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A leisure battery is crucial for motorhomes and caravans as it delivers a steady level of power to electrical car accessories over a long period of time. The kinds of accessories you may have in your home away from home include kettles, ovens, TVs, lighting systems, and other electrical appliances. In essence, a reliable leisure battery in the UK helps make your vehicle habitable and more comfortable while you’re on the road.

One of the basics to understand when buying a leisure battery is the difference between one of these and a car battery. A motorhome or a caravan usually have both fitted in them. The car battery is designed to give the burst of energy required to start the engine of the vehicle; while the leisure battery delivers a lower level of power to the motorhome or caravan’s accessories and appliances over a longer period.

Obviously, then, the two have different purposes and are not interchangeable. What’s more, they’re not constructed in the same way. Car batteries have thinner plates and different types of separators, so they’re not designed to provide that steady, low level of energy needed to power electrical appliances.

If you’re planning on buying a brand-new caravan, it’s worth finding a reliable battery seller because these don’t usually come equipped with leisure batteries at the outset. Therefore, if you’re investing in a caravan, you’ll have to make time to find a suitable leisure battery before going on your first trip with family and friends. With a motorhome, though, a leisure battery does tend to come as part of the package.

When searching for a leisure battery, you should first consider which type would be best for your needs. Many opt for lead-acid batteries, but the absorbent glass mat (AGM) battery, while more expensive, will have a longer lifespan. The best AGM leisure batteries the UK has to offer are made with the most advanced technology in the automotive industry.

These batteries have compressed glass fibre in each cell that holds the lead plates to prevent leaks and corrosion. They can also withstand a greater number of charging cycles. This is why they tend to last much longer than other lead-acid batteries.

Next, you need to take into account the physical size of the battery. You should measure the battery tray or identify the correct group size from an existing fitted battery, to make sure you don’t buy a product that doesn’t fit.

If there’s any extra room in the battery tray, you can go for a slightly larger battery if you want to upgrade your old one. Usually, the bigger the battery is, the higher amp hour (AH) rating it has. Caravans nowadays have 70AH as the lowest rating. Motorhomes tend to need a more powerful best leisure battery in the UK, with an amp hour rating that’s closer to 100AH.

But if you’re confident that your battery tray can accommodate a bigger product, you can go higher than 100AH. Check the dimensions of each before you place your order.

Buy From The Best Battery Seller Online

Buying the right leisure battery in the UK for your recreational vehicle can involve some research, especially if it’s your first time doing it. It’s not really worth just choosing the first cheap battery you come across without establishing if it’s the right product for your motorhome or caravan. That can be a false economy over the long term, as you’re only likely to need to replace it sooner than planned. Also, it may not perform as well as a better quality option.

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How long will a leisure battery last?

The approximate lifespan of leisure batteries in the UK is equivalent to around 2,000 cycles. One cycle is defined as a complete charge, followed by a full discharge. You should note that even when the battery is not being used, it must be charged at least once a month.

How often should you charge a leisure battery?

At the very least, you should check the state of charge of your leisure battery once a month. However, it’s a good idea to recharge the battery immediately after each use.

Can you charge a leisure battery from the mains?

Yes, you can charge a motorhome battery from a mains power source, but that’s not the only way. You can also charge it through the engine-driven alternator, which automatically powers up the battery whenever the vehicle is driven.

How do you charge a leisure battery while driving?

Depending on the amount of charge needed to top up your caravan battery, you could have to drive your vehicle for a number of hours to recharge the battery at the rate of charge delivered by the alternator. For example, if the alternator provides a charge of 5A to your leisure battery, and the battery has discharged to 50% of its 100 Ah power, you will need to drive your vehicle for at least 10 hours to get it back up to full capacity.

Do leisure batteries need a special charger?

Many caravans and motorhomes are fitted with battery chargers, but they are more like power supplies than true chargers. While there are several kinds of chargers you can buy for leisure batteries, the best ones on the market are arguably the multi-stage automatic ones, which can be left permanently connected to the multipurpose battery without causing any damage to it.

Types Of Leisure Batteries

There are four basic leisure battery types commonly used. These are:

  • “Wet” Lead-Acid Batteries – These are the traditional type of leisure batteries, so they are the best known and the most common. They are also typically the cheapest ones to buy.
  • AGM Batteries – These are considered the safest and most effective leisure batteries around. They are also durable, long-lasting, and offer higher specs than conventional models. They are more expensive than wet lead-acid batteries, but the extra cost is well worth it.
  • Gel Batteries – These are liquid-free batteries, so you won’t have to worry about any acid-spillage or leaks.
  • Enhanced Flooded Battery – This type of battery is designed to withstand extended engine use, so they are ideal for use on long trips.

About Leisure Batteries

Leisure batteries are not a “type” of battery per se; all vehicle batteries used in caravans, motorhomes, and boats to power their on-board 12-volt equipment are referred to as leisure batteries.

Many manufacturers like to assign different labels to their products, such as “Deep Cycle”, “High Power”, and “Multi-Purpose”, among others. However, a battery can only be designed either as a starter battery or a deep-cycle battery; there’s no battery on the market at the moment that can handle both functions effectively.

How To Take Care Of Leisure Batteries

  • Establish the current charge condition of your battery. You can do this by taking a voltmeter reading from its terminals.
  • If you know you won’t be using your vehicle for a while, decide whether to leave the battery in place or remove it for the duration.
  • Use the right battery charger, making sure the voltage is limited to 13.8 volts.

Finding the right leisure batteries for your vehicle doesn’t need to be a complicated process. At Orius Batteries, we aim to make choosing your battery as straightforward and as convenient as possible with the tips and guides we regularly provide online.

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