One of the deciding factors when it comes to shopping for any new auto battery is usually the price. A brand-new motorcycle battery can be very expensive, especially if you're looking at a high-end or well-known battery brand. In this blog, we'll offer some advice on how to find the ideal battery at the best price. We'll also look at how to choose motorcycle batteries that are right in terms of your bike's specifications.

how to choose a motorcycle battery that is reliable

1. Buy your battery from a second-hand store

If you are really limited when it comes to budget, and you need to replace your batteries as soon as possible, one option is to look for a second-hand motorcycle battery. Choose correctly, and you'll get a used motorcycle battery that will work on your bike but at a fraction of its original price.

There are risks, though, and you should be aware that a used bike battery is unlikely to last nearly as long as a new one. To make sure you get the maximum life for the price you pay, you should ask how old the battery is and check its manufacturing date on the battery case.

The average lifespan of a standard motorbike battery is between three and five years (though it can last longer if it's looked after properly), so one that's coming up to or past its third year may not have much mileage left in it. That's fine if you only want something to tide you over till you can buy a new one, but if you're hoping it will last for a while, be wary of older batteries.

Lastly, ask to see photos of the battery you're buying if you can't see it physically before you hand over your cash. You need to make sure the battery is in good condition, with no cracks, bulges or splits in the case. If the owner is reluctant to send photos or only sends you a stock photo of the battery in question, you're advised to steer clear of this purchase.

2. Buy new from online stores

If you want to know how to choose a motorcycle battery at home, make sure you give online stores a try. After all, they offer several advantages that can't be had anywhere else.

One of them is that it's easy to find the best prices. Buying a motorcycle battery from an online store means you can shop around for sales and discounts. These are usually highly visible on the company's own website or social media pages. A deal from an online store can come in various shapes and forms, aside from a straight price reduction. There may be cashback offers, vouchers, free shipping offers, freebies, or other incentives that are generally offered exclusively on the online platform.

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how to choose a motorcycle battery online


How do I choose a motorcycle battery?

  • Check your current battery's specifications.
  • Look for online reviews on batteries you're thinking of buying.
  • Consider top name brands with reputations for reliability.
  • Pick a unit that caters for your driving habits and factors like the weather in your area.
  • Opt for a maintenance-free, sealed unit for less hassle.

How many years should a motorcycle battery last?

On average, you can expect a sealed AGM battery to last around three to five years; but it could last up to eight years if you use and maintain it properly. The typical lead-acid battery is only guaranteed to perform at its best for two to three years - with five years as its maximum lifespan if well-maintained.

How do I check my motorcycle battery's health?

To check your battery health, you need to access the battery's terminals, so remove the cover. Don't disconnect the battery; just hold the black and red cables on a multimeter or voltmeter to the negative and positive terminals, respectively. Push the bike's start button and read the voltage on the multimeter display. A reading of 12.5V+ generally means a full charge.

When should I replace my motorcycle battery?

If your motorbike struggles to start, or if lights and your horn are dimmer than usual, it's time to start thinking about how to choose a motorcycle battery for replacement. If your battery's between three and five years old, it's typically time to look for a new one to save you from getting stranded when out and about.

Are there different sizes of motorcycle batteries?

Yes, if you're wondering how to choose a motorcycle battery without a charger, first check the dimensions of the space on your bike where the battery goes. Different bike manufacturers allot different-sized spaces, so choose one that matches the dimensions of your existing battery. Battery sizes can also vary depending on the voltage, the battery type, and so on.

Does it matter what battery I put in my motorcycle?

Yes, you need one that matches the specifications in your owner's manual. Buy the wrong battery, and it may not physically fit on your bike, and the vibrations as you ride can cause damage. You can generally buy a battery with higher than recommended specs with no problems, but lower specs mean your bike won't perform as it should.

Here's How To Pick A Motorbike Battery

Your new battery needs to fit snugly in the appropriate battery space so it doesn't move around while the bike's in motion. Therefore, first check the dimensions of your existing one. Next, you need to make sure the new battery matches your bike's specifications in terms of Cranking Amps, Cold Cranking Amps, Reserve Capacity and so on. Check in your owner's manual or online for the ideal specs for your make and model of bike.

When changing the battery, switch the engine off and remove the negative cable first, then the positive. Clean the area, fit the new battery and connect the wires in reverse order to avoid shorting the bike's electrical system.

A Quick Guide on How and What Motorcycle Battery to Choose

Here are some tips to follow when planning how to select a motorbike battery:

  • Shop around. Nowadays, there are plenty of places to buy batteries from and a vast choice of units to choose from. Don't settle for the first one you see; research until you find one that suits both your budget and your bike's requirements.
  • Check reviews. Read what previous and current users have to say about particular batteries in terms of performance and longevity, so you know you're investing in a reliable product.
  • Ask questions. Ask experts on bike forums and in stores to get their recommendations.

Motorbike Battery: What You Need To Know Before Buying One

How do you choose a battery for your motorcycle? As well as making sure you're buying a battery that matches your bike's specifications, you should also check the date of manufacture. Anything older than six months from this date means the battery has already begun to lose power and may not last as long. Check any requirements, such as how to maintain an unsealed battery to prolong its life as much as possible.

Check the battery over before you buy it if possible, and certainly before installing it for bulges, cracks or other signs of damage. Finally, make sure there's a fair warranty. Most sellers offer at least two years, and great sellers will give you a lifetime warranty, so you're protected if anything goes wrong.

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