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Nobody wants to end up with a fake motorbike battery – they are usually cheap at first glance but will cost you more in the long run. Installing any battery that motorbikes can run with is not advised, and you should seek to invest in a high-quality product from a reliable supplier.

According to the World Health Organization, around 36,000 deaths and 1.5 million injuries on a yearly basis have been directly linked to defective vehicle parts. Meanwhile, an estimated 3% of the global trade is made up of counterfeit goods, amounting to $461 billion. These include fake spark plugs, brake parts, fuel pumps, injectors, and even batteries.

To make sure that you are paying for a safe and high-quality motorbike battery, you need to be wary when shopping for one. Finding a product at a bargain price is always exciting, and a great deal often snapped up immediately, no questions asked. You have to be careful, though, as the price may indicate products of inferior quality, if not potentially hazardous.

If something is too good to be true, then it is most likely not genuine. This cliche has stood the test of time and is applicable to most things, including that bargain motorcycle battery ytx9-bs you just found online.

The first thing to mull over is the battery packaging, have a close look and check for low-quality packaging print such as misaligned designs or incorrect grammar and spelling. Proper presentation is a crucial factor for brands that want to carve out a significant market share, and poor quality packaging is dubious because it indicates a desire to cut costs and likely cut corners.

When you are looking at options for a battery-powered motorbike, it is best to have the original battery as a reference. This way, you have the advantage of being able to spot anything that is not the same as the original. Having an authentic item to compare with, makes it easier for you to determine if the one you are buying is not fake.

Always check the manufacturer’s list of authorised dealers too. This is one of the easiest and surest ways to avoid a counterfeit battery for your motorcycle. And, finally, when shopping online, take some time to go through reviews, seller feedback and check out the company’s physical office address to ensure their authenticity.

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Should I get a lithium battery for my motorcycle?

Yes. While lithium-based two-wheeled vehicle batteries are a bit expensive, they are well worth investing in. These batteries are lighter, have a slower discharge rate, and perform better in cold temperatures. However, they often need special chargers depending on the type.

What is the longest-lasting motorcycle battery?

The Battery Tender Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery is our recommendation. These receive great feedback from our customers as they are relatively lightweight and simple to install. Most importantly, these auto batteries have a lifespan up to five times longer than lead-acid batteries.

When should I replace my motorcycle battery?

When your motorcycle engine struggles to turn over, particularly if the weather is mild, your battery will likely need a replacement imminently. On average, your battery will need changing once every three to five years or so to prevent unexpected breakdowns.

Why is my motorcycle battery not holding a charge?

There are three possible things as to why your motorcycle battery isn’t holding a charge anymore. There may be a charging problem, a bad battery, or the battery is drained. By properly charging voltage at the battery, you can conclude a charging issue is at fault.

Does it matter what battery I put in my motorcycle?

While you may know you need a battery for your motorbike, manufacturers and models often have widely varying requirements. We recommend choosing an AGM battery if you are looking for a low-maintenance solution or if you don’t want to charge it so often.

Guide On Buying Motorcycle Batteries

Are you planning to buy a new motorcycle battery anytime soon? Check out this guide!

  • Choose a battery with good performance feedback. Make sure to fit motor batteries that are known to be reliable.
  • Consider the climate. If you live in a place with extreme weather conditions, you need a battery with a higher CCA rating.
  • Think about your driving routines. If you tend to take shorter trips, you should look for a battery that doesn’t need to be recharged as often.
  • Consult a professional about the best battery. Suppliers can often offer great advice regarding the battery you should get.

A Guide to Motorcycle Battery Maintenance

To maintain the condition of your motorcycle battery, you should check each of the following at least twice a month:

  • Keep the terminals clean. If the electric connections are dirty, your motorcycle will have a tough time turning the engine over.
  • Riding style. Short trips tend to drain the battery at a faster rate, so make sure to take occasional longer trips.
  • Use a smart charger. Make sure to use a smart charger to maintain your battery’s charge when not in use, and prevent overcharging.

Tips For Charging Motorbike Batteries

The most common types of battery charger include:

  • Trickle charger. These are fully-manual battery motorcycle chargers, so you have to monitor the charging process until it’s completed.
  • Smart charger. These are very popular at present thanks to their Desulfation Mode.
  • Float charger. Contains circuitry that keeps track of your battery’s charge.

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