How much are car batteries in the UK? The car battery price is one of the expenses you should factor in when you’re thinking about your car maintenance costs. Many people forget that the condition of their car batteries is critical to their car’s performance. The experience of having a nice car is definitely enhanced when you invest in the right kind of batteries.

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But just because you want high-quality batteries, that doesn’t mean you have to buy the most expensive option on the market. To get the best deal for your budget, it’s important to find out what the differences between them are and what affects the price of batteries.

Factors That Affect Battery Price

How much are car batteries worth? On an average, the price for a brand-new, conventional battery ranges between £60 and £150. But if you have a car that uses start/stop technology, you should expect the price of any replacement battery to be a bit higher. On average, these batteries cost anything between £110 and £190.

It’s not surprising that cars using start/stop technology are becoming increasingly popular these days. They can help you save on fuel consumption, meaning your car produces lower emissions too. In essence, a start/stop system stops and restarts the internal combustion engine automatically on demand in an effort to reduce the time your engine is idling.

Unfortunately, all the stopping and starting also puts a heavy burden on the car’s battery, which is why one that can cope with the additional power demand is around 20% to 25% more expensive than a conventional one.

If you’re wondering what else can affect how much are car batteries replacement costs, it’s worth noting that, paying someone to fit the new battery for you will add labour fees to the expense. Normally, big service chains charge less. Here, prices for fitting a new battery can be as low as £15, making it easier on the budget. But if you prefer to use an independent dealer, expect the labour cost to be higher as well.

The type of car you own is another factor. Mercedes dealers, as an example, can charge as much as £1,248 for a battery replacement! That’s a lot higher than what you’ll spend if you own a Ford Fiesta, for example. You can have a replacement car battery (plus labour costs) for a Ford Fiesta for around £181, if you go for a standard, lead-acid battery.

Finding Quality Products At The Best Car Battery Price

If you need new a new battery for your car, always check what kind it requires before you start shopping. Lead-acid, gel, AGM and lithium ion batteries are all priced differently, but not all of them may be suitable for your car.

Your car’s manual usually states what type of battery best works with your car. As far as you can, stick with its recommendation unless a battery expert recommends otherwise. Many of your car’s safety features rely on your car battery to work. Don’t risk your safety just to save some money.

Lastly, if you’re unsure, always consult a battery expert before making your final purchase. The team at Orius Batteries can help you make an informed decision based on your budget, your car and your needs. Call 01772 348317 or send us an email to if you need any battery advice.

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How much is a car battery in the UK?

You can buy a new car battery in the UK for between £60 and £150 if you just want a standard unit. However, start/stop technology requires more power, so batteries for these cars can be 20 to 25% more expensive, costing anywhere between £110 and £190 on average.

How many years do car batteries last?

Generally, car batteries have a lifespan of between three and five years, depending on factors such as maintenance, driving habits, weather conditions, etc. They can last longer if they’re well taken care of, although many people choose to replace theirs every three years or so , before the old one starts to give out.

How long can a car sit before the battery dies?

You can leave a car with a healthy battery for around two and a half months before it runs out of charge entirely. Batteries typically last between two and three months without charging. But an older battery won’t last as long, which is why you should run your engine from time to time, to recharge it.

Can a car battery die after two years?

Typically, a car battery lasts for three to five years, but some won’t make it that long. Various factors can limit its lifespan such as extremes of temperature, corrosion on the terminals, over- or undercharging, or allowing it to become completely discharged. If yours is showing signs of unreliability, it’s time to research the value of an automotive battery replacement.

What causes a car battery to go bad?

  • Using the car for only short periods on a regular basis.
  • Extreme temperatures: cold temperatures cause cranking issues while hot temperatures can cause electrolyte loss and corrosion.
  • A failing alternator or starter motor causing under/ overcharging of the battery.
  • The installed battery doesn't match the vehicle.
  • Battery terminals and cables are not clean and tightly secured.

Signs That It’s Time For A New Car Battery

You need to find out the price of vehicle battery to replace your old one when:

  • The engine won’t start as quickly as it used to.
  • Your car's headlights and other electrical systems are weaker.
  • Your vehicle's engine light is on - that can mean your battery is dying.
  • You smell a rotten egg odour coming from your car's bonnet.
  • Your battery is corroded, causing voltage issues.
  • You have a swollen battery case caused by extreme temperatures.
  • Your battery is old and reaching the end of its useful life.

Guides on Charging A Van Battery

  • Charging Method
  • For starters, wear safety gear throughout the charging process. First, remove the battery, then clean its terminals before you connect it to a suitable charger. Then, attach the cables: black to the negative terminal, red to the positive. Make sure the charger's voltage matches the battery's. Finally, check if it's working.

  • Jump-Starting Method

    First, place both vehicles with bonnets facing each other. Connect their batteries with jump cables, then start the functioning vehicle’s engine, letting the other one charge. Before checking if it’s worked, disconnect the wires.

    You could also ask expert mechanic to troubleshoot your battery problems. If these methods don’t work, it’s time to start looking at the cost of van battery replacements.

How Much Are Car Batteries In The UK?

A new conventional, lead-acid battery costs between £60 and £150 in the UK. However, start/stop vehicles' batteries cost around £110 to £190. The extra 20-25% in price is because they're a more powerful type of battery.

If you opt for an expert mechanic to replace your battery, it will cost you around £115 to £320, which typically includes the new car battery and labour fees.

However, if you choose to buy and fit your own car battery, opt for a reliable shop like Orius. We offer high-quality products at lower prices. Not only that, but we also deliver free across the UK!