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Every car owner will need to deal with car battery costs and buy a replacement at some point. Car batteries typically only last a few years, and regularly getting fresh replacements is the key to better vehicle performance and avoiding serious breakdowns. Because of this, it is wise to first do some research on car battery prices to ensure you're getting good value for your money.

Compared to other aspects of car maintenance, buying a replacement battery is relatively inexpensive. Low-end car batteries will typically cost around £40, while the premium ones can cost well above £100.

Now, you may be wondering why the price varies so much between products. The answer is that car battery cost is influenced by many different factors. Aside from the individual price rates of dealerships, the car batteries themselves can be vastly different from each other. There are several key elements that affect a car battery's price:

1. Materials

Car batteries vary widely in terms of the material components used to make them. Cheaper batteries will be made of low-cost materials that get the job done, while more expensive batteries will use higher-quality materials which result in better performance.

Here are some common materials used in the production of car batteries:

  • Lead - This is the most common material for car batteries and is used for the widely available lead-acid battery technology. This material makes for durable, reliable batteries that are inexpensive to replace when damaged. Lead-acid batteries can manage up to 20,000 starts for your vehicle.
  •  Calcium - Batteries made of calcium are a little more durable than lead ones, and also provide superior starting power. You can expect up to 18% more starting power with these, making them great for driving in cold weather. Calcium batteries can also provide up to 30,000 starts within the average lifespan.
  • Silver calcium - This is a premium material used in many high-end batteries. Silver calcium batteries have 30% more starting power than their lead-acid counterparts and can provide up to 50,000 starts!

2. AH And CCA

Rating Batteries are rated according to Amp Hours (AH) and Cold Cranking Amps (CCA). AH indicates how long the battery can continue to function without recharging, while CCA is the amount of power it can use to start your car in freezing conditions.

Depending on your requirements, you might need a car battery with a high rating in both of these. For instance, diesel model cars and vehicles with large engines will need more power. Of course, with high ratings in both of these categories, you can expect that the car battery cost will increase as well.

However, if your car doesn't have high power requirements, then buying a battery with excessively high AH and CCA ratings would be a waste of money. Carefully consider your needs before shopping for a replacement.

3. Advanced Technology

Car batteries used to be very simple things. Batteries in the past were just a big block of cells that held a charge, and this was enough to power a vehicle back in the day.

But today, with more complex cars than ever before, the power that the standard car battery can offer is no longer enough. Many cars nowadays employ on-board computers, start-stop technology, and various accessories like air conditioning, airbags, and navigation systems.

To keep up with the power demands of newer vehicles, many modern batteries come equipped with advanced technologies. These come with a higher car battery price than your typical lead-acid variant, but they can power your car's cutting-edge features without a problem. Not only that, but they offer top-level performance as well, providing a whopping 360,000 starts.

There are two types of advanced car batteries:

  • Advanced Flooded Battery (AFB) - Also known as "EFB" or "ECM" batteries, they are more powerful and durable than regular car batteries. AFBs are on the cheaper side when it comes to advanced battery options and are commonly used in entry-level vehicles with start-stop technology. If you own a high-tech vehicle but want to spend less money, this option is ideal for you.

  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) - AGM batteries are the most advanced option and offer the highest level of functionality and performance for your vehicle. They are not interchangeable with less advanced battery types, and will often need a software reconfiguration to be done whenever they are fitted in your car.

    Because of the complexity of the fitting process, we recommend getting a professional to do it for you, though this does mean additional costs. If you want the best performance possible for your vehicle and don't mind shelling out a bit more cash, AGM batteries are the way to go.

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