what leisure battery size should I get

Many vacationers use caravans and motorhomes for off-the-grid getaways, in a bid to escape the busy city life. These vehicles use heavy-duty UK leisure batteries to power the demanding on-board electrical appliances, such as televisions and microwaves, that make your motorhome habitable and cosy. So, how do you choose the best leisure battery for your vehicle?

Before choosing a leisure battery, you should first review your caravan’s power requirements, your trip route, and the expected amenities at your destination. The best leisure battery for your trip will depend on the following:

  • How much power your vehicle requires and its Ampere Hours, whether you need a leisure battery 110ah or higher.
  • If there are any charging stations along the way.
  • If the camping facility has a 240v charging system.

The Right Category Of Leisure Battery for Your Trip

Here’s a rule of thumb: only purchase from a battery range that has been approved by the National Caravan Council – a UK-based agency that protects consumers from faulty batteries by testing and certifying them to verify their advertised specifications. For the customers’ convenience, the NCC has categorised all certified leisure batteries into three main groups.


    This is the highest grade of battery available in the market and is recommended for trips where there is no electrical hook-up system. They are designed to provide all the power required for an off-the-grid caravan or motorhome.


    This category is for trips with accessible hook-up charging posts and caravans with high power demands, such as those with a motor mover.


    These are low-capacity batteries designed for infrequent use. They are only recommended for trips to campsite facilities with a 240v system you can hook up to.

Different Types Of Leisure Batteries

When choosing the right type of leisure battery, you should consider your requirements and budget. There are four main types:

  1. Open Lead-Acid Battery

    These batteries are the most common option in the UK and are well suited for campsites that provide power for recharging. They have removable caps that allow you to replenish their electrolyte solution as needed. They are cost-effective but suitable for occasional use only.

  2. Sealed Lead-Acid Battery

    Unlike the first option, this type of battery does not have any removable caps. However, they are more convenient as they do not require any maintenance at all! They are suitable for campsites that provide power for recharging.

  3. AGM Battery
  4. Absorbent Glass Mat batteries consist of lead plates and compressed glass fibres. They are more expensive since they are spill-proof and leak-proof, and because they can withstand more battery cycles when compared to standard lead-acid batteries.

How to Find Leisure Batteries Near Me?

There are many suppliers of leisure batteries in the UK, but be sure to check out Orius Batteries first! We offer the best leisure batteries on the market. Our services also include fast and free delivery within the UK and the Scottish Highlands as standard.

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what leisure battery size should I get


How long will a leisure battery last?

On average, the lifespan of a leisure battery is about 2,000 cycles, which is defined as a full charge followed by a complete discharge. We recommend charging your battery every month even if it’s not being used to avoid corrosion on the battery plates, as this leads to early deterioration.

What's the difference between a leisure battery and a standard car battery?

They are similar in a way that they are both power sources for a vehicle. However, their main difference is based on how they supply the power to the vehicle. Automobile batteries create bursts of energy to start up the engine. In contrast, a leisure battery releases lower levels of energy over an extended period.

What is an AGM leisure battery?

Since they have no free-flowing liquid components, AGM leisure batteries are designed to be a safe, modern motorhome battery that allows for convenient storage and easy handling.

Why does my leisure battery keep going flat?

A leisure battery will typically become faulty due to battery drain or old age. There is also a possibility that a faulty charger is what’s affecting your battery’s functionality.

How often should you charge a leisure battery?

Make it a habit to do battery checks at least once a month. It is highly recommended that you remove your battery and charge it once every six weeks.

Top Tips To Take Care Of Your Leisure Batteries

Here are some of Orius’ top tips to make the most of your leisure batteries:

  • Make sure you use high-quality clamps. If you are using spring-loaded clamps, ensure that their surfaces are rust-free.
  • Always check the electrolyte level of your battery and top up using deionised water as necessary. Always remember to wear safety equipment when you’re inspecting the battery.
  • If you decide not to use your motorhome for an extended period, use a trickle charger to take care of your battery.

Charging Leisure Batteries Using A 240-Volt Charging System

If you are staying in campsites with a 240-volt power source, then this would be the best method of charging your campervan batteries.

The outside 240v power source should be plugged to your van via the inlet socket. The power will be distributed to two main areas: a 240v outlets in your van and the intelligent mains leisure battery charger. The latter will monitor the input and output levels to keep your leisure battery charged while you are connected to the campsite’s 240v supply.

Split-Charging Your Leisure Battery

Split-charging is a great way to ensure that your UK leisure battery is always charged and ready to power your motorhome’s electric appliances.

You will need a device that connects the automotive battery – the one that starts your vehicle’s engine – to your leisure battery, which powers all your appliances. With this method, you don’t have to manually monitor the charge of your leisure battery.

If you need professional advice about charging and fitting your leisure battery or you’d like some help searching for a brand new leisure battery for caravan or motorhome – Orius Batteries can help you out!