Are you looking for a replacement Bosch battery but have no idea which one to choose? Here in this blog, we’ll discuss some of the ways to determine whether you’re picking the best Bosch car battery for your car.

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Why choose Bosch car batteries?

Modern cars with a lot of features and technology built in, like start/stop systems and modern braking systems for example, need powerful batteries that deliver superior performance. Bosch batteries can provide you with the performance and power capacity your vehicle requires.

Special Bosch battery models like the Bosch car battery S5 A and S4 E can deliver more power than regular batteries, in addition to being able to survive many more charging cycles than the standard issue. Below, we’ll tell you how to spot a genuine quality Bosch battery from a counterfeit product, which is essential if you want the best buy for your budget.

Check whether your Bosch battery is genuine

To make sure you’re getting what you pay for, you need to know that the Bosch battery you’re thinking of buying is genuine. You can confirm this by checking for the Bosch Secure Code Label that’s found on all genuine Bosch products. A unique 18-digit code is listed on every Bosch battery, and the last 6 digits of that code are replicated on an accompanying hologram. Aside from the hologram check, you can also verify the entirety of the 18-digit code on Bosch’s website, which can be accessed at The code should be typed in all capital letters, without any spaces.

Take note that there are counterfeit products that can replicate the hologram, as well as the Bosch Secure Code Label. You can check the legitimacy of your battery’s hologram by holding it up to light. Genuine Bosch products will have a colourful hologram when exposed to light, while a counterfeit product will only react with a black or silver colour.

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Are Bosch car batteries any good?

Bosch car batteries are in the top five most powerful,  high-performance batteries on the market. They are popular for their unique technological features and longer lifespans, as well as their variable temperature resistance. Most importantly, these batteries come with a no-spill design for safety purposes.

Are Bosch batteries AGM?

Not all, but yes, Bosch does make AGM batteries, like the S6 High Performance AGM unit. This Bosch car battery specifications include excellent charge acceptance and peak power for cars that have start/stop systems, a very high electronic demand, and regenerative braking. The S6 model satisfies the highest starting and power supply requirements, even in extreme weather conditions.

Who makes Bosch car batteries?

Nowadays, one of the well-known manufacturers of Bosch car batteries is Exide Technologies. This manufacturer has operations in more than 80 countries and is considered one of the largest producers in the world, as well as being one of the most significant recyclers of lead-acid batteries.

How do I claim my Bosch battery warranty?

When making a claim under a Bosch auto battery warranty, you should take your car and the warranty folder to any Bosch car service point in the UK. Make sure your warranty folder includes the receipt or invoice for the battery and the battery test report which was provided when the unit was installed in the car.

Are Bosch car batteries maintenance-free?

The manufacturer states that its Bosch batteries are maintenance-free throughout their entire lifespan. This is because they consume only minimal levels of water, preventing the battery from being overworked and or suffering corrosion. Their latest model, the S6, features AGM technology and is said to be completely maintenance-free.

Guide To Charging A Bosch S4 Car Battery

Here are the steps to follow when charging Bosch car batteries:

  • Make sure the charger is switched off.
  • Connect the positive lead on the charger to the battery’s positive terminal.
  • Connect the negative lead to the battery’s negative terminal.
  • Adjust the charger so it’s set to its lowest charging rate.
  • Turn on the charger, setting the timer if applicable.
  • When charging is complete, switch off the charger, remove the positive terminal from the battery first, and then the negative one.

Advantages Of A Bosch Battery With EFB Technology

These are the advantages of a Bosch vehicle battery with EFB technology:

  • Reliable start-up at extremes of cold and hot temperatures.
  • High cycling rates - twice as high as conventional starter batteries.
  • Enhanced charging.
  • Extra polyester canvas between the separator and plate.
  • Great for drivers who only make short journeys.
  • High density of the active mass to provide a better current.
  • Completely maintenance-free.

A Guide To Checking A Battery’s Condition

Here’s how to check the condition of the starter operation of your Bosch automobile battery:

  • Test the battery to ensure it’s fully charged with a multimeter. The reading should be 12.6V if fully charged. A minimum of 12.4V (75% charge) is needed to properly test the starter system.
  • Inspect the battery connections. They should be clean, free from corrosion, and tightly connected.
  • Make sure the battery is securely and snugly fitted within the tray. All connections, e.g., the battery retaining bracket, should be clean and tight.

If you need help, feel free to contact Orius Batteries. As well as a huge range of batteries and accessories for all types of vehicle, our staff are more than willing to offer advice when you need it.