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Widely known for its reliable performance, experts recommend the Varta battery for car owners looking for replacement batteries for their vehicles. Varta’s line of car batteries is backed up by years of research and development that aims to maximise the unit’s efficiency and lengthen its life cycle. Customer satisfaction with Varta products has been high not only here in the United Kingdom but globally as well. You may think you can’t afford a top name product like this, but don’t worry. We’ll help you track down the best deals for Varta batteries in the UK.

Here are our tips:

  1. 1Explore online options
  2. Find credible stores
  3. Keep abreast of discounts and promotions
  4. Look for free shipping deals
  5. Get a lengthy warranty period

Read through our guide below and hopefully, it will help you bag a bargain!

  1. #1: Explore Online Options
  2. The most convenient way to hunt for deals is through the Internet – you can browse through a whole host of stores in the comfort of your home! It’s easy to compare Varta battery prices and features online; plus, you can take all the time you need to choose which unit would best suit your car and which store offers the best deals.

  3. Find Credible Stores
  4. Consider concentrating your search on stores that specialise in car parts or, even better, batteries specifically. They often sell genuine branded batteries at highly competitive prices – meaning you get the best deals. Not only that, but because they’re automotive or battery specialists, they can also offer you great advice on your purchase.

  5. Keep Abreast Of Discounts And Promotions
  6. Stores often have regular or seasonal markdowns on their products, and you might be surprised to hear that this even extends to high-end Varta batteries! If you want the best value for your money, seize the opportunity to buy them during promotional periods.

  7. Look For Free Shipping Deals
  8. If you’re buying a battery online, look out for stores that don’t charge any shipping fees. Though the cost of delivery may not seem like much on its own, charges like this can add up over time. Taking advantage of free shipping services is a great way of saving money in the long run.

    Take note of stores’ shipping terms, and make sure that orders of Varta batteries for UK addresses are delivered for free. Some stores may ask for a minimum spend, but you can find others that offer free delivery on all orders.

  9. Get An Extensive Warranty Period
  10. Warranties protect you from suffering potential factory defects in a newly purchased battery. Ideally, your chosen store should offer a full warranty against this on every purchase.

    Remember this rule of thumb: any Varta batteries UK warranty period should last for at least two to three years, as this is usually the point at which batteries start failing or breaking down.

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Is Varta a good battery?

Yes. Automotive batteries from Varta are well-known as being durable, reliable products that can serve your vehicle well for many years. Varta has been going from strength to strength in the battery industry for a long time now, and their experience in manufacturing quality units is hard to beat.

Where are Varta batteries made?

Varta car batteries in the UK come from the company’s numerous factories around the world. Most notably, Varta owns the largest AGM production plant in the world, located in Zwickau, Germany.

Every year, this advanced facility makes several million AGM batteries. With the need for start-stop batteries projected to rise in the coming years in this dynamic market, the number of units it produces is expected to increase significantly as well.

What is a Varta battery?

Varta batteries are authentic products produced by the German manufacturing company, Varta. The company is renowned for offering first-class batteries for vehicles of all kinds, and also make quality units for the industrial and consumer sectors as well.

How do you charge a Varta battery?

To charge a Varta battery, you will need a vehicle battery charger that is compatible with your unit. Before doing anything, make sure that the charger and timer are turned off to prevent any dangerous sparks. Also, if your car battery is frozen or visibly damaged, you should never attempt to charge it; it’s safer to just buy a new replacement altogether.

Once all the necessary precautions have been taken, simply connect the charger leads to the appropriate terminals. The red positive lead goes to the positive terminal, and the black negative lead must be attached to the negative terminal.

Then, connect the charger to a power source, and you’re all set! All you need to do now is to wait for the battery to get back to full charge.

How To Top Up Automobile Batteries

The fluid levels in a lot of car batteries must always be kept at a certain level – just enough to submerge the battery plates. It’s well worth making a habit of checking your batteries every month or so.

If you notice that the liquid has dropped below the required level, refill it with distilled water or special battery fluid sold in stores. Don’t ever use tap water for this purpose; the minerals it contains could potentially damage your battery.

Take note, however, that some vehicle batteries are completely sealed units, except for a small opening that allows gas to escape. If your battery is a sealed unit, you don’t ever need to top it up with water.

Why Your Car Batteries Are Deteriorating

Car batteries are an essential part of a vehicle, and there are several things that can cause them to deteriorate faster:

  • Direct sunlight. The heat from strong sunlight, especially during summer, causes batteries to erode quicker and evaporates the fluids inside. Avoid leaving your car in direct sunlight; look for a cool, indoor parking spot instead, like a garage if possible.
  • Corrosion. Corrosion on the terminals is very harmful to batteries. If you see signs of corroded terminals, make it a point to clean them immediately.

How Car Batteries Work

When you turn the key on your car, a signal is sent to your car battery, triggering a chemical reaction. This reaction makes the battery produce the electrical energy needed to start the starter motor and crank the engine.

Car batteries are integral in getting your vehicle to run; if your battery is low on power, your engine might not even start in the first place!

Because your vehicle’s battery is so important, we highly recommend having a fresh spare on hand for replacement in case your current one gives up the ghost suddenly.

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