Buying a replacement car battery can be tricky, especially if you've never done it before. If you need a brand-new battery in the near future and want to know how to make sure the one you purchase is a genuine Varta battery, we've got you covered. Listed below are two ways to guarantee you're buying genuine Varta car batteries.

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1. Know how much a genuine Varta battery should cost

Before parting with any money, make sure you know the typical ballpark cost of Varta car batteries. Counterfeit batteries are often significantly cheaper than genuine batteries, so if you find a retailer charging well below the suggested retail price, think twice before buying it.

When buying car batteries, bear in mind that cheap batteries are low-priced for a reason. Perhaps it's already been used, has a limited warranty, or worse, it can be a counterfeit. Having a good idea of what you should expect to pay for a Varta battery is a good way to gauge whether a particular product is going to be value for money or not.

Of course, that doesn't always mean that a low price automatically equates to low quality. You can still get your hands on top-of-the-range batteries at affordable prices under some circumstances; for instance, if a store is holding a special sale.

If you want to know the standard prices of Varta batteries, you can take a look at the Varta battery price list right here on our website. Simply sort our products by brand, and see the corresponding prices next to each one.

Buying a Varta car battery online at our store also offers other advantages, which we'll reveal later in this blog.

2. Check the warranty on the product

A genuine Varta car battery should come with a lengthy warranty that covers it against manufacturing defects. Reputable stores usually offer the standard Varta car battery warranty that covers them for a reasonable amount of time.

Counterfeit batteries generally have no or a limited warranty coverage and duration, so making sure you're buying a unit that does give you a right to a replacement if there is a problem is a really good way of gauging whether a battery is genuine or not. As a rule of thumb, most car batteries should have at least a three-year warranty, as this is typically the period of time after which they can start to develop faults due to wear and tear.

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Where are Varta batteries made?

Varta batteries are made in Germany and the manufacturer has developed a reputation for quality and expertise over the 130 years the company has been in existence. Varta is Germany’s only consumer battery manufacturer in the country and upholds strict corporate values. It’s also committed to continuing its operations in Germany.

What is a Varta battery?

Varta is a world-renowned battery brand and its units are known for their durability. Varta makes batteries as a reliable source of energy for cars, motorhomes, trucks, and more. Varta vehicle batteries are trusted by its customers and are considered the premier options in the car battery industry.

Are Varta batteries AGM?

Varta does indeed manufacture AGM battery products for vehicles equipped with start-stop systems and other high-power requirements, alongside other battery types too. Its PowerFrame grid technology means Varta batteries can even meet the high energy consumption requirements of the very latest cars. Varta engineers precisely design each battery to provide durability and power, as well as reduce corrosion.

Are Varta car batteries sealed?

Varta offers a range of flooded lead-acid batteries, which have a sealed structure to prevent leakage. This feature allows for the internal reorganisation of oxygen and hydrogen, preventing loss of water. A single battery cell is equipped with a safety valve to prevent excessive pressure and maintain safety in the event of a failure.

What is the difference between Varta blue and silver?

The Varta Blue Dynamic EFB battery has high levels of durability, roughly twice that of a conventional battery. The Varta Silver Dynamic is also a high-quality unit, exceeding OEM specifications. These types typically come with a four- and five-year warranty respectively, but here at Orius, we offer a lifetime warranty on all products, including Varta blue and silver batteries.

The Difference Between Varta and Bosch Batteries

For many years, Bosch and Varta automobile batteries have offered the same specifications. They are similar sizes, have similar starting currents, and even similar manufacturing technology. The only significant difference between them is the label and catalogue number.

Here's how batteries from the two brands correspond:

Varta Black Dynamic batteries - Bosch S3 batteries

Varta Blue Dynamic batteries - Bosch S4 batteries

Varta Silver Dynamic batteries - Bosch S5 batteries

The Technology Behind Varta Automotive Batteries

Varta batteries PowerFrame Grid technology is designed to minimise corrosion that could potentially damage the battery, reducing maintenance and offering peace of mind for the user. The positive grid is constructed to provide the starting energy needed by your car.

This is a key component of the battery, which is triggered once you start the engine. The PowerFrame's grid, which allows for up to 70% more electrical flow, helps the car's electrical system perform better and results in more consistent starting power.

How Car Batteries Work

You might think that starting a car is as easy as turning a key or pressing a button, but underneath this straightforward process, the battery does all the hard work. When ignition begins, a signal is sent to the battery, and the chemical reaction starts inside.

This reaction produces electrical energy, which activates the starter motor and starts the engine. If the battery is dead, the lights may flicker, but the engine won't have the energy to function.

If you're planning to buy a reliable battery to power your start-stop vehicle, it's well worth considering opting for a Varta car battery. This brand has an excellent reputation and is associated with durability, power, and overall high-quality engineering.

Here at Orius Batteries, we offer an extensive stock of Varta batteries and other auto accessory parts, all at reasonable prices. Check out our product catalogue today!