how much is a nissan car battery

The Nissan battery is a key component, necessary to start and run your vehicle. It serves as a power bank, providing current to start the engine. During the start-up, the Nissan car battery is partially drained. Though once you start driving, the car’s alternator recharges the battery and then takes over providing energy to your car accessories.

Car owners should ensure the alternator fully recharges the batteries whenever possible, but doing so usually takes 30 minutes or more. Because of this, only using your car for short trips will result in faster deterioration and shorten the life of your battery.

Inside the car battery, you will find multiple accumulators that consist of positive and negative plates.

These accumulators are connected in series, each producing around two volts. A battery has six accumulators in total, and so provides 12V – the standard voltage required to power most modern cars.

The accumulator plates are submerged in electrolytes, a mixture of water and sulfuric acid that serve as a catalyst to make the battery produce energy. The positive and negative terminals are alternately connected to these submerged plates, with separators placed in between to prevent the plates from touching each other and causing a short circuit.

As time goes by, your Nissan car battery will eventually begin to lose charge as the chemical reactions inside the battery decline. Finding a high-quality replacement as quickly as possible is crucial once you start to see signs of deterioration.

The replacement Nissan battery price may vary due to various battery types, designs, and features available. Generally, there are two main battery designs, wet cell batteries and valve-regulated lead-acid batteries. Both contain electrolytes, but the way they are stored inside is different.

Wet cell batteries sometimes have removable caps, which allow distilled water to be added to replenish the battery’s fuel levels. Other versions of wet cell batteries are maintenance-free. They do not require you to top up the battery with water, because it is fully sealed so that the fluid inside does not evaporate.

Valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries are also sealed, AGM or Absorbed Glass Mat batteries fall under this category too. Although these more advanced battery designs cost more than wet cell batteries, they are much more reliable.

AGM batteries are some of the most advanced types in the automotive industry and are specially made to work with most modern cars. These batteries have thin fibres of glass mat inside, which securely hold the electrolytes and prevent the fluid inside from spilling.

Another reason why VRLA batteries are more expensive than wet cell batteries is due to their longevity and efficiency. However, if you think that your Nissan vehicle is not as power-intensive as the newer models, you can opt for a high-quality wet cell Nissan battery instead.

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How long do Nissan car batteries last?

Generally, your Nissan car batteries will serve you perfectly for three to five years. After five years, your battery will likely be showing signs of deterioration and will eventually become unusable. Because of this, car battery specialists recommend that you replace your car battery every five years.

How much does a car battery cost to replace?

Car batteries usually cost somewhere in the region of £90 to £160. However, most of these costs come from the car battery instead of battery fitting services. The factors that most affect the battery price are brand, material and type.

Which battery is better for my car?

Some excellent brands include Torq, Bosch, and Varta. These batteries look sleek and can power vehicles with high driving requirements like most modern Nissan vehicles. We also offer a lifetime Nissan battery warranty in the UK to give our clients peace of mind.

How can you tell if a car battery needs replacing?

There are several signs to look out for that might indicate your Nissan needs a new battery replacement: 

Which battery is better for my car?

● The battery smells bad.

● The connectors are corroded.

● The casing is damaged.

● The battery is past its expiry date.

● The vehicle’s check engine light is on.

How do you tell if it's your battery or alternator?

You need to conduct a simple test to isolate the problem. First, start your car engine, and then unplug the positive connection of the car battery. If your vehicle stops, then it is probably an issue with the alternator.

Modern Car Batteries – The Best Choice For Extreme Temperature Problems

A car battery’s lifespan is not only determined by the brand, type, or age. Many external factors also play a part in your battery’s lifespan – most prominently, extreme levels of heat and cold.

Extreme temperatures can take a toll on your battery’s health, but thanks to advanced technology, most modern automotive batteries are made with improved thermal management systems, making them highly resistant to the heat and cold weather alike.

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Why Modern Nissan Cars Need A More Powerful Battery

Generally, modern Nissan vehicles with sophisticated onboard computers put more of a strain on the battery. These power-hungry computers operate all the time, even after you have switched the engine off and parked up for the night.

The car battery delivers energy to these computers at a slow, steady rate, shortening the battery’s lifespan as time goes by. This issue is further compounded if you use your car infrequently.

The Best Car Battery Brands To Look Out For

A branded vehicle battery will generally perform far better and last longer than a cheap, low-quality one. Some of the top brands in the automotive industry are Bosch, Torq, Odyssey, and Varta – keep an eye out for these if you want to get the most out of your car!

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