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How much is a Mercedes-Benz battery? This is one thing many car owners don’t necessarily think about when they make the decision to buy a Mercedes. But after a few years, when the battery is beginning to show signs of deterioration, it becomes a more important question. After all, the battery is one of the most critical parts of any car. Buy the wrong Mercedes battery and you may end up paying over the odds for it. You might even be sacrificing not only your car’s performance, but your own safety as well.

Interestingly, you will get a huge range of answers when you ask various battery distributors how much a Mercedes-Benz battery is. The price can come in at anything from £315 to as high as £1,248. That’s because there are a host of factors that can influence the price of a car battery. The most important is the kind of battery you’re buying.

AGM Batteries for Mercedes-Benz

Experts usually advise owners of Mercedes-Benz cars to opt for AGM batteries, which is unsurprising as most Mercedes are, by default, equipped with an AGM battery at point of sale.

AGM batteries have a relatively long life even if you maximise their deep cycling capabilities. They can provide high amounts of current any time you need it. They do have higher manufacturing costs than other types of batteries, and therefore cost more for the car owner to buy, but this is outweighed by their long lifespans.

They also perform better and last longer than their counterparts in extremes of temperature, whether during long, hot summers or freezing cold winters. In this respect too, they will outperform more basic kinds of car batteries, so when you’re asking how much is a Mercedes-Benz auxiliary battery or main battery, don’t be surprised if the price you’re quoted is much higher than if you were looking for a standard lead-acid unit. You pay more, but should also get up to twice as many years’ use out of your purchase.

Other Factors That Affect Battery Price

Another factor that can hike up the cost of getting a new Mercedes battery is the charge for labour if you ask a garage to fit it for you. This is one area where it could pay to shop around, because some service providers can end up quoting extortionate prices for the battery plus labour costs.

If you intend to go down this route, ask any garage or dealership you’re thinking of using for a breakdown of their charges so you can clearly see how much the battery and labour each cost.

Importance Of Buying The Right Batteries

The next time you’re asking how much is a Mercedes-Benz C300 battery for your car, don’t just opt for the lowest quote, though. It’s more about getting the right battery at a reasonable price.

Why is this important? Mercedes admits that one of the most common reasons why their car owners have to call for roadside assistance is because of battery problems. There are various factors that can adversely affect even the most powerful and high-performance batteries, shortening their predicted lifespan or resulting in malfunctions when you’re least expecting them. Not only is breaking down stressful, it can also be dangerous if your battery suddenly stops working properly while you’re driving.

This is why it’s important to go to a trusted expert seller to buy a replacement car battery for your Mercedes. Orius Batteries can recommend the right battery for your car, taking into account your specific needs based on your car model, the way you drive, how often you use your car, and so on – as well as your budget. You can call Orius Batteries on 01772 348317 or email us for advice at [email protected].

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How long does a Mercedes-Benz battery last?

The lifespan of Mercedes-Benz car battery can vary depending on a host of factors, including the climate your car is kept in, your driving habits, and more. The way you maintain and look after your battery can also play a part. But as a general rule, it’s estimated AGM batteries in a Mercedes will last around six to eight years.

What kind of battery does Mercedes use?

Most Mercedes cars come from the factory fitted with AGM H8 batteries. When you shop for a replacement battery, look for a Group 49 AGM battery. AGM batteries tend to be the recommended option for Mercedes-Benz cars, as these offer the higher power needed to keep up with the heavy electrical burden placed on the car by its accessories.

Do Mercedes have two batteries?

Some of Mercedes’ models have two batteries. There’s a main starter battery in the boot with a secondary, smaller battery under the bonnet, near the windshield on the passenger side of the car. The charging system needed to support this set-up is highly sophisticated, as it has to balance the alternator's output across both batteries.

Why does my Mercedes battery keep dying?

You could experience automotive battery drains with your Mercedes if the installed electronic equipment is constantly drawing power from the battery, even while it’s parked up. Battery problems can also crop up If the electrical system is defective, or the CAN (Controller Area Network) Bus or Control Unit develops a fault.

How many volts is a Mercedes car battery?

This depends on the charge level of your battery and whether the engine is running or the car is parked up. A completely charged battery measures around 12.6 volts or above. If your engine is running, the battery voltage should read somewhere between 13.7 and 14.7 volts.

Mercedes-Benz Car Battery Replacement

Price shouldn’t be the sole determining factor when you change your car’s battery, so as well as asking how much does a Mercedes-Benz battery cost, here are the other factors you should take into account:

  • Group size. Choosing the wrong size battery can affect the performance of your vehicle. Check your owner’s manual for the right size battery to buy.
  • AGM Battery. While these are on the pricey side, they are known for their safer and better performance, and longer lifespan than standard batteries. Investing in an AGM battery can save you money over the longer term.
  • Cold Cranking Amps (CCA). This refers to the capacity of the battery to start the engine in cooler temperatures. Make sure you choose the right CCA for your vehicle and your location.

Things To Know About A Car Battery

You may know your battery is vital to the smooth running of your car, but how can you look after it so it keeps running smoothly for longer, and how do you know when it needs replacing? Here are some factors to bear in mind.

  • Maintaining your battery. Considering how much Mercedes-Benz batteries are to replace, you should keep on top of maintenance to prolong their life. Check that the terminals are clean at all times, are free of corrosion, and tightly secured.
  • Warning signs you need a new battery. If the engine doesn’t crank, and the battery light on the dashboard is on, your battery may have reached the end of its useful lifespan.
  • Battery water refill schedule. Unless your battery is a sealed unit, check it once a month and top it up with distilled water if levels are low.
  • The lifespan of a battery. On average, a vehicle battery last around five to seven years. Start thinking about replacing it once it reaches this age.

Now that you have a better idea of how Mercedes-Benz car batteries work and how much they cost, you can find what you need at Orius Batteries! We offer batteries for all makes and models at the best prices. Check out our online store now.