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It is entirely possible to find a cheap car battery that works well, lasts for a long time, and won’t break the bank. However, it’s important firstly to be familiar with what to look for if you want a good battery that is reasonably priced. By learning what to look out for, you’ll be able to buy the cheapest car battery in the UK that still meets your needs but without compromising on the quality.

If you’re a new car owner, or if you’re not familiar with cars at all, even fairly routine maintenance and repairs can be quite daunting. However, familiarising yourself with the basics of topics like battery replacement can help you feel more comfortable and less intimidated by the process.

Types Of Car Batteries

Car batteries are essential to the functioning of your vehicle, which won’t start without the burst of power the battery provides. That makes it all the more important for you to stay on top of car battery maintenance. You also need to be able to recognise the signs of a dying battery, so you can plan buying a replacement at the right time to avoid any hassle.

If you’re looking for a replacement battery, you’ll need to know at least the basics. Essentially, there are two basic car battery types: lead-acid and absorbent glass mat (AGM). While both types serve the same basic function, there are a few key differences.

  • Lead-Acid
  • Lead-acid batteries are generally the cheapest on the market, and they’re compatible with a lot of older and/ or more affordable cars. If you are purposefully looking for a cheap car battery, your best bet is often a lead-acid battery.

    While these batteries are low maintenance, they don’t hold a charge for as long as AGM batteries do. They are also more liable to suffer damage if they’re left discharged for a long period of time. With even the cheapest car battery charger in the UK, however, you can keep a lead-acid battery charged and functional till the end of its useful lifespan.

  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM)
  • AGM batteries are more expensive than their lead-acid counterparts and are usually better suited to newer cars that come with advanced on-board tech. For instance, they’re better equipped to handle the demands of start-stop systems; or cars with a lot of electrical components like sat navs, stereo systems and air con.

    Unlike lead-acid batteries, you can leave AGMs unused for a longer period with little risk of them discharging completely. And on the rare occasions that an AGM battery does get fully discharged, it’s much easier to get it back up and running than a conventional battery.

Another thing you need to know is the size of your battery. The different sizes available on the market are each compatible with certain car makes and models. For example, a size 48 (H6) top terminal battery is compatible with many European- and American-made cars.

Where To Get The Most Affordable Car Batteries

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How much do car batteries cost in the UK?

The price of car batteries in the UK mainly depends on two factors: the type and the specifications. For instance, conventional batteries tend to cost between £60 and £150. More advanced batteries that help power start-stop technology may cost around £110 to £190.

Of course, these prices will vary from seller to seller, and some offer great discounts if you hunt around. If you’re looking for the cheapest car batteries in the UK, it’s worth hunting out these kinds of deals.

Can a completely dead battery be recharged?

Once a car battery’s voltage goes below 12v, it is considered discharged. If this happens, you can’t rely on your car’s alternator to recharge it. The alternator works to keep a healthy battery charged, but isn’t built to recharge a dead one. You may need a battery charger in this case.

How long do car batteries last?

Car batteries tend to last for around three to five years, depending on how well you take care of them. As well as finding a reasonable automotive battery UK price, it’s also worth looking for a lengthy warranty. That way, you’ll get your money back or a replacement battery if the one you’ve bought is found to have manufacturing defects.

Does it matter what car battery you buy?

Yes. The best type of battery to buy is the one recommended by your owner’s manual. However, if you’re on a budget, there will be cheaper car batteries or an affordable van battery in the UK, perhaps from a lesser known manufacturer. Just make sure you choose one with the same specifications as the one recommended.

How long do car batteries last without driving?

Healthy car batteries should last for around two months or longer if, for whatever reason, you don’t drive your car for a period of time. Older batteries may not last as long, and another factor that might affect this is the draw of your car. Sometimes, electrics that continue to function even while your car isn’t moving – like the clock and an immobiliser – or an electrical fault somewhere will drain the battery faster.

Signs Of Battery Deterioration

There are several warning signs that your car battery is failing. Once you see these signs, you should buy a replacement ASAP to avoid roadside breakdowns. Here are some of the things you should watch out for:

  • Your battery easily loses charge and has to be charged manually repeatedly.
  • Your car struggles to start the engine, especially on colder days.
  • When measured with a voltmeter, the battery reading is 5 volts or lower.

However, before you splash out on even the cheapest car battery UK near me, you should also check your alternator because there’s a possibility that this could be the main source of the problem.

What To Do When A Car Battery Dies

In the UK, around two-thirds of car breakdown callouts are caused by dead car batteries. Some people make the mistake of leaving their lights on when they leave their cars, which can wear down the battery over time.

If your battery dies on you, try jump-starting the vehicle. You’ll need another car with a healthy battery, as well as jump leads to connect the two. If that works, you’ll need to drive the car for at least half an hour or so to charge the battery fully.

If you don’t routinely have anyone with another car to jump-start yours, it may be worth investing in a battery charger.

Factors That Affect Battery Lifespan

In some respects, car batteries are just like other types of battery such as those found in smartphones. Constant use can really wear a battery down, and before you know it, it can’t hold as much charge as it used to.

All car batteries slowly deteriorate as time goes by, but several factors can make yours age faster if you don’t take good care of it. Some of the things that affect a battery’s lifespan are extreme temperatures, corrosion, advanced car accessories like lighting and heating, and more.

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