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Despite the rise of motorbike sales in the UK, many owners are still unsure of how to choose motorcycle batteries. Knowledge about vehicle batteries is crucial, because they’re the primary power source for many of the bike’s features. Investing in the best motorcycle battery will effectively allow your bike to perform at its optimum level, safely supply the energy it needs, and save you money in the long run.

If you’re wondering how to choose a motorcycle battery at home, here is a simple step-by-step process.

Step One: Figuring out what battery size you should get

Each bike has a fixed slot for its battery, and you will need to find one that will fit snugly inside. Batteries that are too small will rattle around excessively while the engine is on and potentially get damaged or cause damage to the bike. Batteries that are too large, on the other hand, simply won’t fit at all.

The first thing you should do is measure the box and take note of the width, height, and depth. For some motorcycles, the slot isn’t a full enclosure and instead, has two sides open. If you own a bike like this, you may have more flexibility when it comes to the width of the battery you buy.

Step Two: Identifying how much voltage your motorcycle needs

For voltage, you will either need 6v or 12v. You can check the original battery or your owner’s manual to see which one your bike requires.

If you have a 6-volt system, you may want to upgrade this to a 12-volt setup for more efficiency. This will need further adjustments to the power system, though, so it’s best to work with an expert to get it properly installed.

Step Three: Determining the type of battery that suits you

This is the part where it’s all about preference and budget. These are the three popular options: traditional wet-cell, the enhanced sealed lead-acid battery, and the high-powered AGM.

If you have a tight budget, there’s no shame in going for the traditional wet-cell batteries. Many generations of vehicles have used them, and they remain a practical power source today.

Enhanced sealed lead-acid batteries are similar to the first option, but many users save time and effort because they’re pretty much maintenance-free.

The AGM battery also doesn’t require replenishing. Not only that, but it has more advanced engineering that allows it to be more heavy-duty and therefore more suitable for modern bikes with power-hungry electronics and features.

Step Four: Finding the right accessories for your motorcycle battery

When getting a replacement battery, we recommend you also buy a high-quality charger that you can use to keep it charged. You can save your battery from getting flat by regularly maintaining the ideal charge level.

Another useful tool to have is a multimeter. This measures the voltage of your battery if you want to check what level of charge it’s on. It’s also worth reading more on how to choose a motorcycle battery with a multimeter, as this can help ensure the battery you’ve purchased is fresh and fully charged.

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What do motorcycle battery numbers mean?

The numbers indicated on the motorcycle battery represent the electric charge or amp/hour rating of the battery. In general, it's better to buy a battery with higher ratings.

If you are looking for a battery with more amp/hour capacity, either choose a larger sized battery (if your bike will accommodate it) or refer to the digits on the one you're thinking of purchasing. When finding out how to choose a motorcycle battery, this is definitely something to remember.

What is the proper voltage for a motorcycle battery?

A 12-volt motorcycle battery in good condition should measure around 9.5 to 10.5 volts when under load. It should maintain this range for about 30 seconds.

If you observe it declining slowly, that's an indication of a battery issue that needs urgent attention.

Why do motorcycle batteries die so fast?

The most common reasons for shortened battery lifespan are inappropriate charging, dehydration, and prolonged storage. To prevent these, properly maintain your battery on a regular basis and remember to make sure you're buying a replacement from a seller that has a high turnover of stock. That tends to mean your battery won't have lost any of its capacity while gathering dust on a shelf.

What is the average lifespan of a motorcycle battery?

According to trusted battery brands, the typical lifespan of a motorbike battery is 48 months, but this estimate assumes that you take proper care of your battery. Make sure your battery remains free from corrosion, well-replenished with distilled water if applicable, and sufficiently charged at all times to maximise its lifespan.

What is the longest-lasting motorcycle battery?

If you are thinking about how to get a motorbike battery that will last a good amount of time, lithium batteries are definitely a strong contender. They are significantly more advanced compared to lead-acid batteries in many ways: they're lighter, more powerful, and maintenance-free.

Motorcycle Battery Voltages And What They Mean

For lead-acid types, the initial voltages of motorcycle batteries are dictated by the power of each cell. In its best condition, each battery cell is measured at 2.1v. Given this, a 6-volt battery means it has three cells with 2.1v each amounting to 6.3 volts. Likewise, a 12-volt battery has six cells of the same, which is 12.6 volts in total.

Voltage will continue to dwindle until it reaches its discharged stage which is 5.25v for 6-volt batteries and 10.5v for 12-volt batteries. It’s worth further reading to make sure you know how to choose a motorcycle battery charger that’s suitable for your unit.

Top Factors When Selecting A New Scooter Battery

If you’re wondering how to pick a scooter battery, consider these factors:

  • Size Specifications
  • Electrical Rating Requirements
  • Battery Type

The first two are the most important as they guarantee compatibility with your scooter. Equipping your vehicle with a battery with the incorrect specifications is risky and may cause serious problems.

As for the battery type, this depends on how much maintenance you’re willing to do and whether you want to get better performance out of your scooter.

Winter Motorcycle Maintenance Guide

Cold weather is particularly harsh on all types of vehicle batteries, but especially on those for motorcycles. Low temperatures can cause batteries to go flat fast if proper maintenance isn’t carried out. We recommend doing the following during the winter season:

  • If you choose to remove the battery, store it at room temperature.
  • Invest in a good charger so you can keep your battery charged. Make sure you attach the clips to the correct polarity on the battery terminal.
  • If you keep the battery connected to your bike, start up the engine daily and leave it running for about 15 minutes.

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