what is the best peugeot battery

The Peugeot Boxer can be an excellent campervan due to its durability and versatility, making it an ideal vehicle for long road trips. This campervan requires a long-lasting Peugeot Boxer battery, especially if you plan to go caravanning regularly. The best Peugeot battery for campervans – also called leisure batteries – have enough power to run all of your vehicle’s electric accessories, making your trip safer and more comfortable.

Most Peugeot campervan leisure batteries are charged in two ways: via the onboard mains charger or the engine’s alternator.

The mains charger can fully charge a campervan battery and even maintain its topped-up state. However, you will need to go to a commercial campsite that can provide you with EHU or Electric Hook-Up units. You will also need to leave the van on hook-up with the charger still connected.

The Boxer’s alternator won’t be able to fully charge the leisure battery, as it is designed to instead provide a quick charge upon starting the vehicle and power the onboard electronics. Alternators usually detect discharged leisure batteries as a load and produce more current to accommodate them.

However, as the Peugeot Boxer battery voltage increases, the current also drops. This typically happens when the engine starter battery is being recharged, which is why alternators can’t recharge campervan batteries very well.

Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Peugeot Battery

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your campervan battery. Make sure you are wearing safety gear during Peugeot Boxer battery removal, inspection, and maintenance!

● Use high-quality clamps when connecting your starter cables to the battery posts. If you are using spring-loaded clamps, ensure that their surfaces are rust-free.

● If you have campervan batteries with removable caps, regularly check the electrolyte level to ensure that it covers the exposed lead plates. If not, add deionised water to top up your battery.

● Never let your campervan battery run out of charge entirely as doing so can significantly shorten its lifespan. Once its power drops below 50%, recharge it immediately.

● If you seldom use your Peugeot Boxer campervan, you should invest in a trickle charger.

● Do not leave your battery uncharged as it will cause sulphation, resulting in a white deposit forming on the plates and damaging your battery.

where can I find the best campervan battery Finding The Best Leisure Battery For Your Peugeot Boxer

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vehicle battery with a bad smell is usually a sign of deterioration caused by overcharging, especially on lead-acid batteries. The battery emits hydrogen sulphide, a colourless, flammable, and poisonous gas that can cause severe health issues. So, keep the area well ventilated as soon as you notice the smell.

Why You Need Two Peugeot Boxer Batteries For Caravanning

Peugeot caravans or campervans are recreational vehicles that are designed for accommodation and comfort. With these vehicles, you can take short trips away, or even live on the road if you wish

A Peugeot caravan usually needs two auto batteries: an engine starter battery and a leisure battery. The former allows you to start and run the caravan as a vehicle, while the latter is dedicated to delivering power to onboard electrical appliances, such as the fridge, fans, oven, TV, etc.

Make sure that you are looking for the correct battery type for your recreational vehicle when exploring our online store!

Two Different Types Of Leisure Batteries

Diesel Peugeot Boxer campervans will need a reliable leisure battery to keep all the electric equipment in the vehicle powered up. There are two common battery types: AGM and EFB.

AGM or Absorbent Glass Mat batteries are maintenance-free; they can be stored in different angles without the worry of leakage and require less maintenance. Although they cost more than other automotive batteries, they are worth the money if you use your campervan regularly.

An EFB or Enhanced Flooded Battery, on the other hand, may be a better solution if you seldom use your vehicle. They are more cost-efficient and very resilient for their price.

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