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If you’re making upgrades to your motorbike, you may well have considered getting a more compact motorcycle battery to decrease the bike’s overall weight. If opting for a smaller battery, you may be worried about decreased performance, but there’s no need. Great power can come in small packages – you just need to look for the right one. And that’s something you’re sure to find at Orius Batteries, where we have a great range of small motorcycle battery options. Though they may be smaller in size, they’re robust and reliable all the same!

But what do you need to consider when purchasing a small motorcycle battery 12v? Read through our tips below, and hopefully, you’ll learn a useful thing or two about batteries:

  • Battery Slot Size
  • First, you’ll need to make sure that your motorbike’s battery slot can accommodate the battery you buy. If not, you may have to choose a better-fitting battery.

    If the battery is only just too small for the space, you could try adapting the slot – your main concern here is to make sure that engine vibrations won’t cause the battery to rattle while you ride your motorbike. These vibrations could cause physical damage to the unit and make it prone to leaks, or indeed damage the bike itself.

  • Battery Specifications
  • Remember, the amount of power your motorbike needs in order to function will remain the same. If you equip your motorcycle with a less powerful battery, you can expect more frequent problems on the road. Verify the necessary details, such as the required voltage, CCA rating, and more by either checking the original battery or the owner’s manual.

  • Battery Type
  • The average motorbike is typically fitted with a wet-cell battery. While these are standard, hard-working options, you could consider upgrading to a more advanced AGM battery for improved performance. Switching to an AGM will give you these advantages:

    • Better life cycle than wet-cell types
    • Spill- and leak-proof as a result of acid encapsulation
    • Higher power, improved responsiveness to load, and lower internal resistance
    • Can withstand cold temperatures better
    • Up to five times faster charging time compared to flooded battery technology

    Also, with an AGM, you won’t have to worry about engine vibrations causing any damage, because it has an advanced ‘sandwich’ construction, which makes it vibration-resistant.

  • Battery Brand
  • Purchasing batteries manufactured by world-trusted brands will guarantee you top-notch performance. With a great track record and millions of satisfied customers, names like Bosch and Varta are among the go-to brands chosen by many motorists and bike owners in the UK. If you have worried about reliability in the past, you can expect peace of mind by switching to one of these brands.

  • Warranty Period
  • A small motorcycle battery costs a fair amount of money, so don’t settle for anything less than the best deal you can get. Make sure your motorbike battery comes with a fair and lengthy warranty period. That’s your assurance that you’re getting good value for your money.

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Are all motorcycle batteries the same?

No. Motorcycle batteries are diverse, and they come in different variants that are designed to work with particular engine sizes. There is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to motorbike batteries, so you need to carefully consider the specific needs of your vehicle before you buy one.

Can you put a smaller battery in your motorcycle?

Yes. Technically, you can put a smaller, lightweight bike battery in your motorcycle. Doing so can be beneficial in different ways, such as reducing the weight of your motorbike for a smoother ride. When you do this, though, just be sure that the battery has the capacity to start your vehicle’s engine.

How often should you replace your motorcycle battery?

Small motorcycle batteries generally have a lifespan of two to five years, depending on how well you maintain them. Motorbike batteries rarely last past this point no matter how well you care for them, so plan ahead to buy a replacement around every five years or so.

Can you fix a dead motorcycle battery?

Sulphation is one of the most likely culprits of a dead battery. In this case, the sulphur corrodes the battery’s lead plates, making it difficult for the battery to accept a charge.

However, if the corrosion isn’t too bad, you can fix this issue without the need for a battery replacement. All you have to do is give it a thorough clean.

Things That Can Harm Your Motorcycle Battery

  • High Heat – Motorcycle owners should try and avoid exposing their bikes to extremes of heat, in summer for instance, as these conditions can seriously increase the rate at which the portable starter battery loses charge.
  • Freezing Temperatures – Likewise, frigid winters can also adversely affect battery health. If your battery is fully charged, extreme cold is less of an issue. However, if it’s not, there is the risk of electrolytes freezing. It’s also possible for the battery case to crack in extreme cold conditions.
  • Powerful Vibrations – If your tiny motorbike battery isn’t securely fit inside the motorbike’s battery cavity, it could rattle inside while the engine is on. Worst-case scenario, your battery breaks due to the vibrations.

Consider Voltage When Selecting Your Motorbike Battery

One of the main things to take into account when choosing a battery is the voltage. Six volts used to be the norm for the motorcycles of old, but ever since the late 1950s, small 12v motorcycle batteries have become the new standard.

Twelve-volt batteries offer some advantages over their 6v counterparts. Most notably, 12v batteries provide more voltage, and thus less current. Thanks to this, less heat is wasted within the wiring loom as the battery is used.

Changing A Motorcycle Battery

If you’re planning to change your battery, you should carefully consider which type you need. Your choices are either to just get the same type of battery as your old one, or search for another type that is still compatible with your motorbike but more powerful, longer lasting, or more reliable.

Before you shell out any money, though, make sure you genuinely need a battery replacement. Sometimes, a small motorcycle battery charger will be enough to bring it back to life.

But if your old battery is completely unsalvageable, come to Orius Batteries – we’re more than happy to assist. Check out our wide range of great offers today!