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With proper care and maintenance, you can help extend the service life of your car battery for a good number of years. However, no battery lasts forever, so you’re bound to have to buy a replacement eventually. So you can budget for the purchase and make an informed decision when you buy a new one, it’s well worth finding out about car battery prices in advance. If you’re wondering “how much is a car battery?”, then this blog will tell you everything you need to know.

Average Car Battery Pricing

In the UK, the price of new car batteries depends on several factors, such as the brand of battery you’re looking at, the length of the warranty the battery comes with, and whether the battery comes equipped with any above-standard technology.

A fresh, conventional battery is usually priced somewhere in the range of £60 to £150, while batteries designed for vehicles which are equipped with start/stop technology are around 20% to 25% more expensive. The difference is because of the higher power demand required by newer car models. You can expect these higher-tech batteries to cost somewhere in the range of £110 to £190.

Variations In Car Battery Prices

You might be wondering why isn’t there a uniform price for car batteries. That’s because a number of factors influence and eventually determine the car battery cost that you see online or at a store near you.

Some of these factors include:

  • Car battery brand – Car batteries are available as branded or generic items. Generic batteries, i.e. ones with no well-known brand name, tend to cost less, as they lack some of the extra features that branded batteries have.

    Also, branded batteries are priced higher because you’re paying for the name and reputation of established, specialist and reputable companies.

  • Cold Cranking Amperes (CCA) – Your vehicle’s ignition is affected by the type of climate in your location, depending on the time of the year. CCA refers to the measured power that a battery has when starting a car during cold weather.

    Because this rating is so important to ensure reliable performance, especially in winter, you can expect batteries with higher CCA to be more expensive than cheap car batteries with lower ratings.

  • Battery Group Size – Another factor that influences car battery prices is the specific group size that the battery falls under. That takes into account each battery’s dimensions, such as length, height, and width.

    Larger units tend to have a heftier price tag than other smaller batteries. Which you choose depends on the size of the space in your vehicle to fit the battery into.

  • Warranty – When a product comes with a warranty, it’s a sign that the materials used to create it are durable and high-quality. It’s your assurance that if the unit suffers from faulty workmanship or premature failure, you can get a replacement battery without having to pay twice.

    As you might expect, the longer the warranty, the pricier the battery will be. It’s worth noting that some companies offer a lifetime warranty on their products; given the cost of replacement batteries, that’s definitely an option worth considering.

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    How long should it take to charge a car battery?

    A car battery of average size and charge amp of about 4 to 8 amperes usually takes about 10 hours to a full day to charge completely. If you just want to charge your battery enough to be able to start the engine, you’ll need about two to four hours of charging time.

    It’s also possible to fast-charge your car battery, but this isn’t usually advisable, as it could potentially cause lasting damage to the unit.

    Are all car batteries the same?

    No, they aren’t. Car batteries vary in all sorts of ways and are specially designed to work with different vehicle specifications, based on make and model.

    Since car batteries themselves vary so much, you can expect the costs to differ as well. So there’s no single easy answer to “how much are car batteries?”; but by understanding the differences between the options on offer, you can make sure you buy the right one without wasting money.

    How often should you change your car battery?

    Generally speaking, it’s good practice to replace a car battery once every four or five years. However, because the typical length of batteries lives can vary widely depending on a number of factors, it’s a good idea to check you really need a new one before deciding to get a replacement.

    Once your car battery shows signs of failing or starts to have issues, it’s often a good time to visit a garage for a check-up and ask how much to fit a car battery.

    How much will it cost to replace an alternator?

    The average cost for a remanufactured alternator replacement on a regular car is anywhere between £230 and £385, including the parts and labour fee. If you’re looking to get a new alternator, though, you can expect to pay around £385 to £770.

    Why does my car battery keep dying overnight?

    A car battery might die overnight for several reasons. For example, the battery might have charging problems; the alternator may be unable to cope with the power demands placed on it; your battery connections may be loose or corroded; there may be a persistent electrical drain somewhere in the system; or even simply extreme weather conditions.

    Why Your Car Battery Keeps Dying

    There are several possible reasons why your car battery keeps on dying on you. If this is happening more and more often, you should get the problem seen to as soon as possible. Typical reasons for battery drain include:

    • Headlights left on
    • Old/deteriorating battery
    • Faulty/dirty connections
    • Extreme cold or heat
    • Malfunctioning charging system

    Once you notice signs of a failing battery, don’t wait for it to completely die on you. Head to a garage or battery store online and ask for a vehicle battery price quote right away!

    How To Get Longer Car Battery Life

    The average car battery life ranges between two and five years, depending on certain factors such as the frequency of maintenance and the temperatures in your area.

    To get the most out of your battery and the automobile battery price you paid, consider these tips:

    • Make sure your battery is tightly fastened in place.
    • Turn off all the lights when you get out of the vehicle.
    • Clean off any corrosion ASAP.
    • Test your battery’s condition regularly.
    • Avoid using electronics when your car is idle.

    Things To Know About Car Batteries

    Batteries don’t last forever, so recognising that there’s a problem early on is crucial for avoiding unwanted breakdowns.

    The average car battery lasts about five years at most, but some high-end models batteries can last even longer. Getting one of these may be pricier at first, but you could end up saving money on early replacements in the long run.

    When you experience any signs of a failing battery, such as difficulty getting the motor started, the best way to deal with it is by checking out Orius Batteries’ online store and looking at your options when it comes to the price for auto battery replacement.