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Getting a new car battery might be the least of your worries when you first purchase a vehicle, but it should actually be one of your main considerations for future maintenance costs. The price for a new battery can be exorbitant, and quite a hit on your wallet if you’re ill-prepared. Knowing how much are new car batteries in the UK are going for on the market can help you plan ahead for future expenses.

Some people think their battery will last for their vehicle’s entire lifespan, as long as they take good care of it. But this isn’t the case, unfortunately – new car batteries typically last for only around five years, even if they’re properly maintained. After that, they become unreliable and liable to let you down when you least need or expect it.

A brand-new battery costs anywhere between £60 and £150 for a regular, lead-acid unit. However, automobiles that are designed with more advanced tech need higher-powered batteries, and these can cost you around £110 to £190. A popular add-on built into most new cars is start/stop technology, which requires more power from batteries. And this increased power demand is the main reason why batteries to support features like this are more costly than the standard lead-acid ones.

It is important to realise, though, that the price for a new battery isn’t always all you have to pay out for. When you’re getting your car battery replaced, you may also need to have it fitted by professionals, especially if you’re inexperienced in car maintenance.

Batteries are technically electrical systems, and if they are not properly hooked up, they can get damaged and become unusable. If the connection cables and the terminals come into contact, they usually spark, which can cause fires.

To plan ahead, then, you need to know how much a new car battery and the installation costs in the UK. And that latter cost depends on which mechanic you choose to do the work.

Large chains can charge you as little as £15, which is not a bad price if you’re on a limited budget. They tend to be a cheaper option than dealers and independent workshops. A standard replacement can cost as much as £150 for the former and £50 for the latter.

Generally, if you want to know how much is a new car battery replacement in the UK, the answer depends largely on where you take your car to get it all done. Research in the UK has shown a massive price difference of around £186.81 between the most expensive dealers and the cheapest independent workshops.

In the final analysis, it makes sense for car owners to choose the supplier that they trust the most and that has proved to provide a reliable service in the past. This is the best way to get value for money when buying a new car battery.

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How much does a new car battery cost UK?

The price of the current automotive batteries in the UK market is between £60 and £150 for a conventional unit. Batteries for start/stop vehicles cost even more at £110 to £190.

Since start/stop tech is more taxing, the cost of the latest vehicle battery models in the UK for this engine is about 20-25% more expensive than standard units.

How often should you buy a new car battery?

The best time to get a new battery replacement is when it’s around three years old. Even with regular maintenance, old car batteries can become less reliable and, in some cases, less safe too.

What is the average lifespan of a car battery?

The longest lifespan most car batteries are likely to have is about five to six years. Having said that, there are several factors that can shorten a battery’s lifespan. These include the battery’s fit, weather conditions, vehicle type, and driving habits.

How can you tell if a car battery needs replacing?

A battery is a vehicle’s power supply. When the battery’s capacity can no longer meet the power requirements placed on it by the vehicle, you will notice several performance issues cropping up, like dimmer headlights and difficulty starting the car.

Can a completely flat car battery be recharged?

When your battery’s voltage goes below 12v, it is considered discharged. You can either try to revive it with a jump-start, use a charger, or simply get a replacement if it’s an issue that keeps cropping up.

Go back through your car’s records and check the fee for your most recent auto battery UK purchase; you can expect to pay a little more than you did last time due to changing economic conditions.

The Price Of Car Batteries

If you ask an expert how much a new car battery in the UK costs, they’ll probably tell you that, on average, it costs somewhere between £100 and £300, covering all types of batteries.

Because the prices often vary depending on the brand and specification of the car you’re getting a replacement for, it’s always a good idea to shop around for a battery that both matches your car’s requirements and your budget.

Essential accessories such as chargers are also a factor to consider when planning your budget. If you’re wondering “how much is a new car battery charger in the UK”, check out the prices on our store today.

Looking After Your Car When Not in Use

You can start it up and keep it running for around 10-15 minutes at least once a week to avoid battery discharge. There are a few other things you can do to look after your vehicle if you’re not driving it for long periods:

  • Fill your tank with fuel. Doing this will minimise the risk of condensation forming in the fuel tank.
  • Keep your car clean. It’s not just for show; keeping your car clean from the inside out can protect it from weather damage and so on.
  • Check your tyre pressure. Make sure each one has the right levels of pressure in line with the recommendations in the owner’s manual.

Buying A New Car Battery

It’s important to know what to look for and whether you’re getting value for money from your fresh battery replacement.

Retail prices for car batteries aren’t regulated across the market. This means the brands supplied and the actual cost can vary widely between retailers. That’s why it pays to shop around.

Because getting a new battery is an important investment for every car owner, you need to find the best battery for your car and your budget. At Orius Batteries, we aim to help you do just that through our tips and guides, and our handy online battery finder tool.

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