Like every other battery, the battery in your Audi TT will reach its limit one day, depending on how well you treat it day to day. When your battery is dead, it must be replaced before you can drive your car again. In this blog, we will discuss the cost associated with changing the car battery for Audi TT. In addition, we will also go through some essential things to know when changing an Audi battery.

how to take care of a car battery for audi tt

The costs of getting an Audi TT battery replacement are dependent on a few factors. First, the price of the battery replacement depends on the battery itself. At Orius Batteries, the cost of batteries compatible with Audi TT vehicles varies from £83 to £200. This price for a battery is based mainly on the specifications, along with other factors, which will be discussed later in this blog.

Having your Audi battery installed by a professional car mechanic can cost £5 to £50. The difference in labour costs depends on a few factors. The first factor is the service centre in which you want your battery to be replaced. Some garages charge more, simply because they are more popular. Other factors include the amount of time that the replacement takes, the difficulty of replacing the batteries for your car’s model, and the location of the car battery compartment.

Some stores will offer to install the battery for you free of charge, as long as you purchase from their store. Take note that buying from an online store will mean that you will have to install the battery yourself unless you call in a car mechanic to come to your home and arrange for the battery’s installation.

How often should you replace your car’s battery

Most mechanics recommend that you look into replacing your car battery every two to five years or so, depending on how worn down it is and how well you maintain it. Your battery’s lifespan primarily depends on the climate in which you drive, the battery type, and how often it is used.

Avoid buying batteries that were manufactured more than six months ago since they already have a degraded lifespan by just sitting on the shelf unused. Other things to look for include the quality of the components used in the battery, as well as its case, especially if you are driving mainly in colder parts of the UK.

There are many different signs that your battery is close to dying. These include dimmer interior lightning, electrical problems, corroded battery terminals, and sluggish engine response whenever you start the vehicle. If you observe one or more of the signs above, prepare to purchase a battery replacement soon, especially if your battery has already served you for three or more years.

Factors affecting the price of a battery

1. Capacity

The capacity of a battery is listed as its Ah rating, with Ah standing for ‘ampere-hours’. Average car batteries have capacities of around 50Ah. 50Ah means that the battery can provide 12 volts of electricity at a rate of 50 Amperes/hour. The battery mainly provides power for starting the car’s engine, and is also responsible for providing power to other electronics in the vehicle, like the headlights, radio, etc., when the engine is turned off.

2. CCA rating

CCA rating, or cold-cranking amps, is a rating that defines the ability of a battery to provide a minimum of 7.2 volts for 30 continuous seconds at about -18°C, or 0 °F.

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how much is a car battery for audi tt


Can I replace my Audi battery?

Yes. However, whilst replacing the battery in most cars is straightforward, this is not so with the new Audi. You can still install other parts of your car, such as the fuse and even the auto battery for Audi TT yourself, but to reprogramme the system, you’ll need to take it to a dealer or utilise diagnostic software like VCDS.

How long does an Audi battery last?

The life of an Audi automobile battery varies based on the Audi TT battery specification and requirements. However, on average, a car battery should last at least three to five years. Although proper battery care can increase its life, it is common to replace a battery every three years.

How much does an Audi battery cost?

The average cost of replacing an Audi battery is between £300 and £315. Labour costs are estimated to be between £65 and £83, with parts costing £234. This can be a bit much for many car owners, but fortunately, some reputable shops like Orius Batteries sell these products at a much lower price.

What battery does Audi use?

Audi vehicles typically use AGM batteries, also known as Absorbent Glass Mat batteries, which are a more advanced type of lead-acid battery. These batteries are designed to do two things: deliver intense bursts of starting amps and run devices for an extended period. And here’s the big deal: they usually last longer than a standard flooded battery.

How do you charge an Audi battery?

Open the bonnet link. Remove the positive terminal’s cover. Connect the charger wires to the jump-start terminals using the proper approach (terminal with cap = “positive,” terminal with hexagon = “negative”). Connect the battery charger to the power supply and turn it on.

Where is the battery in an Audi Car?

An automobile battery for Audi TT is located in the centre of the cowling. When you unclip the cover of the box, you should see the battery with two connections connected to it. The positive and negative terminals should be labelled.

Signs To Change Car battery

The vehicle battery for Audi TT is practically its lifeblood. A battery not only starts your engine, but also powers all of your vehicle’s electrical components. You’ll be driving nowhere with nothing playing on the radio if your battery isn’t charged.

That said, there are a few crucial warning signs that indicate your battery’s life is nearing an end. The first factor is the appearance of your’ check engine’ light. This is typically caused by a slowing down of your battery, but it could also be caused by a problem with your vehicle’s alternator.

Pay close attention to how your vehicle reacts when it starts.

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your battery’s condition so you don’t end up stuck in the middle of nowhere with a car that won’t start. Here are common warning signs that your automobile battery is about to die:

  1. A slow-starting engine: The components inside your battery will wear out and become less effective over time. When this happens, the battery takes longer to charge the starter, and you’ll have to wait a few seconds longer for the engine to start. A delayed start is frequently the last gasp of a battery before it dies.
  2. Dim lights and faulty electrical functions: The battery powers all of your vehicle’s electronics, from the lights to the radio to the dashboard computer. If the battery is losing charge, it will be more difficult to run these devices at full power. The more you plug into your car while driving, such as a phone charger, the faster your battery will expire.
  3. ‘Check Engine’ light is on: The check engine light in most vehicles can represent almost anything, and it may illuminate when your battery is running low on power. Check your owner’s manual and have your battery inspected by a mechanic to ensure it is operating at full capacity. If it isn’t, you should have it replaced.

Tips To Maintain The Power Of A Car Battery

During its lifetime, a car battery is subjected to extreme temperatures. The immense heat created by the engine degrades the battery capacity quickly. In cold weather, a battery can survive up to five years. But in hot weather, the battery’s lifespan is reduced to about three years.

When your car is turned on and operating, the alternator continuously charges the battery. When a vehicle sits idle for several days, the battery rapidly loses charge and only sometimes exceeds the minimum amount of charge required to start the car. When this scenario occurs regularly, the battery’s lifespan degrades, leaving your car vulnerable to a sudden breakdown.

To keep your car’s battery healthy and working for many years, here are some tips you can follow:

  1. Run your vehicle at regular intervals.
  2. Reduce battery consumption when the engine is turned off.
  3. Keep the battery clean as much as possible.
  4. Reduce exposing the battery to high temperatures.
  5. Regularly check the battery’s voltage every month.
  6. Pour distilled water into the battery when needed.
  7. Keep the battery insulated.

Getting a car battery replacement for your Audi TT shouldn’t cause you major headaches, especially when you know the kind and type of car batteries for Audi TT you’re looking for and where to look.

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