what is required by your vehicle can cause unexpected problems.

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How do you change the battery in a Peugeot Boxer?

In a Peugeot boxer battery removal, you must locate the battery and ECU assembly inside the bonnet and then use a 10 mm spanner to remove the negative battery terminal. After removing the negative terminal, remove the positive terminal by gently raising the cam-style retaining clip, then unclip the ECU section of the assembly completely and set it aside.

How long does a Peugeot battery last?

A standard battery’s life expectancy is between two and six years, and there are actions you can take to increase the battery’s probable lifespan.  The most significant factor that can greatly affect your Peugeot Boxer car battery life is the span of the distance of the drives you take, as short drives do not allow proper recharging.

What are the signs that you need a new car battery?

If your engine does not start as easily and as quickly as before, it’s a sign that your battery is failing. The dimming of headlights is also an indicator that your battery is getting weaker. Another strong indicator is if your vehicle is emitting a very repugnant smell like an egg that has gone bad.

How can I tell if my car battery is going bad?

If your van is having difficulties starting or is very inconsistent in its ability to start, especially on cold mornings, it’s a sign of a failing battery. If your car is also showing signs of electrical draw or your lights appear dimmer and weaker than normal, it’s advised to get new Peugeot boxer batteries for your van.

What percentage does a car battery need to start?

The best charge level to keep your battery in peak condition for a long time is 75 per cent charge. If you fail to keep it at 75 per cent or above, permanently damaging your car battery is very likely to happen.

How To Replace The Car Battery On A Peugeot Boxer

When replacing the battery on your Peugeot Boxer, you will first need a new Peugeot Boxer vehicle battery, a 10 mm spanner, and a flat head screwdriver. After preparing your tools, open the bonnet and locate the car battery and the ECU assembly. Use the 10 mm spanner to remove the negative terminal of the battery. Continue by removing the positive terminal by gently lifting the cam-style retaining clip. Unclip the whole ECU section and use the screwdriver to keep the clip out of the battery tray.

Looking After Your Car Battery And Avoiding Issues

Many things can be done to extend your car battery’s life further. With proper maintenance, extending it longer is highly possible. You must always keep the area around the battery clean to prevent corrosion from happening. Keeping your terminals clean and free from random debris will help keep your Peugeot Boxer automobile battery working properly. You should also consider your journey distances. Going on a lot of short drives will make your battery decay faster since batteries on short drives are not fully recharged. This is especially true in Winter.

Expert Advice: How To Prevent Car Battery Trouble

Car battery troubles are the most common reasons why car technicians are called. Our experts have decided to give professional advice to help individuals know when their car battery needs replacing and how to prevent trouble, especially during a drive.

If the battery light is on while you’re driving, this means there’s something wrong with your car battery. It does not specifically mean that your battery is dead. It could also indicate that the alternator or the link between the battery and the car engine has failed. When this happens, have your car checked immediately.

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