If you have bought or are about to invest in a leisure battery for your camper van, you'll need to know a bit more about them to make the right choice. In this blog, we will provide you with the information you need to know about leisure batteries, including how to properly install Varta leisure batteries in your vehicle. We also offer recommendations on where to purchase your Varta battery online.

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Why install a leisure battery?

Installing a leisure battery in your vehicle is a must if you want to add extra lights, appliances, chargers, and other devices that require electrical power to your vehicle.

As long as you buy a powerful enough leisure battery, you'll even have the capability to support larger appliances like a refrigerator or entertainment systems. Installing a leisure battery is quite simple if you know what you're doing. However, a wrongly installed leisure battery is a fire hazard and can cause potential problems with your vehicle.

Make sure you're properly aware of how to install a leisure battery before you attempt to do so by yourself if you aren't confident, a garage can help. There are various guides available on the internet that detail step-by-step instructions for the installation of a Varta battery that you can use if you've never done it before.

Leisure batteries vs regular batteries

The main difference between regular batteries and leisure batteries is their intended usage. Regular batteries are created to provide bursts of power in short intervals, for example, to start an engine. A leisure battery, on the other hand, is designed to maintain a specific amount of power at a sustained pace over a longer period.

Where should a leisure battery be positioned?

The proper location for a leisure battery should be somewhere where it will be protected from heat and receive proper ventilation. This means in practice that you should avoid installing your leisure battery in places that are routinely exposed to sunlight, or in places that get hot while the vehicle's in motion, like near the engine, for instance. Additionally, the battery should be firmly secured in place, so that it doesn't tip over or move around while the engine is running.

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Is Varta a good battery?

According to the typical Varta leisure battery review from users, it certainly is. Many people prefer Varta batteries over any other make for motorbikes, cars, and leisure vehicles because they are both reliable and durable. Varta is one of the best battery brands in the industry and their products have been best-sellers on the market for many years.

Are Varta batteries AGM?

Varta does make AGM batteries which have been proven to be three times more resilient than conventional batteries. That means they’re ideal for cars with start/stop technology where the energy provided by the regenerative braking system must quickly recharge the battery to prevent it from ceasing to operate.

How many years do leisure batteries last?

Generally, leisure batteries have a lifespan of at least five years, after which time – like any other kind of battery – you’ll see noticeable signs of degradation. You can prolong the life of your battery by looking after it properly. For example, never let it discharge below 50% and for preference, charge it fully after every trip.

How often should you charge a leisure battery?

Some leisure batteries are more resistant than others. However, generally, if your battery is in storage and not hooked up to a circuit, charge it once every three months. If you are using it regularly, remove it from the vehicle every six weeks or so and charge it using a decent leisure battery charger to keep it in good condition.

How do I choose a leisure battery?

Ensure you choose a leisure Varta dual purpose battery that meets or exceeds your vehicle's requirements. You’ll find details of the right specifications in your vehicle’s user's manual. Typically, you need to know the cold cranking amps (CCA), reserve capacity (RC), battery type, and size. If you don’t have your manual, buy a leisure battery similar to your current one.

Ways To Charge a Leisure Battery

Here are your options for charging a leisure battery:

  • Charge while driving: Your vehicle's alternator generates energy which powers up the leisure battery. You can also use a battery-to-battery charger that controls the voltage sent to it.
  • Motorhome Solar Panel System: Install this to harvest the sun's energy and charge your leisure Varta caravan battery using a solar charge controller.
  • Hook-up Battery Charging: You'll need an AC hook up and a battery charger to convert AC power to DC power.

Caring For and Charging Your Leisure Battery

  • Sulfation: This can damage the battery for good, so keep your battery fully charged as much as possible.
  • Battery Charge: Ensure your Varta motorhome battery has above 50% charge at all times. The more often it drops below this, the sooner it will fail completely. If the voltage is below 12.3v, its charge is below 50%.
  • Top Up: Check the battery's electrolyte level frequently. If it's low, top it up using distilled or de-ionised water. Don't let the plates become dry, because this will cause damage.

Guide To Leisure Batteries For Caravans And Motorhomes

You need a Varta leisure battery to power up the appliances or other electrical equipment in your motorhome or caravan, such as your TV, lights, and kitchen appliances. Leisure batteries are commonly lead-acid types, either a standard starter, a calcium battery, or standard leisure or deep-cycle battery. They can also come in gel, AGM, or maintenance-free types. You need to buy an external battery charger to keep your leisure battery charged sufficiently to power your appliances. Always keep it above 50% charge for best results.

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