Climbing into the driver’s seat of your vehicle, attempting to power it up and discovering that nothing happens is one of the toughest feelings for any car owner. It’s most likely a sign that your auto battery has died and will need to be jump-started or replaced. Many people in this scenario tend to panic and end up paying any ridiculous car battery price just to get back on the road, so it’s important to get well-acquainted with how much one should actually pay for a replacement. So how much does a car battery cost in the UK on average?

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Vehicle battery costs tend to vary wildly from seller to seller, with some stores offering products at a very high price markup. The battery type plays a huge part in determining the price as well.

The costs can be anywhere between £60 and £150 in the UK for a standard, conventional battery. Meanwhile, for batteries for cars equipped with start/stop technology, you can expect to pay £110 to £190. Since start/stop technology is more demanding on batteries, these products are usually 20% to 25% more costly than the typical models.

In addition to the expense of the battery, professional fitting services increase the overall cost of the replacement. Some independent workshops charge an average of £181 for a traditional battery upgrade, while some dealers charge up to £276 — including battery and labour costs — according to a Ford Fiesta survey in which people were asked: “how much for a battery for a Ford Fiesta”?

Should You Buy A Cheap Battery At The Cost Of Quality?

Even if the cost of a new car battery isn’t particularly expensive, some people go to great lengths to save money. When they have an ageing battery that has to be replaced, they opt to install a cheap, low-quality car battery under their bonnet.

Although such purchases may sound like a great bargain initially, they can come at a higher price in the long run. Inexpensive, low-quality batteries might only last a year or two until they begin to malfunction again, forcing you to buy another one prematurely.

With that being said, some reputable sellers do offer high-quality options are great prices. The important thing to remember when it comes to selecting car batteries is to look for quality. When you know your vehicle has a high-quality battery, you’ll feel much more secure about driving it around. Although a high-quality battery tends to cost marginally higher, it will more than pay for itself simply by lasting longer.

Factors Affecting Car Battery Cost

What factors influence the car battery price? One of the main factors that determine the price of a car battery is its estimated lifetime.

Although most batteries are expected to last up to four years, higher-end brands will last up to five years before having to be replaced. Furthermore, when it comes to calculating the average expense, size class, vehicle type, and any specific specifications (such as improved cold and corrosion resistance) will all play a role.

Since lightweight batteries decrease the burden on your vehicle, they are often less costly. The efficiency of various battery technologies warrants a significant price difference as well.

Do I Need To Buy The Same Brand of Battery?

Most brands of car batteries are almost equal if you want like for like; they come in a variety of different kinds, from lead acid to AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) and gel, and of course, have different power ratings. A 3.0-litre diesel V6 engine, for example, needs much more starting power than a 600 cc three-cylinder petrol engine. As such, you need to ask yourself a much more specific question, like “how much does a car battery cost for a Toyota Corolla”?

This means there’s a lot more competition — replacement batteries don’t have to be labelled as a main dealer-only part, and you can get them from a variety of places. These include high-street automobile accessories stores, independent motor factories, primary dealers, and, of course, independent workshops.

Additional Costs

Depending on where the battery is located and how long it takes to install, a mechanic can charge £10 to £50 to install a car battery. If your car’s battery fails on the road, consider another roadside assistance service instead of calling a tow truck. Some car owners reported spending an average of £120 for the battery and installation as part of the roadside assistance.

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How long should a new car battery last?

Most car batteries can last three years, but you can also carry out proper maintenance tasks to help lengthen your battery’s lifespan. Many factors can shorten your battery life, such as climate, driving patterns, and even the battery’s brand. Once your battery dies, you’ll have to start searching “what is the price of a car battery”?

Why is a car battery important?

The battery of your car is the central power hub that provides energy for all electrical components to function. The battery gives power to your vehicle’s lights, stereo, GPS, and wipers whenever your engine is turned off while also acting as a surge protector.

Does a good car battery improve performance?

A stronger battery helps to prevent the engine from overheating. This means that your car can always continue to function at peak performance. Not only that, but a more robust car battery would help in reducing the fuel consumption of your car.

What are the benefits of a new car battery?

Your vehicle can also be reborn as if it was newly bought if you replace your old battery with a new one. With a new battery set in place, your vehicle will be able to perform much more efficiently, and you would also stop experiencing battery discharge issues. Newer car batteries would also recharge a lot faster than old units.

Should you replace your car battery before it dies?

Car batteries are crucial. If your vehicle battery suddenly stops working, you and your car won’t be going anywhere.

To avoid such situations, it’s recommended to regularly check your battery. Take note of when you first installed it so that you’ll know when to replace it. It also pays to ask “how much do car batteries cost” beforehand.

What Factors Affect Vehicle Battery Cost

How much do you pay for a car battery? This question cannot be answered straightforwardly because numerous variables can affect the price of a car battery.

One of the leading factors is the type of battery. Different batteries also have different uses, and most batteries are called “SLI”, which means starting, lighting, and ignition. This means that the battery was designed to help in starting the car while also providing power for the lights and other electrical components and features.

The design of your car battery also dramatically affects the costs needed. There are two main long-standing kinds of battery: Wet-Cell batteries and Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid batteries. SLI batteries are an example of Wet-Cell batteries. Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid batteries are more expensive than the former, but they are also more reliable.

Car Battery Replacement Costs

The costs of replacing a battery differ from one battery to another. Although most people think that replacing car batteries is very expensive, it’s relatively cheap compared to most other car parts.

The brands of the batteries and the sizes of your car engine and the car battery are some of the variables that affect the rates of replacing car batteries. If you search “how much does a car battery cost in the UK”, you’ll find varying price ranges of as low as £60 to as high as £200 or even more.

Although having a professional mechanic is not necessary when replacing your battery, it is still highly recommended, especially if you don’t have the know-how to perform such a task. Even if the car battery replacement cost would increase after hiring a professional mechanic, this is nothing compared to the risk you can put your car into if you decide to replace your battery yourself without any mechanical experience. The costs of fixing such problems would most probably be higher than having a professional mechanic change your car battery for you.

Battery Lifespan

Standard car batteries last around three years and can reach up to five or even six years if maintained properly. Numerous factors can shorten the lifespan of your car battery, just like how a smartphone battery’s charge gets shorter and shorter. When charging your battery, it actually deteriorates little by little. After a few years, it would need to be replaced with a new one to let your vehicle continue functioning at peak condition.

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