Are you looking for a replacement for your existing Ford battery but don’t know where to start? We have you covered. In this article, we offer hints and tips on buying genuine Ford batteries. Listed below are some of the specifications you need to look for when choosing a replacement car battery.

how to choose a genuine ford battery

1. Check the battery’s size

Before parting with any money, you should check first whether the dimensions of any new battery will fit your Ford vehicle. What you need to know is the battery group size for your vehicle, which you can find in your Ford owner’s manual. Some vehicles support multiple battery sizes, so if this is the case for your car, make sure you have your manual or the details handy when you visit a dealership or battery shop so that you can properly consider all your options.

Buying a battery of the right size for your vehicle is important, because a smaller battery won’t be tightly fixed in place and so will vibrate while you drive. That can drastically reduce its useable lifespan. A larger battery, on the other hand, might not fit into the appropriate compartment at all.

2. Check the cold cranking amps (CCA) rating

Cold Cranking Amps (known as CCA) determines the ability of your battery to deliver power for 30 continuous seconds at a temperature of -17oC. CCA is a good indicator of how car batteries will perform over the winter months. Genuine Ford batteries have decent CCA ratings.

To make sure you won’t have any problems with your battery even in cold conditions, a genuine Ford battery should meet the CCA requirements stated in the manual of your car. Alternatively, it should at least meet the CCA rating of the old battery in your Ford vehicle. If you live in parts of the UK that experience colder winters, a higher CCA-rated battery will make your life much easier on those early morning starts.

3. Look at the reserve capacity

The reserve capacity rating of a battery determines its ability to supply power without being connected to a running alternator. This is another performance indicator of vehicle batteries, and a genuine Ford battery in the UK will have a high reserve capacity rating.

4. Check the warranty

Genuine batteries have extended warranty coverage, both in terms of duration and parts covered. If you are buying a brand-new battery, you should also check whether there is a free replacement period.

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where to buy a genuine ford battery


How long does a Ford car battery last?

A genuine Ford battery will last between four and seven years under the right conditions. If you drive your car every day and keep the battery fully charged, then it may last longer than the standard lifespan. However, as soon as you notice any signs of it failing, you should think about replacing it.

What brand of battery does Ford use?

There are many original vehicle battery brands that are suitable for Ford car models. While you can purchase a battery from a Ford dealer, you aren’t limited to OEM parts. Other reputable names in the battery world like Varta and Bosch produce compatible batteries. Just make sure you get the right match for your car model, so you don’t waste money.

How do you put a battery in a Ford Fiesta?

First, remove the negative terminal of the vehicle battery by using the appropriate size wrench. Second, remove the positive terminal using the same tool. Third, use the socket wrench and the right size socket to remove the hold-down bolts that clamp into the battery tray. Lastly, install the battery carefully by reversing the instructions above.

How do you reset the battery on a Ford Fiesta?

To reset the battery on a Ford Fiesta, simply turn your car on for ten seconds. Press the fog lamp switch for five times and then the hazard light switch three times. When the battery light flashes, turn the engine off and you’re good to go.

Types Of Battery Chargers You Should Know About

There are three main types of charger for a genuine Ford Focus battery or other type of battery:

  • Linear charger. Recharge your battery at any wall socket. Running continuously, it takes around 12 hours to fully charge a battery and if not then switched off, can damage the battery by overcharging.
  • Multi-stage charger. Works in bursts of power instead of continuous charge. A better choice for battery cells, it prevents long-term damage and charges quicker.
  • Trickle charger. This charger operates at a low power output level, so isn’t suitable for charging a dead battery but can maintain a charge if not using the vehicle for long periods.

Guides On Testing Your Car Battery

Below are some steps you can follow to test your car battery:

  • Make sure that the engine isn’t running and open the car bonnet.
  • Use a real car battery tester.
  • Follow the given instructions on the battery tester and connect the terminals to the correct pins.
  • Press the buttons to begin the test.
  • The voltage reading shows the condition of your car battery. If the reading is higher than 12V, it means that the battery is still good. If the reading is lower, then you may need a new one.

How To Jump-Start Your Car

Here’s how to use jump leads:

  • Position the two cars. Place the two cars together.
  • Connect the red and black jump leads. Connect the red jump lead’s crocodile clip to the positive terminal on car battery number two, then the other end to car battery number one. The black lead should connect the negative terminal of battery 2 to an earthing point on Car 1.
  • Start Car 2’s engine and let it run for five minutes. Remove the clips in reverse order.
  • Drive Car 1 for around 15 minutes to recharge the battery enough for it to start on its own.

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